Did RIIZE Break The 4th/5th Gen Bg Curse In Korea Or Do The GP Just Really Like SM Groups?

  • they are like blackpink in individual. very easy to recognize. I rarely see this in boy groups. but their characters are also very different from each other

    What's more, their songs are good, plus scandals are what actually raise them up, not bring them down

    Somehow I see them as blackpink to a certain extent

  • Impossible not to like those boys, especially Sohee, Anton and Shotaro. They are so cute it's crazy. I think that is their main strength. I'm not crazy for all their music so far but what keeps me invested in them is their likeability.

    they are really charismatic individually I mean this is difficult for a boy group even their seniors nct need a lot of time to become attractive individually

    they are truly like blackpink in terms of strong characters who are charming but different.

    When Blackpink debuted, even though the songs were not bad, I wasn't interested but the members which is made me like them. That's also what I thought when I saw Riize

    and what's even more amazing is that their tone of voice is different. just wow very characterful

  • I think people sometimes forget because of NCT but actually SM boy groups usually chart well in Korea (at least during their peak).

    TVXQ, Super Junior, Shinee, EXO were all regular chart toppers during their hey days with actual hit songs that the general public listen to. EXO hitting #1 with First Snow over 10 years later is a testament to the public’s longing for the older SM boy group sound.

    This is not to say NCT don’t do well but if I recall correctly it took them a while to get an actual chart hit like NCT 127’s Kick it (4th year) or NCT Dream’s Candy (6th year) which just so happens to be a remake of a classic popular song by H.O.T, another popular SM boy group from 1st gen lol.

    RIIZE charting shows that the public have been waiting a long time for another SM boy group with more “palatable” music and an easier to digest concept.

    Them being this good at charting already reminds me of rookie Shinee with replay or rookie TVXQ with Hug, both songs of which were huge hits back in the day that earned them super rookie title. It’s no surprise that knetz constantly say RIIZE remind them of 2nd gen.

    In other news RIIZE love 119 just reached #7 on Melon! Amazing to see the public open up to a new boy group after so many years.

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  • Dream went 1 with hot sauce on gaon , 2 with glitch mode, 1 with beatbox and 3 wth candy and then 2 with ISTJ. I dont think the public were really waiting for a SM group. Your right about gen 2 feels though.

  • It took a really long time for NCT to actually chart relatively well, as you said Kick It wad their first "hit". They had been growing consistently in terms of popularity in Korea since debut, but dipped in 2019 with Superhuman because the Kfandom decided to boycott that comeback. That likely made SM rethink their plans for them and go back to the brainstorming room.

    NCT songs, especially 127, are in the more experimental side of EDM and therefore cater more to a niche market. Their charting in Korea is fandom driven for the most part and that is something SM always knew. Dream was always the group with the more appealing sound.

  • It's only Riize doing well so idts bg curse is broken as Public doesn't care about any other bgs. If we see multiple 4th/5th gen bgs doing well this year, sure. It may just be each gen will have 2 standout bgs domestically

    4th gen - X1, TXT

    5th gen - Riize, Plave maybe


    What happened to ZB1 though, they charted well with debut but comeback didn't made noise.

  • Imma stop needing people to put EXO in the same league as TVXQ/Suju/Shinee.


    Suju had like one chart topping song but they are mostly known to flop digitally after that(they were in fact mocked regularly for their poor digital performance). And same thing for TVXQ (we can argue maybe they were before digital era but others others from their time did better than them)

    Now shinee is indeed better than Suju. But no where near EXO.

    No SM BG’s were not regular chart toppers. Suju wasn’t even competing with the likes of 2PM and the bands like CNBLUE/FTISLAND

    Let’s not rewrite history.

    Riize seem promising let’s see how it goes for them and if SM can have their 2nd digitally successful BG.

  • This is what happens when you do not release pot and pans music (speaking to you, Crush; in Bloom was decently good; Bonedo's debut song had the potential to do well but has somehow become underrated).

  • ZB1 is not a produce group though.

    I know Produce and Planet series are essentially the same thing deep down, but the public perception and hype for both are what different

    Maybe but at the same time it’s like saying an yg group is not a yg group anymore

  • Maybe but at the same time it’s like saying an yg group is not a yg group anymore

    That's not the same

    It was evident that public reception is way different for Produce and Planet series. Kep1er is one example and ZB1 is the next.

    A better comparison is if YG close down, and remake a company called ZG, and people expecting ZG groups to do as well or better than YG groups even though both companies are run by the same people

  • the group and the members are very likeable tbh and then you have their concept giving 90s/2000s boyband feels which brings so much nostalgia while remaining modern

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