How the heck company stans still exist ?

  • I understand you can like multiple groupe from the same company (i myself I'm guilty of that) but how the hell would you stan a whole company and it CEO ?

    Recently I've seen people praising Psy for being a good CEO but we'll know how they're , and how they treat their artists, so plz stop supporting business man they're trash .


  • Company stans exist for companies outside of kpop, such as Tesla. People need to stop being fans of millionaires in general, and just eat them instead. I'm coming for you, Bang PD!!! :pepepizza:

    In other areas that makes sense tho. I mean I can be a gamer and my preferred platform can be Playstation since I know with each console refresh the core features and aspects of what made the older systems good to me would likely be carried on in an updated more powerful offering.

    Same with Apple iPhones or if I prefer the sound profile of a pair of Bose cans, there is usually a company consistency to the product, a stamp or w/e that makes it unique or recognizable as that companies product, their signature.

    With K-pop it's often not really like that(I mean maybe with YG) but most of the time it makes no fucking sense.

    Look at my bias group, Twice, I like them but as a company the group that immediately followed them to market was Stray Kids.....Like these two groups in image, sound, concept and even promotional style are nothing alike...It's not like 'oh I liked the Galaxy s10 so I'll get the s21' these groups are chalk and cheese.

    None of what attracted me to Twice is present in Stray Kids, Day 6, Itzy, etc they could be from any other company and you wouldn't notice.

    Company stanning is uniquely stupid, it in my opinion cannot properly be compared to having brand loyalty to a product or company that has a consistent signature style.

  • What a nicely put comment :claps:


  • I honestly liked all SM artists for themselves. Being an early 2nd gen fan, I liked almost all the groups in Kpop but SM groups were on my top list(they were also the top so it’s logical) SJ were the reason I discovered Kpop. Them and SNSD were my ultimate favorites.

    I didn’t stan EXO until late of their career. I actually didn’t accept them at debut lol because “the company gave all attention to them” (I hate myself for this so much). Then when RV came out I literally didn’t bother to check them out until their song was a hit and I continued to have neutral opinion about them while liking most of their title songs and disliking the others.

    NCT were never on my radar even during SM rookie stuff, I never watched the show but watched my fav artists’ cuts.

    When they debuted I didn’t check them out nor did I like the concept of a big group and only I have decided to check them for real on 2020 (I also hate myself so much for this because I missed out alot on gold).

    Aespa are the only SM acts I was excited about from debut. I also didn’t care about them and didn’t form my opinion whether I liked them or not until I have seen enough to judge (and they turned out amazing even with the little content they put out).

    Basically I literally didn’t want to stan any SM group post f(x) but I end up stanning without realizing because they’re that good. Honestly they’re too good for me to ignore. Every SM artist shown talent in vocals and was entertaining on varieties (besides Aespa so far) which was the reason I was attracted with Kpop. I don’t even care about the upcoming boy group everyone talks about and honestly don’t fathom the idea because I think NCT are still new.

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  • Company stans exist for companies outside of kpop, such as Tesla. People need to stop being fans of millionaires in general, and just eat them instead. I'm coming for you, Bang PD!!! :pepepizza:

    biggest company stans are apple stans. no competition.

    stanning a corporation... it doesn't make any sense.

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    You can't really compare two K-Pop groups to two phones in the same line. They're separate brands basically. It would be more like Tide vs. Gain - both are made and distributed by the same parent company and do the same basic thing, but are marketed differently with different scents and items under the brand.

  • Disney company stans fill theme parks, cinemas and now online video streaming services every year. Even if they release radically different franchises, princesses and superheroes.

    But seriously, I think partly why some Kpop fans don't understand company stans yet is simply because the idols they are stanning are too young yet to found their own companies. Barring a few. Like, I wonder if GOT7 stans who are so critical of companies when it involves JYPE would extend the same criticism to Team Wang, the company that their member Jackson founded. Or if JB gets around to starting his own studio, would they still say "all companies and CEOs are evil"? Or EXO fans and Chanyeol's studio. Or Kang Daniel fans and his studio. Or Zico or Ravi and their studios. Or 2NE1's Minzy and her new studio (with the CEO being her dad). Companies and CEOs are only evil until your idol founds and becomes one. Then you may need to rethink things. Will you suddenly stop being a fan of your idol because now they are a CEO and "anyone who is a fan of a CEO is a disgusting company stan"? Or would you actually get interested in how your idol tackles this new challenge of business?

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