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    J line is honestly a non issue. If their company refuses they cans simply choose to graduate and go to Korea just like Juri did when she joined rocket punch. Hitomi for one has clearly expressed her interest in rejoining Iz*One. It's late at night so I won't look for the link but in a very recent radio show she said that she has thoughts of continuing with Iz*One and that she even went to meet up with Minju and a staff member in Jeju. She was also the one who was bursting into tears at the airport when Iz*One disbanded and they were heading back to Japan.

    As for Nako, her intentions are the only ones I am uncertain about because she hasn't really said much of anything about the situation as far as I know. But if the article is true when it says all the members are willing, chances are that she wants to return as well.

    The only issue with J-line is Sakura who may already be signed with HYBE considering how she rushed her graduation. If we're lucky maybe she hasn't signed her contract with them yet or if she has maybe they are one of the Korean companies in discussion of letting her participate.

    And since someone asked, J-line are not all under the same Japanese label. Most of the AKB48 groups belong to different companies now.

    This is what I found on AKB48 reddit:

    "All the 48G in Japan are owned by different companies:

    - AKB is owned by DH

    - SKE is owned by Zest

    - NMB is owned by Showtitle

    - HKT is owned by Mercury

    - NGT is owned by Flora

    - STU is owned by Setouchi Co. Ltd.

    DH~~, Mercury, and Flora are~~ is owned by Vernalossom. ~~The remaining probably are not and it's possible that Vernalossom has a minority stake in the other companies.~~ Mercury and Flora are under Sproot as mentioned [here](…t_rescheduled_to/h2530j0/)

    Outside of Japan, the international 48G are managed by Vernalossom

    Source: "

    So when they say one Japanese Office, it's possible that it's either HKT48 office that has Sakura and Nako or the AKB48 office that has Hitomi.

    But again, what their office wants is irrelevant because thdy can simply graduate. It's just up to the girl.

    And well, since I was already on reddit I decided to look for the link where Hitomi recently mentions wanting to continue Iz*One for those curious:…roid_app&utm_source=share

    quark12395 because for whatever reason I'm having trouble quoting you but

    I don't understand how you are really going to tell me you "don't see the relevance"? Again, I never said that it was evidence that anyone hated Sunoo (because none of us are the members or know what happens behind the scenes), I mentioned it because it does give room for reasonable doubt. It could be nothing but at the same time it could also be something. That is literally the whole point of why I said it's better to express concerns even if it might be a misunderstanding because it will provide clarity and peace of mind for fans, but yet you still chose to ignore that in spite of everything I said and claim that it proves nothing therefore we should be silent about it. You don't know any of the members personally or what goes on behind the scenes and just because you might not suspect anything does not make other people's concerns less valid. You do realize the images of how idols are portrayed on screen is not the reality? Nobody is attacking En-, they are literally just trying to look out for a member and make sure everything is okay, but you guys still have this weird "there is no war in Ba sing Se" mentality.

    As for the health thing, it wouldn't be the first time that a company claims "health issues" to cover over for a members absence in a group. Not saying they are lying, but again, you never know.

    You should remember that at the end of the day idols can't just come out and say how difficult they may be having it without it causing huge controversy. That is why in most cases you don't see most idols taking about their negative experiences with a company or group until they have either left that company or group. In a lot of ways fans have to be their voices and often why idols go to SNS to later to share with the public because the public often holds more power than they do.

    But you are free to think what you will. You will probably just take this as a form of attack against En- and their group image and nothing I can do about that.

    Edit: there are really people here that have quite the naive mentality that think just because a company is big and members live together all the time that the company is somehow able to micro control all the idols interactions? Even Mamamoo who are super close admitted to getting into an actual physical altercation (and over such a minor thing too). Friendly reminder: Idols are human beings. And typically when a group of strangers are forced to live together and breath each other's air in a small space that usually leads to more tension. I'm marveled at how dedicated some Kpop fans are to a fantasy that they will refuse to even acknowledge the possibilty that things may not be as perfect as it seems and the lengths they are willing to keep it that way regardless if it actually concerns the well being of one of their own faves. I feel sorry to Sunoo that he's in a group with fans that view showing him concern as a form of "acting out".

    Edit 2: I also see people saying that Ni-ki is getting death threats but I also don't see how or why that is being used as grounds to dismiss concerns for Sunoo or reason not to show him support? It's typically always a small portion of loud people that exhibit that sort of behavior. I highly doubt majority of Sunoo fans are sending Ni-ki death threats or the majority of people wanting to show him support are the ones doing that. That's a situation that can be addressed separately and should not be an excuse to justify ignoring the situation. Sunoo mental health is just as important as Ni-kis.

