Twice should not have renewed....

  • By leaving JYP Twice wouldn't only help themselves but also help Itzy and NMIXX by cutting that disposable income from the company and actually having them to worry and course correct. Twice renewal guaranteed status quo in JYP. Mofo is having two survival shows at the same time while his groups flop. Like why do these foreign companies even want to do it with him when he hasn't produced anything decent in last 4-5 years...

  • Nah

    Twice members are making the bag and they have no reason to let go of it

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  • I know you're kidding but seriously, I do believe Twice's presence at JYP is possibly hurting some of the other groups. Twice's brand and concept puts them in place to be able to perform almost any type of song they want. They can dabble with a cutesy song, a girl crush one, a dance track or a retro sounding song without confusing the audience as long as they don't make an entire album one type of concept track. Because they're the ones primarily keeping the lights on it's quite possible all the best produced stuff is making their way through Twice first.

    I've joked about it but their b-side strengths are so strong that they could've easily been title tracks for maybe ITZY or a better debut track for NMIXX. Basics could've absolutely been a title track for another group with some slight alteration to make it more title track friendly for example.

  • Don't both of those groups do over a million albums. I don't think they're really hurting for disposable income. Especially since jYP has always had the lowest overhead costs of all the big companies.

  • Don't really understand, why should they leave? They doing fine so why leave even if it was possible?

    And they group have not many years left anyway. If they leave for other companies for solos, okey, but as a group pretty pointless to change company even if they could.

  • They'd be making the bag regardless.

    kpop fans like you are very delusional thinking their dear groups will have the same success/ fame/money without their companies. it will never happen because this is how the system work 99% of the groups are built by the company from the sound to the styling to the image to the type of promotions...

    twice members are smart , Dreamer95 not so much

  • JYP has been creatively stagnant for years and TWICE renewing and continuing on past their prime will just reinforce this fact. But from the 9 members perspective, they have a pretty good thing going on, they get to release a mediocre song a couple times a year, but whatever, they already had their glory days of exciting comebacks topping the charts + they get to tour and interact with their loyal fanbase. Unless you have a strong passion to grow as an artist, staying in the group is a very comfortable prospect

    🍒 Chee~eer~ish 🍒


  • Nah, I think Twice made the right decision lol.

    Twice has moved into being a legacy act. Whether with JYPE or not, that'd still be the case. Most of their money will come from touring, and they are killing in that area.

    Physically, they are also doing incredibly. They are still the KPOP GG with the most albums ever sold, and it will take awhile for anyone to touch that as they keep selling well each comeback.



  • that all depends on the contract renewal no?

    and I'm pretty sure that twice had all the power in the contract negotiations

    I mean we know for sure that twice during year 7 (and consequently afterwards) had more solo and individual activities than they did in the previous 6!!!

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