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    is this the one directed by the weeknd?

    and there are black people around her in that screenshot, how come no one said anything?

    idk why this is a jennie's problem or that you are disappointed in her

    if black people around her tell her it's okay (and she's from New Zealand) why is it her fault? Make it make sense. ofc you are free to feel however you feel but im just giving my 2 cents. she didn't do it maliciously, and she was around people who knew better yet they all agree she should appear with that hairstyle so it seem this rage is more relevant on the internet than irl

    oh please stop that with the victim mentality.

    your example is so ridiculous, MOMO and the entire group got dragged through the sewage for that vocal incident, and giselle barely get a tip of that hate. Not that I agree either girls deserve anything coming their way but don't pretend like Giselle got it worse than Momo because she didn't. don't be disrespectful.

    since you so brave to use momo as an example, at least Momo is a very strong dancer. All Kpop idols must at least know how to dance, but there are plenty of bad dancer idol out there. Giselle isn't a bad dancer, she make choreography "mistakes". I'm sure the girl has her reason, but making mistake over and over again is way worse than being a "bad" dancer.

    So no, it's not acceptable to be a bad vocal than bad dancer. It's not acceptable to constantly making obvious mistakes on stage. being bad and being wrong are totally different.

    yep, as you know, he said in festa video that he's taking singing lessons because only rapping would make his concert less exciting, or whatever word he used

    he made People, after daechwita the most liked d-2 song. he can do both aggressive and chill songs. what direction he will pick for d-3? let's wait and see

    neither daechwita and people are gp friendly songs though. but daechwita is instrumentally interesting and people is just chef-kiss. suga is a very versatile producer, he know and can produce gp-friendly, chart topping songs. so it's all depend on WHAT he want to do. if he want to produce a mainstream song as a title, he can. we will see.

    Yes my bet is on jimin too. All his solo songs are best and most well known. He has strong fanbase. Except usa he will do the best everywhere. Suga will be successful as producer but as solo artist his rap stylr and songs are very agresive. Will not be digestible to public.

    Can't see why ~ if he does well, he would do well everywhere including the USA. If you mean another member may do the best in the US and lose to Jimin everywhere else ~ I doubt that. I think if any of them going to have a successful hit, that member will do the best including USA and everywhere else.

    I agree with OP, all of BTS is going to release music they personal like, so Jungkook and Jimin probably will probably have the most successful solo because their personal taste is most similar to GP's taste. But I disagree with Suga. He know GP taste but doesn't mean he will make GP friendly music. He said a long time ago he and RM agreed to make a compromise by producing more GP friendly sounds with BTS. Now they have achieved everything they ever wanted, I don't see why he would want to continue compromising. Chapter 2 is when they explore and release whatever they want because they more than earned it.

    At first I wasn’t used to it. Feel like it need to be punchier and the chorus could be “stickier”…

    But the song been stuck in my head for the last 24 hours…. Especially the chorus part “shout out… dun dundundun” part.

    It’s a low key ear worm for me.

    I don’t think the wave is dying. The kpop niche is still a niche but the size is huge and won’t be closing anytime soon.

    What might be affected is the rate of growth for the niche. Bts isn’t just popular. They generate a lot of buzz and hype that help grow the Kpop pond itself. Bts = Kpop, so even when the people bts attracted due to hype don’t become an Army, they can be added to Kpop pond and like other Kpop groups instead. I have seen many kpop fans entering the niche that way.

    This ability from BTS is hard to replicate at the moment. 4th Gen is still in the process of growing themselves within the current Kpop audience. But they are putting up a good fight defending the size of the pond.

    Bts maybe on hiatus but they are having individual activities. This is also good in preventing the pond from contracting and their fans from leaving. If we have an element of luck, and a member did an English single that become a smash hit, it will help generate buzz for Kpop as well. Bts as a group will always be the strongest. But as individual I think the members can bring in a new segment of fans depending on how successful their projects will be.

    Yes. Hundreds of millions try hard to cut their Connections with russia as long they invading Ukraine. Western countries make new deals to get Gas and stuff from somewhere else. risk massive shortcomings for their populations in the coming winter and are willing to take much higher costs for all kind of stuff. But of course not everyone value life over money.

    I understand hybe. Its not illegal and make money is their Job. But that doesnt mean i have to like or support it.

    Why are you comparing huge enterprises like HYBE to individuals who have no choice but to consume what is supplied?

    To show you the logic don’t make sense?

    If we going to make such huge jump of logic then EVERYONE has a hand in aiding the invasion of Ukraine.

    Hundred of Millions of individuals together make way more impact that hybe and their little language school. And frankly why did we choose to pick on a language school out of everything? War is going on, are we trying to cut off every last bit of humanity connection with Russian people?

    My wallet was ready for Hobi solo. I was going to buy a whole set of whatever he release and make his solo debut a great one and Hybe pull this bs.

    I was ready but not crazy enough to spend $60 for the privilege to download their stupid app??? This piss me off more than anything they ever pulled. Don’t freaking ruin the member’s first ever solo album. This is not the time to be experimental. Give us what we want. I’m beyond mad. I feel like being taken emotional hostage by HYBE because of what this release means to me. Fk this company. I hate them.

    Realistically Yes

    So after I digested this news and get over my sadness, I think realistically they will comeback just because they did this announcement.

    Like you said it's common for bg to be on a hiatus while members rotating enlistment, with the possibility hanging in the air that they will regroup someday yet most never give any reassurance. So BTS took it a step further to announce this officially, as a reassurance to fans that they will be going through what other bg have to go through, but they WILL come back. So realistically, I am very confident that they will, and soon.