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  • hii

  • i want to steal your junhui badge......its so nice :pepe-sad:

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    • heheh thank u, i have to agree tho, these previous ones were better than the current ones

    • riiight, i rlly liked the 24h one

  • Omg carat!

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  • I Know we have had brief interactions, but I wanted to send you "good" energy and say hi. :)

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    • aw that so sweet, thank u :nervousk:

      sending good energy back to u :3

    • How have you been? :')

    • good! school is just drowning me in assignment and stress heh, wbu?

  • Happy birthday!

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  • happy birthday :pepelove1:

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  • omg happy birthday!!!

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  • I don’t know you but I see it’s your birthday so happy birthday!

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  • Kyeomie and Jun :claps:

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    • I’m very proud of my badges :smirks::claps:

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    • As you should :smirks:

      Kyeomie and Jun TikTok Pairing Dance was cute btw

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    • oh i hadn't seen that before now- me no like tiktok but they make it funny hah :dancer:

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    • Chan learning it so fast and boo shake that booty booty :pepe-hehe:

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  • Came here because you have a FRIENDLY SPIRIT!!! 8o

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    • what happened now? why u sending me a picture of a fruit? lol xd

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    • did you click all the spoilers lololol

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    • ahhh me stupid, i didn't see that there was more- and i still don't understand it offff xd

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    • lmaooo i just spelled out your username with pictures haha

      peach for the first spoiler and ee for the second spoiler and june for the third spoiler, so peach+ee+june=peachyjoon (the pronunciation is probably a little off lol)

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    • omg how did i not see that? it's so obvious, my brain doesn't want to cooperate:annoyedk:

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  • heyyy

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    • helloooo

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    • how you doing lol

      it's like 2:00 am and i can't sleep so i'm just looking at akp and stuff. i'll probably regret that in the morning because i gotta wake up at 7:30

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    • im doing good, u should go try to sleep so you'll also feel good, or at least ok, when u wake up again xd

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    • haha ty <333

      i think i'll sleep soon

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  • ty for the follow <333

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  • How to sort badges?

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