Rocket Punch

  • I. Introduction

    Rocket Punch (로켓펀치) is a 6-member girl group under Woollim Entertainment. They consist of, Juri a former member of AKB48, Yeonhee, Suyun, Yunkyoung, Sohee and Dahyun.

    They debuted on August 7th, 2019 with the title track “BIM BAM BUM”.

    II. Get To Know Rocket Punch

    Takahashi Juri was cast as an AKB48 12th-generation trainee through an audition in 2011. She was introduced to the public through AKB48 Team 4 in March 2012.

    Then in 2018, her first television appearance in Korea was in Mnet reality competition show, Produce 48. Suyun and Sohee were introduced to the public as representative trainees of Woollim Entertainment through Produce 48 as well. In March 2019, Juri was confirmed to have signed with Woollim Entertainment to pursue her career in Korea by debuting as a member of the company's new girl group.

    On July 22nd, Woollim Entertainment released a clip of Rocket Punch's logo and there was speculation that it would be a new girl group. Woollim Entertainment then confirmed it and followed it up with a concept film that included the six members.

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    Rocket Punch officially became Woollim Entertainment’s second girl group since Lovelyz, who debuted in 2014.

    III. Meet The Members

    Stage Name: Juri (じゅり) (쥬리)
    Birth Name: Takahashi Juri (高橋朱里) (たかはし じゅり)
    Korean Name: Takahasi Jyu Li (타카하시 쥬리)
    Birthday: October 3rd, 1997
    Position: Vocalist, Dancer
    Nationality: Japanese
    Stage Name: Yeonhee (연희)
    Birth Name: Kim Yeon Hee (김연희)
    Japanese Name: Kimu Yonfui (ギムヨンフイ)
    Birthday: December 6th, 2000
    Position: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer
    Nationality: Korean
    Stage Name: Suyun (수윤)
    Birth Name: Kim Su Yun (김수윤)
    Japanese Name: Kimu Suyun (ギムスユン)
    Birthday: March 17th, 2001
    Position: Vocalist, Dancer
    Nationality: Korean
    Stage Name: Sohee (소희)
    Birth Name: Kim So Hee (김소희)
    Japanese Name: Kimu Sohi (キム・ソヒ)
    Birthday: August 14th, 2003
    Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer
    Nationality: Korean
    Stage Name: Yunkyoung (윤경)
    Birth Name: Seo Yun Kyoung (서윤경)
    Japanese Name: So Yunkyon (ソユンギョン)
    Birthday: November 1st, 2001
    Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer
    Nationality: Korean
    Stage Name: Dahyun (다현)
    Birth Name: Jeong Da Hyun (정다현)
    Japanese Name: Chon Dahyon (チョンダヒョン)
    Birthday: April 29th, 2005
    Position: Vocalist, Dancer, Maknae
    Nationality: Korean

    IV. Rocket Punch Albums

    Mini Albums Track Listing Year

    2. 빔밤붐 (BIM BAM BUM)
    3. Love Is Over
    4. Lucid Dream
    5. Favorite (특이점)
    6. 선을 넘어 (Do something)
    August 7, 2019

    1. RED PUNCH
    2. BOUNCY
    3. So Solo
    4. Fireworks 5. 종이별(Paper Star) 6. 다시, 봄 (Lilac)
    7. 여자사람친구 (Girl Friend)
    February 10, 2020

    2. Juicy
    3. Summer Punch!
    4. 여름밤
    5. Twinkle Star
    6. The The
    August 4, 2020

    V. Japanese EP

    Title Track Listing Year
    1. Bubble Up!
    2. Overture
    3. Jolly Jolly
    4. Summer Days
    5. Let's Dance
    6. Bim Bam Bum
    August 4, 2021

    VI. Single Album

    Title Track Listing Year

    1. Ring Ring
    2. I Want U Bad
    3. Ride
    May 17, 2021

    Music Videos

    VII. Japanese Music Videos

    VIII. Rocket Punch Shows

    IX. Fun Facts

    • Dahyun is a 2NE1 fan and auditioned to Woollim with “Lonely” by 2NE1
    • Sohee is a fan of IZ*ONE and Twice. She is also the third generation of cuteness in Woollim after Kei (Lovelyz) and Woohyun (Infinite)
    • Yunkyoung has been dancing since she was 6 years old
    • Suyun auditioned 3 times in Woollim
    • Juri can play the drums
    • Yeonhee role model is BoA and she auditioned to Woollim with “Atlantis Princess” by BoA

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