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    To release and promote music, companies spend alot of money. Currently bc of digipacks the album prices are also at record low. They also spend alot of money to promote the digital material on spotify and youtube.

    On the other hand for CFS and Brand deals they just cash their checks without spending anything.

    The end goal for any business, Kpop included, is creating a loyal fanbase that you can sell to.

    Any business will have their main income, and (multiple) side income, and cf & brand deals are the side income. It's nice to collect $1m not paying any expense. But it's nicer to make $5m from a concert, spend $2m, and profit $3m. Second option is better because you have more control over the income source AND you make more money.

    In business, you can think of CF & brand deals as affiliate marketing. You help other people sell their product and you get a cut. However, the next step is always to make your own and sell it, because you profit more.

    Hybe pr girlies weren’t holding back. Lmao! SM done be embarrassing themselves. And it just pathetic at point. They slinging shit to their face to get back at hybe. This is so sad.

    Wish hybe didnt get involved but SM management need to clean house. LSM is guilty af but so all the people who condone him all these years. And anyone suspicious it’s only 200 instead of 600 sm staff on that letter? What has hybe done that’s illegal when sm let lsm get away for years? So you’re been with SM for years and not responsible for LSM activities but another company barely get involved 2 weeks old is? I wonder how many of these 200 staffs were in a cahoots with LSM. SM artists deserve better. And SM staff/directors need a good cleaning

    Will you stop arguing the point? I know what I am talking about having lived for well over a century. Youngsters aren't going to have had 20 years of parenting experience or 28 years renting or 22 years in the same relationship. Most are still immature and finding their feet. They don't have a clue about life. I know more than most on here so would you please stop the argument? Ageing is a good thing and not something to be hung up or ashamed about. It takes a lot of living to get wise, it's not going to happen in one's 20's. Thank you!

    i wasn't arguing and i wasn't implying that i am right either, just offering different perspective in what i thought was a discussion. not sure how you see that as "arguing" to you. sound like you are used to "telling" people and anyone who disagree is seen as arguing. you don't seem to display a good grasp of emotional control despite living for so many "years".

    Yes, but that wisdom and self awareness comes with ageing and I have those things having lived for over half a century and I have the life experience to prove it. You're right, society is to blame for ageism. We are taught that getting old is a bad thing and society is obsessed with youth but imo when you get to a certain age (well for me at least), you want to look like a mature woman, not going through a second youth. the thing is that a lot of these celebrities didn't look their age before the plastic surgery and some go too far with it that they look hideous. I don't know why people just can't be content with the wrinkles, grey hair and saggy skin. You can't hold back father time forever and your insides are going to age quicker than your exterior. I should know, I have been a parent for 20 years and have lived on this planet for quite a long time so have that age, maturity and wisdom that a young person could neve have.

    I think more than ages or years on earth, life experience is the catharsis for wisdom and awareness. I remember when I first started working, I overhear someone said, "do you have 10 years of experience or 1 years of experience 10 times?" And I think that applicable to life as well. A 21 years old who had been so unfortunate to have experience many things show more maturity and wisdom than some 60+ years old people who been pampered/spoiled all their life.

    For many years, I volunteer at an organization that allow me to meet various people from different ages and get a real close glimpse to their life because they came for serious help. Many young people who been through A LOT of life experiences will show that wisdom and maturity you see in a 50+ years old. It's even more apparent if you see some young persons who have escaped their home country and been through hell to get where they are, the horror they've seen and the trials they've been through. On the other hand, I've also help out 60-70yo man and woman who came running to me like a young 18 years old child, who for some reasons, life has spoil them in some ways and now they are lost, confused, and even worst, entitled and set in their way.

    What I'm trying to say is the adage that age give you wisdom and maturity is really a miss/hit. Some people experience in 5 years what another may experience in 50 years.

    Or maybe later than that. A lot of celebrities don't look their age because of work they've had done. Sadly, they're hung up about ageing and will do whatever they can to slow it down instead of ageing gracefully. It's sad to think that ageing is viewed as a terrible thing. I'm in my mid 50's and loving it.

    I blame society more than I blame them. They get paid to look good so it's logical they want to maintain the aspect that keep them employed. Just like I would want stay update with my skillset that keep me employed and get higher pay.

