Blinks are the worst offenders of accepting Blackpink's achievements like it's their own.

  • RANT:

    Blinks are the worst offenders of accepting Blackpink's achievements like it's their own.

    I don't know if it is because most of y'all are young as hell, but Blackpink doesn't pay you to protect their music records and Instagram followers. There's no need to throw your morals away and make a fool out of yourself just because one troll said "Blackpink = flops." Do you know what Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa probably do when someone discredits them? They most likely laugh because they know that they are successful and rich.

    Blackpink's Coachella performance isn't your own achievement to throw around. You weren't there on stage with them and you aren't even their manager so you had no part in that day. As fans, you can obviously hype it up, but 99% of blinks' love throwing around the words Coachella, Nation's Pride, IT girl and Chanel like they are a member of Blackpink as well.

    Why do you guys love bragging about Blackpink's achievements like you're also getting the money from it?

    It must be because of Blackpink's self insert image. I feel like most young blinks are insecure in themselves so they live vicariously through Blackpink's personas of being rich, popular, IT girls. So, then they start to become deeply affected by obvious trolls "dissing" them for attention.

    Or maybe it is because Blackpink's songs are about flexing on haters and being so popular? I feel like if Blackpink didn't always release songs that have a message of "Look at how better I am than you," Blinks' wouldn't be so egotistical.

    Armys drag antis by using BTS' achievements but not 24/7 like Blinks do. They also talk about BTS' personality, talent and poise when discrediting someone's argument.

    It's like that's all blinks can say about the girls. "They are popular, pretty and rich so shut up." I feel like that proves my point about how most blinks only like Blackpink for their fantasy image. I have never once seen a blink talk about how Blackpink inspires people and make others happy in an argument. Nothing about their music, hardships or message behind their songs.

    It's always just "They are pretty and wear expensive clothes so you're jealous."

    You can be proud of Blackpink and talk about their Youtube achievements since I'm sure you guys had a part in it, but my god, it is so cringy when I see blinks go from 0 to 100 on a troll with Blackpink's achievements that they clearly memorised.

    Memorise your schoolwork. Not an award that you'll never see.

  • They are entitled to do what they want to do. Life is a choice, and you have no right to tell them what to do. STFU and, mind your own faves. Blinks are fine and stop the fake concern, they dont need your fake concern

  • Couldn't you have replaced blinks with literally any other fandom and blackpink with any other kpop group and your paragraph would still make sense.

    Its not like different fandoms are much different

  • They are entitled to do what they want to do. Life is a choice, and you have no right to tell them what to do. STFU and, mind your own faves. Blinks are fine and stop the fake concern, they dont need your fake concern

    People who live vicariously through other people's achievements are objectively losers. Particularly when it's done to the extreme that many k-pop fans take it to. In psychology it's a sign of low self esteem and a low sense of self worth. Tweeting out the sales numbers of a group 100 times a day when that group doesn't even know you exist is not healthy.

  • Lmao this goes for every fandom though?

    IDK why you keep insisting all Blinks are insecure little girls who live vicariously through Blackpink, I know most of the ones I talk to are grown ass adults, myself included.

    We defend the girls and their achievements because they’re one of the few groups that get dragged through hell and back every single day. Whether they’re called IG models, only relevant for YT views, not real idols because they have more CFs than songs, etc etc.

    Some of the things you’ve mentioned like Coachella- how could we not talk about this every chance we get lmao?!? This was a huge deal, they were the first Kpop girl group to attend, their performances were some of the best they’ve ever given, and Blinks are happy and proud so they should be able to bring this up as much as they want.

    As for the songs’ messages being “I’m so much better than you” have you even heard their entire album? That many be the general theme when you hear a title track or two, but literally none of their b-sides are that narcissistic. The few songs that do have a superior intent, why shouldn’t they? As I said, they have an insane amount of antis, as do all big and popular groups, so it it so wrong for them to want to give off this message and defend themselves?

    The girls are a huge part in why Blinks stan Blackpink in the first place. Not because they have the IT girl image, or because they endorse luxury high end fashion brands, or because we want to be them (which yes I would love to be them ngl), but because they’re some of the sweetest girls ever.

    Why is it always a problem when Blackpink does it? If it was the other way around things would be the same. You’d still have that group getting the most hate and it’s respective fandom “shoving their success and achievements” down your throat.

    You just need to ignore them and move on.

  • But after checking the achievements thread I've seen three at max created everyday.

    I'm proud of what blackpink have achieved but unlike other stans I don't gloat it. So the generalization is ill-founded.

  • This user lives and feeds off attacking blinks. I wonder what would happen if you just stopped one day. Maybe you'd shrivel up and get taken to hospital. Or maybe you'd lay in your bed groaning in pain. And you wouldn't get better unless you turned on your phone and insulted some poor blink passing by.

    But its just a thought.

  • Nah this troll better get banned, like the obsession and hatred are unreal? It's not even entertaining at this point, just plain pathetic.

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