Why is hating Lisa so accepted in the Blink fandom?

  • Reasons it’s deemed acceptable to dislike Lisa in the Blink fandom? 37

    1. YG operates in a way which encourages akgaes/ OT3 fans (4) 11%
    2. Xenophobia because she is Thai (5) 14%
    3. Resentment because of her popularity (10) 27%
    4. A combination of all these things (18) 49%

    Honestly, I just don’t understand why it is seen as acceptable to hate Lisa. I’ve never seen a fandom that so openly accepts disrespect regarding one of their own members. Sure, other fandoms can be toxic, but fans who don’t respect all the members are almost universally condemned!

    The double standards with Lisa are just depressing to see. On AKP alone, I could name multiple OT3 fans. They are all accepted as Blinks with no questions asked! Some examples of how she is treated:

    • Fans saying they don’t want her to get a dance break and that it’s not important despite her being the main dancer, then freaking out if the other members positions aren’t being honoured. Hell, they don’t even care if she is shoved at the back!
    • Complaining when she has a decent amount of lines, calling it unfair, but celebrating songs like BYW and DDDD in which she got barely anything.
    • Excusing hate she gets- this is one of the worst. When people sent her death threats and ruined IC for her, many Blinks even excused it or didn’t acknowledge it at all.
    • Praising her is seen as a crime- even in dance practises when she as the main dancer gets naturally praised, the “they are all talented” comments come out. But praising any of the others individually is totally fine.
    • When she gets solo activities- Even though she has yet to get a solo and was basically invisible pre debut, whenever she breathed it is deemed unfair and even favouritism, which is laughable.
    • Big fan sites leave her out- they are conveniently busy whenever it’s time to promote Lisa, I can imagine the number that will go on holiday during her solo.
    • Even her fans face double standards, her akgaes are blamed for everything but when Jennie, Jisoo or Rosé fans go as far as death threats no one says a word or condemns a whole fandom.
    • Leaving her out is seen as fine- whenever companies have left her out, no one complains. If people say they want all the other solos and not hers, no one cares. But any vague criticism of the other members is dealt with every time.

    What do you think the main reasons for these double standards are?

  • I generally only see it with Korean fans but ..... I think even then it boils down to her not being a light skinned idol. I hate to say it but it has also happened to Sorn in some dark corners of the CLC fandom and it is fully disgusting for anyone to do.

  • I don't know if it's YG that perpetuates the akages, but I feel like a lot of Blink akages self insert onto their chosen member and use their own internalized hate and how they perceive the world as me vs. other girls to hate the other members. Jennie and Lisa both fit the "not like other girls" trope and both seem to be overanalyzed to death.

    Like I feel like this is a reason the Blackpink members are so often used for shipping even when it's groups they've never even interacted or even been in the same room together outside of a music show.

  • But to make things clear, those are not blinks, those are akgaes of other members/ solo stans. I could say the exact same thing about Jennie. In fact, Jennie is even more hated, definitely the most hated member inside and outside of the fandom.

    Unfortunately, it's what comes with popularity. The most popular members always get the most hate.

    But as I said it's ironic to see this coming from you when I've seen you shade Jennie on the daily before.

  • Lisa’s hate is not accepted in the Blink fandom :rolleyes:. She is the most popular member in BP right now and therefore has more anti’s. Jennie receives a lot of hate too. This OT3 nonsense doesn’t exist. These people are often akgaes who don’t like Lisa.

  • I really feel sorry for blinks. All solo stans have similar lists for their members. At this point who do blinks actually stan? no one?

    Let blinks stan in peace

    Your average ggs enthusiast...

  • I just read the first sentence and i decided that i'm not gonna waste my time reading this dumb essay.

    It's not accepted. Glad we cleared this up :pepe-toast:

  • If you're referring to Twitter, I'd recommend staying off there. Anytime I visit blink stan twitter I instantly regret it - literally just filled with death threats, fan wars from all 4 BP akgaes. The crazy thing is most OT1 accounts spend more time hating and arguing with other akgaes than they do posting and appreciating their fav lmao

    In Lisa's case, it might seem like she gets the most hate because she is literally one of the most popular kpop idols in history so of course there'll also be the most jobless people who hate on her. The love overweighs the hate though.

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  • I really understood your point, but what your are talking about is akgaes.

    The "only" problem with the blink fandom is their blindness towards the hate Lisa gets. And not at some here saying that it's not accepted when in HYLT era Lisa was the one who received the most hate, but surprisingly another member got a supporting hashtag while Lisa was ignored by OT4 accs. IC era was the worst era to Lisa and her stans and guess what? Yes, she didn't receive a supporting hashtag either and "thanks" to these situations now we have Lisa posting almost none content in her instagram or others sns....

    Big OT4 accs are blind and blind when it comes to Lisa, but let's just say that this have no positive point as people are still denying it.

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