    This case kind of reminds me of with Iz*One Hitomi when she suddenly began losing a ton of weight which was really concerning to anyone with eyes and lots of other fans tried to quiet us down telling us "it's rude to keep mentioning her weight" or "leave her alone, it's none of your business" and "Hitomi is always pretty no matter what" blah blah blah. Hitomi saw these comments concerned about her weight and eventually came forward to say that she was fine and not to worry, even though she really looked like she was not okay. Even knowing how so many Kpop idols are conscious of their appearance and are nit-picked over the slightest imperfections, and are often forced into diets or get eating disorders, after seeing Hitomi say that she was okay, others got even louder telling us "See? She is okay!" and wanted us to shut up about it. But as her fan at the time I was just happy she spoke up at all to clarify how she was doing. Hitomi had always been insecure about her cheeks being so big and so, naturally, when she kept losing so much weight of course we would worry. I would we rather express our concerns and be wrong than say nothing at all and be right. It wasn't until much later that Hitomi finally came out and actually admitted that she actually had been struggling at the time and that fans concern and her members helped her out a lot (Minju particularly, had expressed her own concerns for Hitomi's eating habits).

    With Sunoo it's the same thing.

    I see some fans trying to save face and claiming that non-fans are blowing things out of proportion or that Sunoo solo fans are just being oversensitive which I think is pretty tone-deaf. What exactly are you afraid of? I am firmly of the belief that if you notice something concerning then speak out about it. The more fuss you make about the situation the more likely it is they will come forward to address the issue and in turn clarify what happened. At worst your concern turned out to be wrong and everything was a misunderstanding. At least you know for sure that a member is not being mistreated or forced to suffer in silence. At best your concern was entirely justified and you were able to save a person from endless suffering and misery.

    With how prevalent bullying is within Korea and especially Kpop groups, as a fans, you would think you guys would try and see to it that you know the full truth of the matter rather than trying to sweep things under the rug in order to preserve the group's image. You realize that if something is actually up and you guys chose to bury it, things like that will just keep popping up later until it finally ends up like with AOA or April where the group's image is completely ruined anyway???

    As someone who watched I-land it's already pretty well known that Ni-Ki can sometimes stick his foot in his mouth and that most of En- didn't really express any interest in Sunoo back then until he became unstoppable with fans. They voted him out like Twice if I remember correctly. And recently, from what I noticed Sunoo has been missing a bit? Correct me if I'm wrong. I heard he was resting or something like that. I'm not an Engene though, so I wouldn't know.

    In any case, I'm not saying that there is bullying, or that the members aren't close, but that it never hurts to check considering their history. Even if things look good on camera, it can be hard to tell. If most idols didn't come forward about their own experiences being bullied fans would be none the wiser.

    In the case of EXO I couldn't agree more. I have been saying it for a while now but they are freaking grown men almost ten years into their careers. Enough with the corny shit already. Give them music that actually matches their age and level of maturity in the industry. "Power" was one thing, but seeing as sometimes idols can't always put out masterpieces all the time, I let it slide, especially since they later followed it up with "Love Shot" (an actual great song), but then they threw that right out the window when they came back with "Obsession". I felt so much second hand embarrassment for them because of that comeback toward their juniors. Can you imagine seniors like them putting out tracks like that with that corny, Halloween-cringe, pseudo bad boy MV they filmed??? It was like they tried to do an "Overdose" or a "Monster" but it just came out super cheesy with those ridiculous contact lenses and dramatic makeup. Like, you guys are pass that stage leave that shit to the rookies. SM should instead promote EXO like the respectable seniors they are and give them more songs like "Love Shot" or "The Eve". They suit mature, suave, tracks like that. Or songs like "Perfect Man" by Shinhwa or "Mirotic" by TVXQ or Kai's "Mmmh" or Baekhyun's "Candy" or even "My House" by 2PM.

    As for Aespa, I also agree. Next Level is actually the kind of mess I expected them to debut with. When Black Mamba dropped I was so taken aback (in the best way possible) because I didn't think SM still had taste (I figured songs like Psycho and SeulRene Monster had to be a fluke and SM would give Aespa music like a female NCT). Jokes on me though, they pulled a switch-a-roo and made them debut with the good song and saved the mess for later date. And yet, Next Level seems to be doing exceedingly well and I am just as baffled as you are op. I'm not counting Aespa out yet though, I'm going to wait and see what their next comeback looks like before I give my final judgement.

    I don't think it's about shame, well actually I do, but not because of the success they achieved with it, but because of the treatment towards fans. It's not at all BlackPink's fault mind you, which is probably why Blinks still do their best to support BlackPink regardless, but it's YG's fault and it feels very stingy to receive that kind of success while giving fans so little. YG giving blackpink lack of content makes it seem like he is arrogant and expects money for doing the bare minimum. When compared with other groups, many fans are happy even if their groups are only moderately successful because they get lots of content and the experience of stanning that group feels fulfilling.

    So really, it isn't shame on BlackPink but shame on YG for his bare minimum antics and milking of fans. He comes off greedy and entitled.

