Do you believe the Kpop industry is intentionally trying to sabotage Itzy?

  • Your comment was perfect until the last paragraph, we can't deny reality itzy is way less successful now and are struggling hard as a group: way less streams on spotify than before, less views on youtube, charting worse on kcharts, a failed venture on japan market, jyp tried to push them on US but covid messed up those plans and they dropped it after it, almost 5 years and are barely touring, they only have physical sales thanks to kpop sales inflation since 2020. Their career is going nowhere, they need a miracle to return to their glory days.

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    That fake cigarette edited on Yeji's hand :skull:

  • I'm not sure but was the nomination period for Mama during the Cheshire era? I mean, if so, then it's obvious why they weren't nominated. It really wasnt their best era and I always felt like a throwaway era.

    But right before that, they hit with Sneakers and Cake is also doing pretty well.

    Itzy are last the point where they need a smash every comeback. I think now they're releasing music to have content for their tours. And of course they hope their songs will smash, but I don't think that's what Izty is currently chasing.

    I feel like the next steps with them are solo promotions and I think that will help them regain some attention from the general public.

  • I think now they're releasing music to have content for their tours. And of course they hope their songs will smash, but I don't think that's what Izty is currently chasing

    Jyp and itzy are chasing for a hit

    And it would be very delusional to think otherwise

    The best songs to perform at concert are their songs like loco, dalla, mafia etc.....

    Songs who are well loved by their fandom and who's going to hype them during a concert

    But currently JYP and itzy are releasing songs like cake and sneakers because they are chasing behind a smash hit

    Jyp and itzy saw how well sneakers did in korea that's why they released cake and are going to release more of this songs until they get another hit like cake with this song

    There's no shame to be chasing after hit

    That's what every group are doing, because if they don't do it they'll just be forget

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  • Still, I think Aespa is a bit of a disappointment when it comes to their songs. I expected more from them and not really have lived up to the hype during the the debut year and they have pretty few songs.

  • Who benefits from sabotaging Itzy

    Kpop has grown massively over the years but despite being nearly 5 years in they still don’t do decent sized tours and have smaller fandoms than a bunch of 4th gen groups already.

    I know they are a different beast but compare that to Twice/BP who were operating in a much smaller kpop market. 5 years in they were doing domes and arenas :pepe-narrow-eyes:

    JYPE groups no longer get hit songs, NMIXX and Twice are no different in that regard. Outside of their fans no one cares about new music from these groups. It’s how their fandom doesn’t really show outside of album sales which are massively inflated that highlights their plight :pepe-narrow-eyes:

  • It just goes to show the power of It Girls in Kpop.

    Itzy just doesnt have any.

    They have amazing music, some of the best, most consistent albums in Kpop history, their earlier albums pre-Loco were almost as good as BP and their earlier B sides were better than Twice. Title songs like Icy and Mafia were among top 5 of their respective years and still hold up today.

    Although Loco, Sneakers, Cake, and Cheshire all ranged from blops to low end bops, they still had amazing 9s and 10s released recently as well. Their quality might have gone down a bit but they still can put out megabops like Boys Like You and Bet on Me.

    What's missing is twofold. First is JYP's failure, whether intentional or due to laziness/incompetence, in promoting Yeji or Yuna as an It Girl. Both had that potential.

    Secondly, even with their potential, they might not have been enough to compete with Wonyoung and Karina. Aespa has been extremely disappointing with their songs since NL, to me they are a one hit wonder, but Karina keeps them booked busy and relevant. Meanwhile a GG with 10x better music like Itzy just cant seem to match Aespa's popularity.

    Then you have Wonyoung and Ive's amazing run of god tier music starting from Afterlike to Off the Record, we're talking five straight 10s or close to 10s including a freaking PEPSI song. This combination of god tier music and biggest It Girl is why Ive is the biggest act in Korea.

  • JYP has sabotaged all his group, not just ITZY

    their last good charting song was POP :skull:

    with how much profit they have, I doubt they don't have the money to choose a gp friendly songs

    For real, idk wtf is going on with JYP. They haven't invested in quality for Twice in years either. Sometimes that's a strategy to allow them to save the best songs for the newest group, but nmixx is getting even worse tracks..

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