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    NCT did get dragged for Genie literally everywhere and there are some people questioning BTS. But for the most part fandoms are too scared to mess with Armys and BTS and LYW stans are also kind of crazy. IVE has always been the easier target, especially because they are another girl group.

    lol NJ girlies are 15yo, imagine them acting like this

    Anyway, keep in mind Soyeon's verse was written as an addition to MY BAG which doesn't have a Soyeon verse originally. And MY BAG is all about flexing. It's an ego trip, in the traditional self boasting way of rap lyricism. All she said is she came to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and she's all out of bubble gum. It can be interpreted as they won't settle for a minor award, they'll come back later for the real thing.

    To put it shortly, it's not about IVE in any way.

    Only Hyein is like 15 years old. The rest of New Jeans are about the same ages as IVE (which many here seem to forget) which makes this whole thing even more tactless on Idle's side since they are all full grown women in their 20s.

    And yes, it's not about IVE, not personally. But as I said, because of a lack of tact their actions indirectly affect IVE since they are the ones who won the award G-idle is implying they were robbed of. Which is the point of what I was saying, something that other user above keeps ignoring while they continue to blabber on and on about how Kpop is some kind of animal kingdom, as if that's suppose to excuse having distateful behavior and everyone is just suppose to cheer for it or something.

    There are better ways to respond in these sort of situation, but sure, if you only care about being egotistical and not showing any humilty then don't be surprised when people react as if you're just egotistical and lacking humility. :pepefacepalm:

    To be perfectly fair, when have any rookies ever acted in any way that's not bog standard default?

    How you are as a rookie isn't how you are as a person, dozens of idols have talked about that.

    When you're older and freer, you give less fucks. Just look at how basically every old SM act treats Kwangya.

    Just because they are rookie's doesn't mean they couldn't have expressed their desires to win ROTY award or express their sadness at not receiving an award. Lesserafim were rookies and openly expressed their desires for example topping billboard charts. It's about having tact.

    Everyone got too much tact in kpop

    We need more people who spill

    I mean tact because her saying stuff like that is causing many of her fans to unnecessaily attack IVE. Even if she isn't intentionally attacking IVE or has no ill feelings toward them her comment indirectly refers to them since they are the group that won and that's how her fans will perceive it. Because seriously speaking, yes, they did well, but what other award was she expecting to receive here? Honestly speaking, everyone who won an award (BTS, IVE, BLACKPINK etc) all did better than them.

    edit: I only feel sorry for them because I would feel up set too if I had such an amazing year and got nothing to show for it. But I just don't see the sense in behaving as if you were robbed when you weren't. The competition did in fact outdo them. It sucks, but that's just how it is. In their position I guess it's hard to accept a loss like this gracefully but what else did they expect the award shows to do?

    New Jeans for all their success didn't even receive a made up award and you don't see them acting like this.

    No, I don't think so. If anything they seem to have an issue with the award shows itself. But idk, it feels a little off. I understand how they must be feeling because of how well they managed to do this year... but it feels like they are ignoring the fact that, well, so did everybody else. So it's like I get them, but I also don't. I feel like they should approached the situation with a bit more tact than this, but I also see why they might be too frustrated and are just reacting. So I'm just like eh.... eh.

    Thank you guys so much for your concerns. 🫶

    Yes, I am okay now. I ended up calling since I literally had no means of getting there today. I explained to them my situation, they asked whether there was blood in my stool and few questions along the line. Thank God, there was none. They said it should be okay otherwise. It’s mainly my inflammation issues that just acts up. So nothing too concerning. Right now I am feeling a lot better, I just a very bad fever and flu that’s messing me up. It has gotten very cold here in Canada, so maybe that’s why.

    Once again, thank you guys for giving me the advice and asking. I really appreciate it. 💗

    Well that's good to hear. I thought it might be fine. Tiny pieces of glass are sort of grains of sand and your body will produce a kind of mucus or something like that to coat them and protect you through digestion. The biggest concern was how big the pieces were.

    I've never really thought about what to do in such a situation because I've never encountered it but... chemically... I don't think there is anything harmful in glass, at least, not enough that digesting tiny pieces should harm you. If the pieces were small enough that they didn't butcher your throat going down I think you may be okay. I've heard about people swallowing worse things like dimes or quarters only to pass them out when they went to the bathroom. But if you're really worried you could call and ask a doctor or take a quick trip down to the clinic.

    edit: people are saying you should go to the ER, so then maybe ig. It's true it is better to be safe than sorry.

    I don't even care for seasons greetings or pay attention to them but I am here for this Starship dragging. People like to bring of Kakao Kakao Kakao meanwhile starship opperates like a nugu-tier company that got lucky. It's like Love Dive Era was a freaking fever dream. WTF happened to the budget? The creativity??? This cheap no good company sucks at putting out quality content and it's high time K-dives call them out on their BS. Look at the quality of New Jeans and Lesserafims content? Even G-idle is putting out stuff that looks more expensive and creative. They heard dives go "chaebol crush" and decided we look good in clown make up.

    Do you understand just how shit having covid can feel? That crap literally hospitalizes people. Being an idol is already stressful enough as is. Imagine being freaking sick as a dog and having your manager tell you to get up out of bed, put on some make up, and smile into a camera and pretend you aren't 10 seconds away from passing out?

    And then when these idols get overworked and suffer from health problems you same people will turn around and blame the company smh.