    Secondly, I think aging gracefully is a lot more than looks. It take character, wisdom and mindset. Unfortunately I see so many elders forever trapped as 22 years old. They get all the trappings of youth and none of the upside. They're the one that makes aging looks bad.

    didn't bella got buccal fat removal? chubby/full cheek is a sign of youth so if she take them out early it may contribute to her looking older.

    secondly nowadays the line between 20s and 30s are blur. you don't see drastic change until late 30s, unless you have lived a very terrible lifestyle.

    I’m not offended. I live in west coast US and we been saying it as Chinese New Year due to the huge Chinese population. But in the last 5 years there has been conscious effort to change it to Lunar New Year.

    Frankly I don’t think they’re a need to be offended because it is a holiday celebrate by the Chinese and they are the one who spread awareness in the first place with their huge diaspora. Instead of taking away, we can add in our vocabulary and call it Tet for the Vietnamese and Seollah for the Korean.

    I don’t think this is anything “ignorant” about this because the other countries don’t have a large or significant population living abroad so most people you ran into celebrating this holiday is Chinese. However if you know they’re not it’s nice to change it to Tet or Seollah or other names. “Lunar New Year” is a copt out/ mid- answer, it’s works but not anymore more correct than Chinese New Year.

    she's very pretty but she has no "quirks", something people can remember her by.

    The people you mentioned isn't just pretty, they have some aspect that they overshot and people remember them by. Tzuyu was very shockingly pretty when she first came out but that's it. We don't know anything else about her or remember them since neither JYP nor her has promote it.

    she better try hard for the group she producing since she's the ceo

    creative people who get a lot of success tend to be egotistical because you can't really stand out doing what others doing, staying in line. but it's a double edge sword, and that's what min hee jin is getting. it is what it is. this group is her babies, so she may be exerting more attachment and personal taste than otherwise

    it's a popular subgenre but i dont think it's the most popular. it's the most popular among international audience though. these dramas are not actually historical dramas. the actual name is just "costume" dramas to indicate that the actors wear non-modern clothes. nothing about the dramas attempt to tell any actual histories. there's more artistic freedom and leeway to write stories for these dramas so that's why it attract more people.

    Devil advocate here but I believe him.

    Jyp said they won’t tell the reason but they never promise to protect their image because if it wasn’t a bad reason, why would they even kicked out the member in the first place?

    Second, rumors are never as bad as “confirmation”. Rumors can pass but confirmations are fact. So you are asking them to confirm something quite terrible… enough for them to kick out thousands of investments and millions of potential in earnings. Think about that. Companies are money first - they wouldn’t throw out their moneymaker unless they prove to have done something that lose them money.

    On the other hand what they doing now can gain some sympathy points for the one that left because of the rumors ~ for both the one that left and the ones still staying. Once they confirm, it kill off any sympathy points.

    Biphobia is incredibly prevalent, even within queer circles. Female bisexuals are fetishized by men and called straight whereas male bisexuals are viewed as promiscuous or gay. Neither side can win and this is utterly ridiculous.

    basically my experience.

    But to answer OP, it's more about the maturity of the girls you asked.

    In my experience, straight women attitude is a little confusing. They're harsh on biwomen and bimen but simp over gay men. Their "cheating" accusation is just a baloney of excuses. I've seen enough and from my perspective, it's about their low self-esteem esp if they're younger. Being Bi mean you're attracted to a wider pool of people, which in their mind, MORE competition. Somehow in their mind that translate to you cheating as if it's a YOU problem, but it's more about them. They just don't see that. Just my 2 cents.

    Yes but also depends on timing.

    This year is the golden year of gg, even some of the crappier gg songs manage to chart but wouldn’t have had it been release at other time. And nostalgia is a big thing.

    Groups that I think can manage to do this out of 3rd Gen are probably just twice, blackpink, and gfriend - all has positive public affinity. OMG is any possible candidate too

    Um no.

    Not if they DUI or commit sexual assault or other illegal crimes that harms others. I don't judge them for drug abuse because they are harming themselves and I hope they get help but if they do anything malicious to hurt others then I will stop liking them in a heartbeat