What would you say to your favs if you met them?

  • Would you be in shock? Would you be cheeky and invasive? Would you compliment them? Would you just talk about yourself? Would you ask them a personal question? A deep question? Do you think you'd feel insecure? Would you confess your love? How do you think you'd feel afterwards?

    What's your expectation to happen vs what do you actually think will happen realistically?

    Do you plan to meet your favs one day? Via fan meet in person? Or fan calls?

    Also please specify if you fancy them - if you crush on them or just like them as an individual.

    if you have already met your fav how did it go? what did you say? how did you feel afterwards? Are they still your fav?

  • I would just say that I love them, that I'm a big fan of them and that I'll always support them lol

    I don't think I would feel insecure. Just happy and excited.

    I don't really plan to see them but I want to attend their concert. If I meet my faves, cool.

    There's an specific idol (not my fave) that I would like to meet just because I like him but I don't think I would mention anything kpop related lol, I want to get to know him as a normal person.

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  • I'm sure I will never meet them, because I live in Narnia, but if I did, I would keep it simple, just thank them for their hard work and ask them to sign my album, I would love to have that. Oh, I'd definitely tell Jin that he's the funniest ever, honestly, his humor brightens my day.

  • I do not wish to personally meet them. It would be uncomfortable, since i'm someone who follows their activities and probably knows some things about them and they have no idea about me, i'm one of many people like that.

    I do not 'fancy' them, i respect, admire and support them, i think they are very cool, but do not see them in this kind of way and i'm especially not emotionaly invested in them.

    I wouldn't attend fan meeting or want to make fan call, that looks so cringy in general. Fans are given a minute or so to talk to idols. And they ask them to do or say weird things or some even try to 'educate' them in that time. I also wouldn't want to meet them in person, for the same reason. If i would coincidentally see them somewhere (on vacation or something, i don't even know how would be possible to meet them in person) i would just leave them be. If they are enjoying their free time i certainly wouldn't want to bother them.

    If anything i would maybe write them a letter or something and wrote about how i think they are very talented and cool and doing good things, making people happy... Stuff like that.

  • I saw some of my faves while they were off schedule. I watched them, was like “damn that’s xy” and literally continued what I was doing. Sometimes I had a staring battle with them or we greeted each other. I guess they thought I didn’t know who they were lmao

    *i saw them all accidentally and not planned or anything. I literally came once from a meetup with friends and saw one on a bike*

  • If I meet them,

    I would say something like

    I will always look forward to your music and other activities.

    Do concerts worldwide.

    Make songs you like.

    Just be everything you want yourself to be, to live a life without regrets.

    I enjoyed every second listening to your music. Thank you for everything. You did well.

    I love Pikachu.

    Always have, Always will.


  • If the scenario as in I bumped into them on street, I'll just casually walk away and make sure they heard me internally screaming "UNNIE, I LOVE YOU FIGHTING"

    Or if I meet them and people are making a huge crowd around, I'll just shout and ask them to gtfo and leave them alone

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