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    Lee Ok-Rim (Go Ara) is 15 years old. She likes imaging and has bright personality. She is very frank about her feelings. She also knows that she is pretty and uses that. At home she is the second child who is placed between an older sister who studies well and a twin younger brother. Ok-Rim has a boyfriend Yoo Ah-In who is studying painting in high school. Ok-Rim also has a long time male friend named Jang-Wook. Between Yu Ah-In and Jang-Wook she is not sure about her feelings. Jang-Wook (Seo Hyun-Suk) is shy, but cool. Since moving next door to Ok-Rim, they have become best friends and knows all of her secrets. Like boys around his age, Jang-Wook likes soccer and gets into mischief. He is also warm and becasue of that Jang-Wook is popular among his peers. He is also stubborn. Yoo Ah-In (Yoo Ah-In) is a sophomore in high school studying painting and Ok-Rim's boyfriend. He makes jokes and is sociable, but does not talk about what is really on his mind. Yu Ah-In started paining late, but with intelligence and persistence he has won the several contests. Yu Ah-In is mature and smarter than his girl friend Ok-Rim, so he controls their relationship. But, there is rival Jang-Wook and Yu Ahi-In tries his best to hold onto Ok-Rim's.