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  • U switched guilds? :wow::wow::cursing:

    • Ofcourse i switched guilds...

  • Long live democracy :pepe-toast:

    • apparently it's hard to get that around here :pepe-toast:

    • Gotta bring it around then :pepe-toast:

      ( r u the real LilyM btw? O.O )

    • who's the REAL lily m lol wdym

    • Kpop Star winner (?) & JYP trainee. I see that it ain't u. Nice to meet u anyway :)

    • lol no ^ ^ nice to meet you

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  • why did u leave the blink guild love :?:

  • bestie check your dm now. It's about the mafia game

    • i can't and don't want to play mafia lol

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    • Other game then

  • check your dm ;(

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  • Yo wanna join a mafia game?
    • Oh sorry i can't i'm gonna go to bed soon, you guys have fun ^ ^

    • ok np

  • Hey pretty!

    Bye :cursing:

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    • Hey!:lover3:

      Why so angry :whatb:

    • When was I not? :cursing:

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    • True true, i can see you even changed your title to anger... all the begging for akorns was for that?

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    • You don't need akorns to edit your title for 2nd time :cursing:

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  • Thanks for the follow ❤️

    Also love your cover photo

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  • Hey sweetheart <3

    How are you?

    Are you as excited about Rose and Lisa's solo debuts as I am? :danceb::danceb:

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    • Hiiii <3 I'm doing great ^ ^ How have you been?

      Omg i can't wait, Rose's solo sounds so good so far those few seconds of the teaser have been stuck in my head the whole day lol As for Lisa wow i can't wait to hear that cos honestly i have no idea what style of music she would go for (i want something seductive like lili films 3) :groovins:

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    • Rose has an incredibly beautiful voice. I'm sure for that reason alone, I'll love anything she releases. :pepe-heart-eyes:

      For Lisa I hope it's a mix of sexy and girl crush. Since Lisa raps more, I can't really imagine what direction the song will go in either. But maybe she will sing some parts. YG said something about a amazing solo, so... :pepe-grooving:

      I really can't wait. :claps:

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  • Hey I have a bad feeling about something today that I need your option on?

    • Sure what's up?

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    • So i will not @ anyone but this one user started off by baiting people that there is nct vs bts and now they are acting all nice and like acting like they want to get to know other group but for some reason I feel like they might actually be not acting and are actually interested or they are gonna drag nct,ateez,stray kids in to something? what do you think might be going on(since there are alot of trolls around here)

    • Honestly when i see a troll making idiotic threads on akp i just ignore them and i think i know of which one you're talking about. But idk, as long as they are just curious about groups and are respectful it's fine to interact with them but if they try to do something shady like drag those groups afterwards you can just report them

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    • Ok thank you i will keep an eye out for them

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  • OH MY GODD the blink guild border goes so damn wellll omgggggg


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    • Lol i just logged in and opened your message first before i even noticed that we had it :D

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    • the pink matches so perfectly omg i cannot

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  • yo thx for the follows !

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  • Thx for agreeing with me on that post(I do not even know who she is)

    • Seen the person here and there on the forum, but they obviously just want to pick a fight so i ignore them

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    • oh ok well

  • umm...hello

    thank you for the follow

    gotta ask why me though

    am I interesting am I fun?

    am I now you're number one?


    • Yes i followed cos you're fun

      and now this sick rhyme made you my number one


  • i saw your reply thanks

    • Ah okay ^^ what happened to the thread was it taken down?

    • since im a mod i should lead by example. It was getting messy so delete lol

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  • Hey! Another Stay <3

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  • Yo lily