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    She lacks charisma on stage and her dancing is a bit lacking so her fancams are boring. She's also overshadowed visually and talent-wise by the other 3 and just lacks that star quality - it's kinda harsh to say and I'd normally keep this to myself but I've realised it's a common opinion whilst reading through the other answers so what the hell lol

    After the whole Kris Wu outrage, c-netz are really not letting Lucas get away with this lightly, the best choice would really be to let him go to avoid bringing the others down. Yes he's the most popular member but it isn't like the other members have 0 fans ?? Plus I always thought other than his looks and personality (which we now know is trash), his dancing was awkward + vocals and rap weak. SM could literally find new handsome Chinese trainees to add to WaYV in a heartbeat if they wanted to.

    Poor Hendery though, I feel bad that he has to put up with this whole situation.

    It was out of order to treat Yujin the way she did but in the long run, Yujin has benefited from this and now even non-fans of clc are feeling extra protective of her and stanning where maybe they initially wouldn't have done - after all, everyone loves an underdog!

    As for Fa Yaning, she's made the show entertaining and juicy af and if mnet are smart, they'll rig the votes again to make sure she stays until the end to keep up the drama and viewership ratings. :pepe-tea:

    I feel like for their debut album most of the tracks will delve into all the 'keywords' I suppose about the ae's - like 'synk', more about kwangya, kosmo, the 'flat' etc.

    Idk if you saw that glossary some fans made pertaining to the whole ae world, I could be wrong but my guess is they'll introduce that a bit more since even fans have some confusions about them. That will be important for story progressions in future comebacks.

    I thought things were going to change after all the content and music Blackpink released last year, but I was dumb to think that. YG artists have barely released any music so far this year it's insane. Both Rose and Lisa could have released solos already this year. July would have been perfect for a group comeback and anniversary content, and then Jisoo's solo in August or October, and then another potential group comeback in quarter 4. At this rate, we probably won't even get a group comeback this year. At least Rose had quite a bit of promotions for her solo.

    2 group comebacks and 3 solos in one year? That's a lot even for JYP lol it's not very realistic.

    That 2021 SM layout plan for its artists said Aespa won't be coming back until November? Idk how reliable that is but I also can't imagine they'll be back before RV's comeback in August so we'll have to wait and see i guess

    Tbh last year they released 2 Korean albums and just the 1 English song, so I don't think they've changed all that much. Nor do I see the 1D comparison either lool tf

    Unfortunately it just seems if they want any Western acclaim (i.e. the Grammy the members are aiming for), the catchy upbeat songs seem to capture a wider audience compared to the more personal and 'deeper' Korean songs that fans prefer. I'm sure they'll still release the music they're known for (and let's face it, prefer probably) further down the line this year.

    I mean it's one thing to have risque pictures on your phone, it's another thing to physically print them out and tape them to your wall lmao is he that sex obsessed?

    like damn bro, quarantine hit you hard? been a while since you got some? :pepe-legs:

    chaeryeong is absolutely the best dancer in the group in terms of skill. She’s just not eye catching as yeji and ryujin due to a lack of charisma and confidence, that’s why people underestimate her and prefer to watch the others. Techniques wise she’s no doubt the best

    No one doubts her dancing skills, it's just sad that her dancing is overshadowed by having a joint title with Yeji as 'main dancer', who tends to get the centre time during dance breaks and then of course there's the center herself, Ryujin so JYP probably doesn't really see a reason to give her the center time when the other 2 are more popular and charismatic on stage.

    I should probably change best 'dancer' to 'performer' - that's more in line of what I mean.

    Chaeryeong is talented but she's not the most popular in the group or the best performer in the group, nor the best singer nor the 'prettiest'. Unfortunately this means she'll never be at the forefront when it comes to mvs - it's just how kpop works, there's a reason why kpop companies find it important to assign titles. The line and screen time distribution was all pretty equal compared to other groups though.