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  • So u finally back I see

    Try not to get banned within a day lol, your presence here is valuable :)

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    • yes i could tell that the forum really felt my absence

    • & that's why u should actually stick around this time.

  • You are literally a savage queen :happyr:

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  • girl wya?

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  • where did you come from and how can i get you banned again? :whatb:

    • who's alt are you?

      i was banned way before u joined akp miss karinadoesn'tknow. exposed yourself


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    • Okay, sis. Now, you're just talking nonsense and I wasn't even saying that I got you banned. I just want you gone lol.

    • ma'am don't try to backtrack. you said 'how do i get you banned again'. only a user that joined before july of last year would of seen me be active since i was banned all that year till now. now you miss thang only joined in Nov, so explain to me how you'd know i was banned beofore, hm?


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    • she was here before you mamas

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    • straight out of an idiots handbook, LMAO how could you just expose yourself like that


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  • yassss them points going UP

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  • Wait when did u come back?

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  • queen is finally back, we won.

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  • we missed you queen

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  • omg welcome back mangieee :cursing::!:

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