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    that not true also for tiktok coz tiktok and the label already made a deal for their music to be used for up to 30 sec.
    so it's not "you can post everybody music they wont get paid"
    we already know this coz of tiktok and universal conflict that's happening at the beginning of this year.
    they remove alot of universal music from tiktok.
    so, if the label want to they could removed it coz they have the right to it.

    this piqued my interest and i started digging.
    iirc shorts are different coz it's a fixed/pool budget system idk if its changed already.
    and it did say this on youtube help about short Source

    • If a monetizing creator uploads a Short without any music, all of the revenue associated with its views goes into the Creator Pool.
    • If a monetizing creator uploads a Short with music in it, then YouTube will split the revenue associated with its views between the Creator Pool and music partners based on the number of tracks used.

    idk if the below 30 minutes video is true or not coz i've been there and got copyright claimed and the vids still got ads running on it and you can see who's the copyright holder on the youtube studio, etc.
    so i just check on my old vids and they even put sugested on the top right of the video with "i" symbol and it direct me taeyeon newest music video heaven. it's a 8-9'yo vids that have "taeyeon - i" in it and got claimed by s.m.
    just found that out and that's pretty neat system ngl.

    they wont delete video coz that's not on youtube but on the copyright holder.
    kpop label want the exposure (video) but still want the youtube ads money.
    as soon as you upload to youtube the content id will detect the song.
    so even tho you turn off the monetization on youtube studio if yt detect you used copyrighted content ads will still play on that video and the profit goes to the copyright owner.
    or at least that what i understand from what i read rn.


    A Content ID claim is automatically generated when an uploaded video matches another video (or segment of a video) in YouTube's Content ID system. Depending on the copyright owner's Content ID settings, Content ID claims can:

    • Block a video from being viewed
    • Monetize the video by running ads on it, sometimes sharing revenue with the uploader
    • Track the video’s viewership statistics

    if that's sounds like only for videos but not music,, it's basically a redirect from here about music SOURCE
    which kinda saying the same thing but just longer.

    so it depents on the label content id setting. alot of kpop company just set it to claim
    j-pop label will instantly block it.

    you forgot the strongest tool in Youtube which is the copyright detection.
    pretty sure you cannot really monetized anything that have copyrighted song in it.
    meaning a part of the profit or even the whole ads profit from the video will go to the copyright owner.

    parts or all those yt shorts challenge and reaction videos profits will go to YG.

    idk. he wrote and produce lies all by himself.

    is there a song that credit soyeon as a sole writer and producer ?? only herself wihout any other person?
    coz iirc GD did that with 'lies'

    that whole post makes no sense

    Sakura was already repping LV before NJ debuted. NJ have individual brand deals so they can't rep LV as a group, there'd be conflict of interest. You can't rep Gucci and LV at the same time. LSF's LV deal came long after NJ signed their individual brand deals with Dior, Gucci, Chanel etc. And Hyein has an individual brand deal with LV too.

    iirc her lv deal is unber her japanese side. she is signed under different label for solo promotion in japan. cmiiw

    edit : while selling more albums these days is great, it's not BIG money for the actual performing artists, how are their touring/festival numbers? If they have success here but are still in the hole, then it's pretty sus.

    eunbi literally just bought a house for 2 billion won coz of festival alone.
    and ive been seing fromis 9 fancam popping off here and there on my twt tl that mean they've been going to festival here and there.

    Yes, and Nagomi and Serina were on that show too? So, if they were popular on that show, they will already have some Japanese attention and fans.

    And IS:SUE hasn't debuted yet and are still pretty popular (even though they didn't make it into ME:I). I see J-netz talk about them a lot and their KCON tiktoks are popping off.

    serina rank 21 and nagomi rank 23. honestly i dont really pay attention to serina while watching the show coz there's always a couple of people in her team that always overshadowed her in all of performance/evaluation.
    but nagomi vocal are pretty decent.

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    they kinda did this with ikon. but then my type got kinda big that they kinda backpedal and say it is their debut.
    idk why they dont do that ?? like release batter up as a pre-debut ?? is it coz they already have dreams ?? but tecnically you can label multiple release as pre-debut.

    it's confusing but my headcanon is batter up is rushed to reassure fans they the group is "debuting" when they could wait for ahyeon returns altogether. but then it's gonna be too long and they're afraid it's gonna be like treasure where the debut takes too long after the survival show and alot of hype is kinda gone.

    shit choice still. Avex sucks ass so using them these days is a big failure. I know they have contracts to eachother but you won't get shit done with using Avex these days, YG could've gone to Sony instead if they really want to work with a Japanese company and are "in need" of money. I mean if it will end up in making a Japanese group than YG has to come up with a good way to get them famous since Avex won't do shit (Reminds me that SM gave the new NCT to Avex and uuuuuhhh)

    i feel like they became friends coz they've been with each other for so long. yg is one of those company that keeps people for along time (im talking about staff). like their trainer,stylist and dance director are the one with yg since bigbang debut.
    im surprise when 1 of 1tym member goes on radio show (im not talking about teddy) and reveal he still had producer contract with yg even tho after 1tym disband he only had 2 song after his name iirc and those 2 songs are before 2010 iirc.

    u are very out of touch if u think somi hits are bc of teddy, they rise bc she promote them in tiktok like crazy( bc again tbl promo for her is ass), if all of her beng made by teddy whre hits why her debut wasn't? why xoxo wasn't? why her recent collab wasnt

    bc teddy name it's not what carry a song, its the artist, 2ne1 had song promote by him that didnt hit n1 and most of bb music isn by teddy, kpop fans think a producer will push a group when time and time again it has been show that if the group doesnt do the heavy lifting it lead to nothing

    nobody saying all teddy are a "hit" but his track record are pretty good. and somi xoxo and her recent comeback did pretty good.
    i hate this trend in kpop if you're not no.1 one its not a hit.
    if you'r not no1 you're a nugu.

    what is this ??