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    It sounds like the song writers came up with one good hook, the "aye got better things to do with my time" part and then didn't know what to do with the rest of the song, so they just repeated that part a lot and filled the rest with filler.

    Also like every Eng release by a kpop group, some of the lyrics are stilted and awkward to a native speaker (me). However the song isn't all that bad, I was expecting 2017 tropical house EDM chorus and this was--thank God--not that.

    I've been to many Casinos since before I was gambling age because here in the U.S. many Casinos double as venues for concerts or comedy shows. Having been to many before I must say I have no desire to go to them for gambling or drinking even when I'm of age because they all reek of cigarettes (one of the few places in U.S. indoor smoking is still allowed), have gaudy eyesore decor, and the patrons drooling infront of the slot machines just appear sad and desperate for money and entertainment.

    1. Ditto- this song is just a masterpiece man, perfect from start to finish, no unnecessary filler verses, it's just great
    2. OMG- super cute track, perhaps the reason I like it so much is simply because it's on the same EP as Ditto
    3. Attention- A breath of fresh air after a slew of stale 4th gen debuts

    It's strange that YG confirms dating news this time when they have been famous for their line "since it's the artist's private life we cannot confirm blah blah". I wonder why they confirm it right away this time?

    Anyways I've never heard of Ahn Bohyun before but he look cute.

    This is just pearl clutching. Western Artist constantly have Hot 100 singles talking about sex, wet pussy, cheating etc. Sex is a normal part of life. God forbid a young adult mention it, especially when this is the time of their life where they will probably have the most sex.

    If you wanna make the argument that The Boyz may have minor age fans and maybe they should be more mindful of what they say, then im down to have that conversation. BUUUTTT This idea that idol can't even mention sex. Just helps continue a culture where Idols have to walk on egg shells and be fake because they are too scared about fandom reaction. This eventually turns into what's happening with Jungkook where Seven is getting called "Raunchy" or "dirty" by south korean fans just because it had the audacity to mention sex. A 25-year-old man is getting criticized for a song that would be considered mild in the western market its intended for.

    You point out that western artists have more explicit sex talk as some sort of gotcha, but if I never said that I support that. I find it tacky and cringe when western popstars/rappers talk about f*cking hoes or having a wet *ss p*ssy and I don't chose to listen or fund that kind of music.

    I'm no prude and I acknowledge that sex and nudity has it's place in art when it's well done and actually serves a creative purpose, but jokes and cheeky comments about bl*wjobs and sex acts does not fall into that category. I never said I think these men should be censored or shamed for talking about sex, just that I find it tacky and unintelligent to joke about publicly.

    JYP has been creatively stagnant for years and TWICE renewing and continuing on past their prime will just reinforce this fact. But from the 9 members perspective, they have a pretty good thing going on, they get to release a mediocre song a couple times a year, but whatever, they already had their glory days of exciting comebacks topping the charts + they get to tour and interact with their loyal fanbase. Unless you have a strong passion to grow as an artist, staying in the group is a very comfortable prospect

    It's an obvious flop but nothing to mourn as ITZY's creative direction has been dead, 6ft under, piled with dirt since Mafia in the Morning and the people just now bemoaning their career trajectory have been in denial since then