the BIG4 domination will become worst on 4th gen

  • (P/s : in term of South Korea domination, revelency among the gp and korean fandom) cuz when it comes to internationally, loona and everglow are bigger than gfriend imo

    especially for girlgroup .

    atleast for 3rd gen we have some nonbig3 gg that are actually on the top like Gfriend and Mamamoo. Group like Momoland,Lovely,OMG and WJSN(As Your Wish our new year anthem) also have some big hits. So eventho BP,TWICE and RV dominating but non big3 gg still thriving.

    But i dont see it happen on 4th gen. In fact, maybe GIDLE will be the only non big3 gg that make it. (IZONE is disbanding next month so i purposely left them out). With the current group charting situation, even group from big3 isnt doing as good as their senior. Everglow and Loona both are great on their own way but they are huge (or atleast relevent) everywhere except South Korea.

    But again, we never know. Maybe there will be another Momoland and EXID situation ?

  • There is no Big4 only Big 1 & Big3.

    And G Idle are doing really awesome despite being from neither big1 nor big3. The main reason is they are trying to creat their own concept, own lyrics. Izone had great potential if they had not disbanded.

    And don't worry, the group under big companies who will try to be clone on previous successful groups will faded away in course of time. At least what I have seen the passing on 2nd to 3rd gen.

    Super Tuna🐹 Our Summer🐯


  • I see GIDLE and The Boyz making it. That's all. Maybe we will get a surprise from someone on Kingdom but for now, I only see those 2 becoming big. With the oversaturation of the market, Koreans aren't going to check out any group outside from the big 4. Only with lots of promo(RTK/Queendom in GIDLE/TBZ case) will they actually check them out, but alot of smaller companies struggle to promote their artists. It's a never-ending cycle.

    I'd say you never know and it might be too early to say this, but this is what I'll say for now.

  • i’m not too sure about that

    - gidle is one of the biggest 4th gen gg

    - ateez is one of the biggest 4th gen bg

    - everglow, loona, and stayc will likely not leave the top 10 of 4th gen gg

    - dreamcatcher is 3.5 gen but most of their contract is in 4th gen. they’re also one of the biggest gg

    - purple kiss from rbw might be a top10 4th gen gg

    i think especially after the rise of bts and bighit.... there is more openness towards small company artists. Also a lot of disrespectful people and networks from 3rd gen have cleaned their act up after mistreating bts then bts getting huge later on.... it’s small changes here and there but i definitely think it’s getting a slight bit further from exclusive big company culture than closer to it

  • I actually disagree.

    The Big 3 domination was largely created by the monopole that they had over the promotional tools - TV shows, award shows etc... with social medias taking over, kpop groups can talk directly to their potential fans, and from there short-circuit any traditional circuit.

    Obviously, it will always be easier for bigger companies to spend money on their new artists, and the Big 3 privilege will always exists - that's a fact. But there are a lot of ways to go around it nowadays, a lot more than at the beginning of 3rd Gen.

    That said I do agree that Big 3 domination is still a thing for GG, more than for BG. GG still largely relies on GP for support, and this is helped a lot by being in a Big 3 company.

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