So Kris Wu is not only going to jail but he's going broke as well???

  • Kris Wu sentenced to 13 years in jail for rape
    Kris Wu has been sentenced to 13 years in jail for rape.On November 25, a Beijing court sentenced Canadian-Chinese singer and former EXO mem…

    "In other news, the State Taxation Administration of China also revealed Kris Wu evaded 170 million Yuan ($23,722,143.40 USD) in taxes and will be fined 600 million Yuan ($83,725,212.00 USD). "

    Unless he has over $100M net worth, there's no way he can pay the fine without going broke. :pepepizza:

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  • Well ...

    and I thought he was dead allready, since last time I heard about him people claimed his own mom could be the reason he could be dead

    so what I mean is back than people claimed China didn't wanted him anymore and forced him to go to Canada where people claimed that his own mom didn't wanted him to come to Canada (where she apparently still lives) and therefore people rumored that China was about to trow out some death-sentense if he really wouldn't go to curt in Canada instead of China

    but well that was all some rumors back than and nobody ever mentioned him after that in a long time so I almost thought that there could've been some truth on it and China might not published it for whatever reason

    IDK, I found all these rumors quit weird TBH when people said that this could've been something that may be possible to happen to him

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  • I’ll be honest, I thought they executed him as well because China does give out capital punishment for rape depending on how severe the case was.

    Looking at what he got now he is done regardless….

  • It's a really mild sentence considering he was facing execution.

    Yeah they were being lenient. China like Japan has a 99% conviction rating. A literal impossibility for a system like this to be fair. Kris might be a total piece of shit or innocent, you'd never know in a system like that.

  • Isn't it amusing that he's gone from a Chinese Singer when he was raking in the money and shat on South Korea, to a Canadian-Chinese when his ass is being eaten by the Chinese.

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