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    bypannchoaJune 09, 2022

    t/n: this issue is starting to unfold in Korea (written by OP1), the first post was made in June 6th. OP1 claims to be an ex-trainee from the company of the idol who assaulted them. The first post claimed that the idol has slapped OP1 on their cheek and punched their head. The idol is still in the group today. However, some days later, OP1 erased all the claims a few days later and claimed that it was misunderstanding after the idol re-contacted OP1 and resolved their differences. This happened after OP1 and the idol met in person on June 8th. OP1 apologized for creating a stir. you can read their original claims here. However, on June 9th (today), 2 new victims came out talking about the same idol. The idol in question was also the CEO of the entertainment company OP1, OP2 and OP3 worked for.


    original post:


    original post: here

    1. [+73, -1]

    If this post is real, that A is seriously such a weirdo. The only person that comes to mind is that one person who appeared on 'I Live Alone?

    2. [+66, -2]

    I hope that CEO A pays for all his actions after this power trip against their employees..

    3. [+64, -0]

    There are especially lots of thugs among 1st generation idols, the difference about them being off-camera is seriously severe. Because they all had that mysterious concept to them, they could hide and get away with what was done behind doors

    4. [+46, -2]

    Wow... Testimonies keep getting released... I feel like there is more than what this person claims she knows

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    Are we talking about that same person who dances with his head and upper body??

    6. [+39, -0]



    original post: here

    1. I thought we were talking about a male employee, but this is a female employee! Seriously people can be so horrible sigh

    2. He's known for asking his managers to ask the fans for the receipt of the gifts he didn't like, get them reimburse and purchase things he wanted with the money, so his manners didn't go anywhereㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even more evil things about him are coming out

    3. Looks like I Live Alone is cursed with something...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    4. Who is this??? Hul..

    5. You shouldn't hhit men but hitting a female employee is even worse no???

    6. This makes me so mad... Ever sentence seemed like hell

    7. There are sure a lot of bad talks around I Live Alone damn. As expected, you cannot trust variety shows, it's all scripted. You can't trust anyone. This is just sad

    8. I'm fangirling on another celebrity now, but this is just a slap of realityㅋㅋ Maybe there are some people who might still be fangirling on him right now in their late 20s?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋSigh I have to stop fangirling

    9. As expected, you cannot trust a celebrity's imageㅋㅋㅋ

    10. My childhood is ruined


    Hi, I'm writing this post following the post "Top 1st generation idol's assault on trainee" post

    original post1 https://m.pann.nate.com/talk/3…&rankingType=total&page=1

    original post2 https://m.pann.nate.com/talk/3…&rankingType=total&page=1

    I am afraid, but I am writing this post after contemplating a lot in the hope that there will be no victims like me.

    I am an employee who has worked for a long time at the agency where "top 1st generation idol who assaulted the trainee" recently became an issue.

    I was aware of the assault case that took place in February 2016, which a trainee victim exposed everything through a post. Knowing this at the time, I feel guilty for not being able to provide any comfort or help to the victim.

    At least through this article, I would like to say, “I am really sorry and I ask for your forgiveness.”

    In fact, I was also assaulted by him during the course of my work.

    It wasn't an assault with fists and slaps across my cheeks like a trainee, but I was assaulted twice.

    Apart from the assault, I have also heard a number of verbal abuse.

    The first assault occurred during a business trip to Qingdao, China in 2014.

    After finishing my schedule with him, I took a taxi to a Korean restaurant.

    I sat in the back seat next to him and while chatting with him, and he hit me in the head with his gloved hand.

    It was so sudden that I can't remember the exact conversation we were having.

    I was beaten without knowing why, and I felt embarrassed as well as bewildered. I couldn't understand why he did that, but I checked the rearview mirror first to see if the taxi driver saw it.

    Until I got to the Korean restaurant, I still didn't know why he hit me. After I got to the front of the restaurant, he stopped me at the entrance, slapped me and started scolding me.

    Without knowing the cause, I was so upset that I couldn't help but feel embarrassed. Then he took me into the restaurant and ordered food.

    There was silence between him and me. However, after the food was served, he unexpectedly took a photo of the food casually.