    For BlackPink and Blink themselves I think it's a testament to their passion and dedication to achieve the level of success they do in spite of the treatment they receive from YG.

    I'm pretty sure it's because survival shows bring in more money than Iz*one. 3M album sales is around 30M in revenue but if you subtract all the cuts, I'm sure it's not a big number and it took Izone and 2.5 years to make that much whereas a show like Planet Girls 999 will make more within only a few months.

    That's just albums though never mind merch (Iz*One sold a ton of merch), concerts, CFs and brand deals, and etc. Iz*One actively brought in tons of money whereas Doesn't it usually cost more to run a survival show? I specifically remember I-land getting a lot of flack in the beginning for how much money they threw away to make that survival show. Survival shows have to pay for mentors, the building to host the show (build, in I-land's case), dorms for contestants, pay a whole production and staff crew, pay for props, clothes, and stage materials, pay for promotions, and pay for food; all for a large number of trainees. And also pay for songs to use on the show. Keep in mind this price stretches over months because of how long survival shows usually take to film.

    The only way to make money when filming a survival show is to charge for voting (which can be a double edged sword cause very few survival shows reach the popularity that Produce had and charging to pay might cause less people to watch), but it doesn't really matter cause most don't do paid voting anyway. And to make matters worse you don't even know if the group they have invested all that money in for the survival show will even be popular enough to make up for all that time and money spent.

    Btw I don't think girls planet 999 had anything to do with iz*One ending early. Mnet has been planning girls planet 999 since last year and the show doesn't even start till August while Iz*One disbandment date was all int way in April. They had more than sufficient time and planning to give Iz*One a proper disbandment but more than likely some companies probably had disagreements and therefore rushed disbandment. As for the extension that was never really a guarantee to begin with. Even as popular as Wanna One was they still disbanded.

    Either way IzOne may very well not be finished just yet. Let's wait and see what their individual companies decide.

    I was today years old when learning that Yuqi is the center or face of the group.

    I don't stan Idle but as far as I knew "face" of the group is the member that comes to mind when people (specifically even non fans) think of a group and can be (but not always) the same as center. I think that person is Soyeon. She's know as the writer and producer and her voice is very distinct. When most people, especially non-fans or the general public think of Idle, I'm pretty sure Soyeon is among the top therefore making her the face. Beside Soyeon I've always heard people mention Shuhua, Soojin, Minnie and Miyeon much more (especially in Korea). As far as I know Yuqi doesn't get talked about that often.

    If China is the only reason she can be considered the "face" then by that Logic is Lay not the face of EXO? Is WinWin not the face of NCT?


    It's a very strange situation for me because I actually followed them a decent amount pre-debut and even once took a test were I got all the members and names correct. But at the same time I feel like I only know about half of them. It's like only if I fire up my brain on maximum output can I know who I am looking at and by the time I see them next time I have already forgotten who is who. This happens a lot with Mingyu? Dino? And DK? (Is that last one even a member?).

    To the same effect but even worse is also NCT where I am pretty sure I know most of the members but at the same time I don't.

    Then there is Straykidz where I literally only know Hyunjin, Felix, and Bangchan (because of his nose).

    BTS, EXO, TXT, En-,Twice, BP, RV, SNSD, izone, Itzy, Everglow, Fromis9, Shinee, Aespa, and 2ne1 I know all the members.

    Don't even ask me about Ikon or Winner. Half the time I can't even tell their music apart much less the members. I only know Bobby and B.I by his name (couldn't tell you what he looks like).

    In G-idle I still kind of get Soojin and Minnie mixed up as well as Shuhua and Miyeon (found these last two out after using google just now and realized I had them completely fumbled). I know Soyean and Yuqi for sure.

    CLC I only know Sorn.

    OMG I only know Arin and Yooa.

    Loona? Chuu.

    WJSN? Cheng Xiao, Bona, and Seola.

    dang. I hope Hitomi and Nako stays with their group. Now how about Sakura? I think she will be fine.

    Hitomi and Nako have nothing to worry about unless they are returning to join a mid tier company with little to no prospects. Literally all idols including BTS, EXO, Twice etc. have gone through this and look where they are now. You can find many anecdotes from idols about their time as rookies and the hardships they faced etc. Hitomi and Nako already have huge fandoms waiting for them (including the PUP if it succeeds). Their situation cannot be compared to Juri's.

    it's like that for most rookie groups until they hit big unless they are from a big named company unfortunately. Being a Kpop idol is glamorized but is actually one of the most difficult jobs to have. But as CLC Sorn said on her tiktok, it's hard work but once you get there it will be all worth it. If RocketPunch hits big in the future she not have to worry about it any longer. If only Woolim will add Chaewon and Eunbi soon so things will begin to look up for her.








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    These groups have all the relevant + popular members for sales and the talented and skilled members for musicality.