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    Abandoned dog Moong-chi runs into a dog called Jjang-ah and his pack, which hide in a derelict re-development area. Moong-chi wants to believe his owner’s last words to him, “Wait for me!” but finally accepts the reality of being abandoned and gets used to living with Jjang-ah and his pack. One day he comes across another lead dog called Bam-i and his pack, which live wild in the woods. Jjang-ah’s pack are used to the convenience of the city but Bam-i and his lot try to stay wild; both are dogs with different lifestyles and they go on adventures to ‘The Place’ where every dog can live happily away from the demolition and brutal dog hunters. Crossing busy roads, jumping barbed wire fences and hiding from the tenacious dog hunters, they slowly head north. Will they arrive in ‘The Place’ which is full of beautiful fields and fireflies without any danger?


    Year Award Category Recipient
    2018 Golden Silk Road Media Awards Best Animated Feature Film Underdog
    2019 Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival Special Award Underdog