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    This is too funny lmaooo

    At the end of the day, it's about money for both sides. Bang PD using the "breach of trust" as an excuse to save 100B won and fully take over NJ and MHJ looking to get what she feels is fair compensation for her work with NJ.

    If we are talking about fairness, shouldn’t the money go to all the staff member and not only mhj. She acts like a savior but we all

    know most of the money will land into her bank account lmao

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    I think this is the author of the Allkpop article on BTS

    Sorry if this has been posted already.

    Why is everyone ignoring this tea??


    Yeah I would hate to work under any of them. In general South Korean companies are not known for very down to earth management and good work life balance

    I think both sides are to blame here. I don’t think that Hybe will do Audits out of thin air and let’s make something clear: both sides are doing media play. Holding a press conference and interviews is also a way to do media play. Both parties should have done this without the public eye.

    Sorry, i hate when people accuse other people of not working or being students when they are not sharing your opinions or insights. I bet most of the people here are adults that might also work in big companies and how you want people to respect your opinions, you should do that as well

    I don't think we need to pity any Executives, because they'll be just fine EVEN if they get fired. They'll find job elsewhere. I think what we need to focus in on what kind of contract terms HYBE had for MHJ that she called it a 'slave' contract. Because they could set a precedent for all other contracts moving forward. Case like JYJ and SM.

    Getting millions to do your job and calling it a slave contract might sound ridiculous to us normal folks, but the terms in the contract are what important to point out. Because those terms, if still legal, can be set to normal folks, if you know what I mean.

    But that’s not the point of my reply. The whole point is that yes, she can feel unfairly treated but by her behavior she is just endangering the other employees that are not getting millions and have to live paycheck by paycheck. Mhj and the other executives are in an easy position - let’s drop the criminal accusations to the side - to easily get another job but there are other employees who might get more repercussions and will ultimately loose their job due to the bad handling of this scandal. Usually - or due to my experience- going to court is the last of the last of the last options in the corporate world. Usually big business try to do mediation talks or involve the legal department for sassy e-mails and meetings and that’s it. Management beef is like water is wet but this will ultimately hurt the low salary employees more than multi million dollar executives that could live in Gangnam and could retire at any given time. Sorry, in that context I have bo pity for them

    The reason why I don’t pity mhj or the other executives involved is that due to this shitty incident a lot of low salary employees who are legit just trying to survive and do their job have to suffer and have their existence in jeopardy because the management is doing management things. Everyone that worked in a big company knows that the only ones suffering will be the lowest ones in the hierarchy

    Me running to south korea to be a million dollar slave

    NJ members lived in a luxurious apartment, got paid millions before one year is out, went to Spain to shoot multiple MVs, playlisting, tons of press releases ... but their parents considered debuting after LSF is 'mistreatment'. I hope these parents persuade their daughters to follow their 'mentor' out.

    I wonder how nugu groups feel about her mistreatment claim while they are still living as a whole group in tiny apartments and don’t get any help from their agencies