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    I wasn’t talking about just production. But overall album quality, concepts, performances, and skill.

    Also I feel like so many western artist know exactly what they want and what sound they’re going for, so of course it would be more easier to produce for kpop who for the most part try to stand out but for me in the end it all ends up being similar.

    I feel like western pop acts are more diverse and well rounded.

    I wouldn’t say that still. It depends on what you are looking for while listening or following an

    artist. You see a lot of concepts in K-Pop that you would not see in the Western industry and vice-versa. It’s like comparing apples and pears. It always ends with your preferences. As someone who mainly listens to non-kpop and non-american pop or chart music (I still know everything that is going on) I wouldn’t call neither of them more or less creative in terms of performance, skills, quality or concepts. Each side has each characteristics.

    there is a very specific approach into the composition/production requirements for the american mainstream pop though nowadays. SImple chord progressions, specific simple melodic patterns (just listen how many songs repeat the same note a million times in the melody), lack of key changes, very specific drum machine and bass sounds. The moment you move to more indie pop, ethereal pop and so on this does not apply though. And then there is bruno mars and jacob collier...

    On the other hand, kpop because its main influence traditionally is the 90s/00s pop sound and jpop they don't have problems with more complex compositions. They actually need it, since they have to cram anything from 5 to 12 people in one song, and keep the listener interested. This is easier when you have 3, 4 or even 5 different sections/mini songs then a typical song structure. It is Good Vibrations or Bohemian Rhapsody taken to their pop extreme. But, there are still limitations, especially in the presentation and the lyrical content (kpop is after all made under korean laws), but even in the sonority (a song like the eurovision 2021 winning song would never fly in kpop as it is too heavy, regardless of presentation or lyrical content of course).

    I still think american production (mixing, mastering) is better than kpop. I always feel there is a frequency gap in the kpop mixes, as if they used to much EQ in the lower-mid to lower regions, too much eq in the high mid, too much clashes between sonic elements (especially if there are synths and autotuned vocals with similar timbre at the same time) while i feel the western mixes are fuller in frequencies breath a bit more (less sonic clashes).

    Good answer! I actually agree with a lot. Although I prefer the mixing of K-pop songs more but I get where you are coming from. The mixing quality is very different and it is depending on the entertainment company. For example: while I think that Bighit/Hybe really tries to use the Western way (SM sometimes something in between) JYP has a really weird way of mixing imo that makes the songs sound flat.

    What I do not get is how one member said that they weren’t close and now she says this. Also Hyunjoo said that she was sick a lot of times but now they say she was lazy. Hyunjoo never seemed to not know the dance so that means she practiced a lot as well.

    Chaewon said that she has proof so let’s see. I hope it isn’t a proof like the one from Naeun’s sister

    I wouldn’t generalize a lot of artists. There are also some kpop artists who can only do the bare minimum according to the examples that you wrote. Also the marketing and target audience are different and thus their expectations. Where pop fans need certain things kpop fans deem other things more important. Some K-pop fans always need to drag other Western artists instead of minding their business