Is it safe to say that Iz*One will be returning?

  • Will Iz*One be returning? 27

    1. Yes, all girls will be returning (0) 0%
    2. Yes, but only a portion (5) 19%
    3. No, they will not be returning at all (22) 81%

    Or at least, some iteration of it, most likely under a different name.

    At this point I think it's obvious.

    We all know that Yuehua and Woolim were waiting for Iz*One to disband so that they could capitalize on their popularity. Before then, news about Everglow and Rocket Punch had been very silent. It was obvious the companies were waiting to add Yena and at least Chaewon to Everglow and Rocket Punch respectively.

    However, the Parallel Universe Project happened and the fans threatened to boycott if the Iz*One members did not reform. Thus, negotiations were opened between Wiz*One representatives and the girl's respective companies (completely rejecting Mnet from the discussion entirely).

    From what I've heard from Wiz*Ones, talks with the companies seem to be going very positively.

    So positively in fact... A few days ago we suddenly saw Everglow and Rocket Punch announce their combacks, and not only did they announce the comeback without Yena and Chaewon, but on the same day.

    That alone speaks volumes about what's to come. The companies have obviously made some decisions and are in league with each other.

    As for Starship, the most questionable piece, if Iz*One are going to be returning in some new form, unless they have a set of diamond balls, there is no way they will be able to debut their New Girl Group with Wonyoung and Yujin without being boycotted by other Wiz*Ones and being hated to death. X/

    Plus there is the J-line to consider. Hitomi and Nako aren't really a huge problem as they could simply graduate. Sakura too, except she may be signed or in the process of signing with Big Hit (which honestly, is just as good an opportunity if not better and idk if that's something she would be wise to pass up).

  • consider that its been sometime now and now news reports or anything. i think this may be the end of the road for izone for some time.

  • I think Izone reforming as a subunit is a longshot possibility.

    I think Izone reforming as a full unit is a virtual impossibility.

    I think the labels are all just being really careful right now. A few of them probably dont want anything to do with the PUP (bitch ass Starshit, Yueloser, and 8D) but are playing along nicely with the negotiations so as to not upset Wizones who are still in the 5 stages of grief (i'm still seething for example). They probably figure as time passes, more and more people are gonna accept that Izone is gone for good.

    Which is kinda stupid and shortsighted of them. The only thing they would have to give up are their plans for their dumb post Produce groups. Izone reformation would be doing them a favor since they WOULDNT be able to waste money with these flop groups. These labels could all still have their idols do every solo, CF, variety show, acting, MC project they want, in between comebacks.

    As for comebacks for any Izone redebut, the labels are gonna have to either use that PUP money to hire another company to do what Swing/OTR did, or the labels are gonna have to somehow manage the girls themselves and handle everything, from PR to music production to MVs.

    Ultimately though, even if Izone never reforms as a subunit or full unit, what i want most of all is for the labels to allow the former members to hang out publicly, talk about their experiences as Izone, do Vlives or Instas together if they want, etc. The spirit of Izone isnt their music, it's the fanservice and fellowship they shared with each other. If PUP can get the labels to publicly guarantee that they wont interfere with the girls if they want to do these things, that will be something i can live with. I mean, if Hyeyul really end up together, dont we all want to see it happen?

  • Starship and Yuehua will hold onto Wonyoung and Yujin and Yena as much as they can. The boicot and everything all will die down eventually, just like how it happened with X1 and the fans that wanted a reboot.

    I don't know about the rest of the girls, I don't know how much freedom the j-line has about his future since I don't follow J-pop. A sub-unit would be great, and it will at least calm the waters for the project and the amount of money they have invested in it. It would be an smart choice from the companies since they can still profit from "Iz*one" even if they wouldn't be Iz*one anymore.

    As a wiz*one I would still support them in whatever it ends up happening.


    I'm throwing you away for keeping me locked up

  • It sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself. I don’t think Iz*one will be returning, at least not for the time being.

    Eh? But I am not really a Wiz*One? I mean, I wouldn't consider myself as such anyway, not entirely. I've been more of a solo fan for some time now. In fact, I was quite loud about supporting the disbandment (and I still do). The thing is, I am also not really against an extension or sub-unit either.

    If anything I am just resigned that we will likely have some kind of reformation on the way. Although many of you here disagree, I have an itching feeling in my gut - and not just because the people in charge of the Parallel Universe Project have updated that they have recently overcome one of the most difficult obstacles in their meetings with the companies that are going very well ( of course, it's important to note that nothing is guaranteed until new contracts are signed and it's best to remain skeptical) - but because I tend to follow my gut.

  • don't think so

    IoI, w1 and X1 fans were telling themselves the same thing, years later and nothing happened. At most they got a collab between two of the members so maybe chaewon and eunbin x Yena or something like that

    The difference is all the past movement are mainly on sns and just alot of talking ,like X1 what i remember was just alot of fans protesting infront of cj building and a few trucks .

    But this one u got the money (around 3 million USD , and that doesn't include internasional fans) and an actual representative from entertainment industry insider and some legal team that already have a 'real' formal meeting with the label.

    At least in my eyes they have bigger chance than the past movement.

    And for the people said that money is nothing , y'all forget it's Korea music market not USA where artist can make a million a show.

    In 2018 JYP said it cost 1.5 million USD to debut new group and thats include training cost of 5 member and 3 years of training, music video, everything to clothes, dancer,song production,marketing,etc.

    And thats JYP number which is big3 , where they used expensive producer and studio,etc and they're talking about debut where they need to promote heavily on 4 shows a week for 6 weeks.

    With that number they can have at least 3 mini album comeback off we exlude training cost .

    And they don't need to pay any money at all for those 3 comebacks, and got the profit.

    I don't think this is like an Investment where a cut of the profit Will be given back to the project coz its more like a crowdfund .

    even if it is theres a big chance that money Will be used for more project .

    So this things almost has no risk businnes wise.

    They said 'action speak louder' so finger crossed .

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