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  • Hey, you were right with the teaser. :cutes:

    Thank you for giving me my time to shine, lol :blowing-kiss:

    Now I'm going to put myself back in your shadow where I belong and let you take control of the Lisa teasers, master. :pepe-excited:

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  • happy cake day

  • Happy birthday!

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  • Je t'aimais, Je t'aime et je t'aimerai :borahae: Tu seras toujours mon amie Lily, peu importe mes absences.

    • omg hey friend you're back :pepelove1: where were you till now?

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    • nowhere, really. Working hard and sorting out many things here at home. I didn't think i'd ever come back here but I'll give it a try. I've missed u Lily <3

    • Yeah i thought you were gone for good, i missed you too, one of the best blinks here <3

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    • Merci et au plaisir de te parler fréquemment! :hug:

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    • I saw a post while I was gone for 5 months, that you missed me from the old forum, among other users. You're a lot quieter than before tho! I must admit! 8) perhaps you've also been busy irl?

  • U like hyuna right?



    • yep, thank you for these beautiful gifs :pepelove1:

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  • How is christopher bangs wife doing :claps:

    • I'm doing ok and you?

    • not bad just wanted to say hii to u <3:*

  • Hey I wanna ask wanna play game?

    • Hey sorry i've been super busy yesterday and today i have so much homework ;(

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    • It is ok I was gonna do the word game and was wondering if you wanna join?

    • yeah i'd love to i just can't this week i'm super busy with uni, but when i have free time ill tell you and we can play something

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    • sounds good

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  • Your sig is the best sig I've ever seen in the history of AKP :love::love::love:

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    • Wow thank you that's high praise lol

      I hope i win with it tomorrow for the aesthetic competition for Lisa's birthday

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    • I think you will! Good luck <3 I'm participating but mine is so bland. Lisa's so beautiful though :love:

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  • also

    how do you add images to your profile thingy on the side

    • Right on the top of the page where it says Gallery, when you move your mous on it it opens a drop down menu and click on albums or images something like that and there you can create an album, post images/videos, and it will appear on the side of your profile too when you upload them. Just make sure you name them all properly and not use the name of the photo that you're uploading cos it will get deleted, it happened to me

    • ok tyty

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    • wait what

      can you show me a screenshot ;-;

  • helo i have question

    how do you join a guild :v

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    • Hi fellow stay ^ ^ I love your Hyunjin aesthetic

      You just go to the guild you want to join and just tell them that you want to join, and then if they still have spots left the leader of the guild will add you.

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    • tyty

      how do you find the guilds?

    • right on the main page of the forum under community you'll see the page that says Guilds it even has like a castle icon next to it, click there and you'll find all the guilds. Do you wish to join the Stray kids guild?

    • yes :v


      lemme see all of them

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    • oo

      yes michelin guild looks very cool but i also really like the blackpink, plastics and once borders

  • :pepe-cut::pepe-cut::pepe-cut::pepe-cut:

    • i joined once and i had no idea how to play lol

  • Hello Christopher's wife :pepe-flirt:

    • Call me Mrs. Bang :pepelove2:

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    • So Mrs Bang, I love your aesthetics :danceb:

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    • Thank you! I love yours too <3 As plastics we have a certain reputation to keep, can't go around akp with busted sigs and pfp's :pepe-flirt:

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    • Purr

      Ours is the prettiest guild

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  • Stream On The Ground :cursing:

  • thank youuu for following me back :pepe-flirt:

  • U switched guilds? :wow::wow::cursing:

    • Ofcourse i switched guilds...

  • Long live democracy :pepe-toast:

  • why did u leave the blink guild love :?:

  • bestie check your dm now. It's about the mafia game

    • i can't and don't want to play mafia lol

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    • Other game then

  • check your dm ;(

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    • Oh sorry i can't i'm gonna go to bed soon, you guys have fun ^ ^

    • ok np

  • Hey pretty!

    Bye :cursing:

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    • Hey!:lover3:

      Why so angry :whatb:

    • When was I not? :cursing:

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    • True true, i can see you even changed your title to anger... all the begging for akorns was for that?

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    • You don't need akorns to edit your title for 2nd time :cursing:

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  • Thanks for the follow ❤️

    Also love your cover photo

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  • Hey sweetheart <3

    How are you?

    Are you as excited about Rose and Lisa's solo debuts as I am? :danceb::danceb:

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    • Hiiii <3 I'm doing great ^ ^ How have you been?

      Omg i can't wait, Rose's solo sounds so good so far those few seconds of the teaser have been stuck in my head the whole day lol As for Lisa wow i can't wait to hear that cos honestly i have no idea what style of music she would go for (i want something seductive like lili films 3) :groovins:

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    • Rose has an incredibly beautiful voice. I'm sure for that reason alone, I'll love anything she releases. :pepe-heart-eyes:

      For Lisa I hope it's a mix of sexy and girl crush. Since Lisa raps more, I can't really imagine what direction the song will go in either. But maybe she will sing some parts. YG said something about a amazing solo, so... :pepe-grooving:

      I really can't wait. :claps:

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  • Hey I have a bad feeling about something today that I need your option on?

    • Sure what's up?

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    • So i will not @ anyone but this one user started off by baiting people that there is nct vs bts and now they are acting all nice and like acting like they want to get to know other group but for some reason I feel like they might actually be not acting and are actually interested or they are gonna drag nct,ateez,stray kids in to something? what do you think might be going on(since there are alot of trolls around here)

    • Honestly when i see a troll making idiotic threads on akp i just ignore them and i think i know of which one you're talking about. But idk, as long as they are just curious about groups and are respectful it's fine to interact with them but if they try to do something shady like drag those groups afterwards you can just report them

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    • Ok thank you i will keep an eye out for them

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  • OH MY GODD the blink guild border goes so damn wellll omgggggg


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    • Lol i just logged in and opened your message first before i even noticed that we had it :D

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    • the pink matches so perfectly omg i cannot

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  • yo thx for the follows !

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  • Thx for agreeing with me on that post(I do not even know who she is)

    • Seen the person here and there on the forum, but they obviously just want to pick a fight so i ignore them

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    • oh ok well

  • umm...hello

    thank you for the follow

    gotta ask why me though

    am I interesting am I fun?

    am I now you're number one?


    • Yes i followed cos you're fun

      and now this sick rhyme made you my number one