Another Goo Hye Sun post

  • I was reading allkpop this morning when I saw this headline

    "Goo Hyesun makes trendy news w/ weight loss hack" - (Article)

    Okay so, I thought it was going to be somehow makeup related the IG post GHS states that she starved herself for 2 days to make herself look better on camera. Okay....yes you heard me right.

    First of all, GHS is really popular and has a lot of influence on girls in Korea because she is basically (maybe was) everyone's dream look and inspiration. It makes me upset and angry to see that she influences young girls and even adults, to starve themselves to look better. And I just want to note that she is not the only one who has done this, there are a lot of pressure in Korea w/ weight loss and how you should look etc. ..however why is Allkpop...saying that this is a shouldn't be, and it isnt a trendy post, she gets an average 90,000 likes per posts and the post got 106,000 likes... as someone stated in the Allkpop comments "You are just giving her a platform to encourage unhealthy eating habits!"

    What do you think?

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