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    Well established and successful groups often still bring in enough money to keep them going even if the "hype" is over. Instead it's often the members that want to do other things that kills the group or other problems and scandals. For example Girls' Generation, even if the hype is over a couple of years ago they still probably would earn enough money to make the company happy if they wanted to be active, but instead it's the members that want to do other things in life.

    2NE1 was a combination of problems and members that wanted do solo stuff that killed the group.

    But lesser popularity and failure to generate "hype" of cource also play in when members and companies decide if they will go on or not. Like T-ara that more or less crashed 2013 and forward from being a tier 1 group during 2011-2012. I can understand if members lose their motivation to go on if you are less popular (= earn less money) than you where a couple of years ago.

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    overall it seems like some drama's are moving more towards that US format of multiple seasons

    This a trend that have been worring me for a while. One of the charms with kdramas (and asian dramas in generall) is that they normally only have one season. If they move away from that format they will loose one of the corner stones associated to kdramas/asian dramas. So I'm worried the influence from Netflix and others could break this. You also see signs of breaking up old standards with more show having just 12 episodes instead of standard 16, even if this is a trend I kind of because some dramas are more fitting with just 12 episodes instead of 16, but it's still is a bit worring sign things are changing in the old standards.

    When it comes to Yumi's Cells, I watched the first season just a week ago because I was a bit curious about it. It was a bit of fun, but got a bit tiredsome after a couple of episodes. I was a bit suprised the "cells" had so big part of the show time, thought maybe it would be a bit less, it was less fun after the first two-three episodes. Can't say I feel any urge to see season 2.

    Not sure, maybe Sistar. But I would be happy with Crayon Pop also....

    Even if T-ara and 2NE1 was my two big 2gen favorites, I feel T-aras as a four member group is just not the same thing as the orginal six. And 2NE1.. I just feel the long time since break up and problems with the break up have made any comeback less fun. It feels like, let them rest in peace ,even if I would be hyped if they acctually did a comeback.

    I don't really have an opinion about which group is the best, but I can have opinion about their songs.

    Both group are very up and down with their songs. I liked Red Velvet with their debut song (Happiness), but the songs after that was very different or very boring stuff. I totally lost hope with the group. But Red Flavor came and saved the group for me and after that they had some good songs (and some bad). Aespa's songs are also a bit... not the best, but I still think their songs are a bit more fun that Red Velvet's songs during their first two-three years. Life's Too Short is a fantastic good song.

    Aespa also have Ningning. So if I should pick a group I would say Aespa's first two years are a bit more fun and intressting than Red Velvet's first two-three years. Red Velvet just had bit too many slow boring songs even if they got better with songs like Red Flavor, Peek-a-Boo, Power Up

    "okay" I would say, I had hopped for a bit more, maybe I will like it better after some more listening. The girls like really nice, but some of the girls looks different than what the image I have in the brain.....

    Alos, the dancing looks a bit eh... "rusty." :P

    But overall a pretty nice song and MV, even if it's not any of the best songs.

    I'm talking only about girlgroups in this case, they are often a couple of years later in their "generations". And you also understand the seven year reference I made was just an exempel of about how long I think a "generation" is. But as I also say, I think the concept of generation is a bit pointless today.

    No. I would say we can't hardly say a 4th generation really have begun, at least anything debuting before 2021 is 3rd generation or let say Aespa at the end of 2020 is among the first "4th generation". Why do I believe this? Let say the 2nd genaration for girlgroups started with Wonder Girls and Girl's Generation in 2007, I think a lot of can agree with that. Let also say that the 3rd generation started around the debut with Red Velvet (2014), Twice (2015) and Blackpink (2016). Let's say around 2014-2015. That is about 7 years from between the start of 2gen to start of 3rd gen. Add seven years you have around 2021. Seven years are also the longest legal contract time a company can sign with a group I think. When did Loona debut, 2016? Make no sence at all to call them a 4th generation group when the debut the same year as Blackpink. Gidle? 2018, getting close but still no. And it's not only about the years is about making impact and taking over from the older "generation". As long as you have Twice and Blackpink still being at the top it's hard to say we have a change in generations.

    But I think the talk about "generations" have more or less have lost it's meaning now. It hade some kind of meaning when talking about first generation girl groups and second generation. But after that the border have been become weaker and weaker.

    Problem is it's sometimes hard to know if the "personality" is their true personality or just a character they are playing. Because kpop are very much about members having a role in the group and play that character.

    The 2gen groups are by favorites, because that is the time when I got in to kpop. But I rarely watched any variety shows or similar tv shows with the groups so it have always been a bit hard for me to grasp the different personlities even in my favorite groups.

    US and the rest of "western" market is like a lottery ticket, if you get lucky you can win big so why not buy a ticket and try your luck? As long as you keep your "asian base" you don't have much to loose to try.

    One big problem, it's hard to mix being a standard kpop group singing in korean with perhaps one or two japense songs here and there with a US/global promotion where you need to sing in english if you want to really establish yourself as main stream artist. If you go 100 % english you will loose your kpop identity a bit because kpop is korean and it would be a bit confussing for the fans with half the songs in english and half the songs in korean. And don't talk about being able to probmote both i SK/Asia and US/Europe with the distance between the places.