• I. Introduction

    Alice (Korean: 앨리스, formerly known as ELRIS), is a South Korean girl group formed in 2017. The group consists of seven members: EJ, Bella, Chaejeong, Hyeseong, Yukyung, Sohee and Karin.

    II. The Origin of ALICE

    In December of 2021, it was revealed that ELRIS was now under B.I.’s company IOK Entertainment. After a year of preparation, it was announced that ELRIS will be rebranding and re-debuting as ALICE.

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    III. ELRIS History

    ELRIS (엘리스) name is an acronym for "Excellent, Lovely, Rainbow, Innocent, Sister".

    ELRIS was originally a 5 member girl group that consisted of; Bella, Hyeseong, Yukyung, Sohee, and Karin. The group debuted on June 1st, 2017, with their first mini-album "We, First" under Hunus Entertainment.

    On February 12th, 2020, it was announced that EJ and Chaejeong would become members of ELRIS, making it a 7 membered girl group.

    Then on February 26, 2020, ELRIS released their fourth mini-album “Jackpot” as a 7 member girl group with Jackpot serving as the album’s title track.

    IV. The Members

    Name: Sohee (소희)
    Birthday: December 31st, 1999
    Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual & Face of the Group
    Name: Bella (벨라)
    Birthday: February 2nd, 1999
    Position: Main Rapper & Lead Vocalist
    Instagram: @negabaroyoona
    Name: Yukyung (유경)
    Birthday: November 5th, 1999
    Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist & Visual
    Instagram: @ _260___
    Name: Yeonjae (혜성)
    Birthday: October 15th, 1999
    Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
    Instagram: @excuseline
    Name: Karin (가린)
    Birthday: January 5th, 2002
    Position: Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae
    Instagram: @quokka.rin
    Newest Member

    Name: EJ (이제이)
    Birthday: August 13th, 1997
    Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist
    Instagram: @ejneuneunjineunej
    Newest Member

    Chaejeong (채정)
    Birthday: August 26th, 1999
    Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist & Rapper
    Instagram: @chaerishxx

    V. Solo Activities:

    VI. ELRIS Discography

    VII. ELRIS Music Videos


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