• I. Introduction

    1TYM is a male South Korean hip hop and R&B group under the YG Family record label. Started in 1998 by leader Teddy Park (Park Hong Jun) and Danny Im (Im Taebin), 1TYM was later complete when Song Baekkyoung and Oh Jinhwan joined. Teddy is the main rapper, and leader of the group while Danny is the main soul vocalist (he released his self-titled R&B solo debut in 2005). Oh Jinhwan is known for his coarse style of rapping in addition to soft style of singing while creating unique dance moves, and the always wildly rambunctious Baekkyoung not only adds his amazing rapping and singing vocals to the group, but his funny personality as well. Baekkyoung is also one of the main composers of the group. They officially debuted with One Time For Your Mind on November 15th of 1998 after many predebut rap features. 1tym has been widely popular in Korea and Asia since the release of their first single and album, "One Time For Your Mind". The group's fresh hip-hop beats and R&B versatility (noteably their ease in transitioning from rap to soulful R&B) has won them success and to date they have released five albums: "One Time For Your Mind" (1998), "2nd Round" (2000), "Third Time Fo' Yo' Mind" (2001), "Once N 4 All" (2003), and "ONEWAY" (2005). 1TYM has also collaborated with the likes of fellow YG Family members, Jinusean and Lexy, and Big Mama, among others. Following the release and promotion period of their last album, "ONEWAY" from 2005-2006, 1TYM was on hiatus for a few years due to Oh Jinhwan's mandatory military service. They never ended up returning thus far and are still on hiatus. Teddy was set to work on his first solo album in 2008 but it has yet to happen and Danny was supposed to be working on his second, which also has yet to happen. Baekkyoung joined the group Moogadang alongside Swi.T's Eunju which was later picked up by YG Entertainment as well and disbanded in 2010.

    II. Discography

    III. Albums

    [1998.11.01] One Time for Your Mind

    [2000.04.22] 2nd Round

    [2001.12.13] Third Time for yo' Mind

    [2003.11.26] Once N4All

    [2005.11.02] One Way