    It was an action that was very difficult to understand, but I was confused and finished the meal without saying anything.

    After that, after returning to the dormitory where I was staying, I cried a lot by myself because of this injustice. Meanwhile, he sent the photos of food that he took carefully to me through KakaoTalk.

    Amid this difficult situation I was in, I wanted to return home the next day, but I couldn't.

    A lot of emotions crossed my mind, including fear and regret for myself.

    The second assault was at a KBS broadcasting station in 2019. Before going on stage, I was putting on his in-ear mic.

    But he suddenly clapped my hand with the word “Ai-Ssi.” I knew that he was usually a person who couldn't control his emotions well, and it was right before going on stage, so I couldn't react at all.

    After that, I called an acquaintance who was waiting outside (because there was no manager on that day, I had to call my own acquaintance to drive him), handed me a water bottle, and left the scene.

    I have been subjected to a lot of verbal abuse and insults on a regular basis, but I thought it was something I had to endure. There were people who even told me, ‘Because you're a woman, he probably didn't hit you as much’.

    It was also my decision to put up with the violence and verbal abuse, so I blamed everything on me.

    I mentioned the abusive language and physical assault that I suffered when I left the company.

    He said, 'When did I do that?' 'Rather, I beat myself up and yelled at myself when no one was there.'

    He also said, "Why are you pretending to be nice" and "Don't pretend to be nice" in front of new employees.

    When he framed me in the presence of other people, I felt like I had lost everything. When I think of that day, my hands still tremble and my heart trembles.

    I have absolutely never physically assaulted or verbally assaulted him.
    After the post written by the trainee became an article, many reporters contacted me to confirm the facts, but I was afraid and couldn't get the courage to do so.

    I am still afraid, but I am writing this post with courage after thinking in the hope that there will be no more victims like me.

    If the contents of this post are not true, I will take full responsibility.

    Thanks for reading.


    post response:


    original post: here

    1. [+70, -0]

    How many people have came out? What kind of gangster is he? If he's slightly offended, he'll start hitting people?

    2. [+64, -0]

    What's happening... This is a serious problem

    3. [+57, -0]

    It's going to blow up soon. I used to think he was just some 4D person, but he's just a lunatic with no manners

    4. [+46, -0]

    Woohyukie oppa~ I don't know why but somehow my Youtube algorithm always brings me back to the memories of you on I Live Alone~~~ Have you been well? I missed you~ Please release more news soon ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋ

    Caption: "When he's working, his expressions are different" "90 degree bow to the CEO"
    "When Jang Woohyuk appeared on I Live Alone at that time, he showed his strictness towards the trainees by showing his side as a 1st generation group member"

    5. [+38, -0]
    Seriously the power trip in entertainment companies is different from the ones you see in normal companies. It's like he makes people his own slaves


    let us gather around for the lord’s prayer:

    Nævis we love you. You are the one who protected me when i was in trouble. MY victory, one SYNK DIVE. I know your sacrifices. Let’s meet surely after the resurrection.



  • Hmm, I've been following this case like a White Angel following Kangta to his house, and maybe you're a bit late on this one. There have already been defense posts popping up from other ex-employees.

    The first one claims to have worked from 2012 to 2014 (a bit before most of the other victims claimed they worked there) and they don't have much substantial proof other than a picture of themselves in front of some wall. The post's contents itself is just clearing up (maybe) claims made by the first two accusers. I personally take it with a grain of salt, but you should read the post regardless.

    The second employee claims to have worked there from 2019 to 2020. They said things that actively contradict the others' statements, such as that the CEO didn't make them do labor (that OP said he would always carry all the bags and when they asked to carry some he was like "that's my job not yours", and he wasn't a penny-pincher when it came to his trainees. This person also provided a proof picture in a room very similar (read: basically the same) to what the other trainees have uploaded.

    I may or may not be here to defend him - admittedly, I have a little bit of a bias, but for the days before the aforementioned defense posts I was jumping him like no tomorrow. Still, it's your choice to believe these posts or not. I'm just spreading information that's already come out in Korea to the rest of the world. (The world = allkpop, apparently)

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