Are IVE's album sales numbers adding up?

  • Are IVE's album sales numbers adding up?


    Video: Black Pink mocks IVE's sajaegi ㅋㅋ

    Source: Sojang via YouTube

    1. [+233] Here's a list of everything that's suspicious about IVE's album sales:

    - If their first week sales of 920k copies is real, then there should've been a significant amount of pre-orders, but none have been reported ❌

    - They sold 460k copies their first day, 420k copies the next four weekdays, (and 40k on the weekend). So they were selling 100k a day that week but there have been no real time updates on receipts or group orders ❌

    - Somehow, even with these sales, they are not selling out or running out of inventory. Compared to New Jeans, who had 440k pre-orders and 320k first week sales, they were completely sold out offline

    - So right after selling 920k their first week, they still had enough inventory to sell on Shopping Live that second week

    - Hanteo/Gaon has them recording 1.1 million in sales in their fourth week, but they are still not out of inventory despite selling nearly 10-20k copies a day ❌

    - Their Chinese group buy made up 1/3 of their first week sales (Aespa and New Jeans are 2/3)

    - Fans are claiming that 500k of the 600k sales are direct orders from Japan but BTS' Map of the Soul:7 (2020) album only sold 500k in direct orders to Japan. Even Twice's Yes or Yes (2018) album only sold 200k in the past three years there.

    Their digital sales make no sense as well: They lack even 1/100 of the hype that New Jeans songs have but are breaking records on the level of BTS' 'Dynamite', Twice's 'Cheer Up', Brave Girls' 'Rollin', and Black Pink's 'Ddududdudu'. What's even more suspicious is that Melon lost 1.2 million users since 'Dynamite' and 'Rollin' so how can a new song released today catch up to past numbers? BTS has also never been able to beat Im Young Woong on the holiday morning charts but IVE has managed to beat out the power of Im Young Woong's fandom to stay at #1 all this time.

    2. [+203] I'm a Black Pink fan but I could totally understand 'Attention' and 'Hype Boy' beating them out because it's a great summer song with a vibe that Koreans are really into.. but 'After Like', I really don't know ㅠㅠ I thought it was weird when I first heard it but I figured maybe I'm the odd one out since it's been at #1 this whole time.. ㅠㅠ

    3. [+239] I thought it was weird because no one likes or listens to anything on Melon but somehow IVE is stuck up there at #1 beating out competitive names like Black Pink, New Jeans, and Zico. Thank you for this video ❤

    4. [+181] I think it's weird as well. Their numbers would make sense if they could prove it like other idols do through fan meets or concerts but they won't. I can get not being ready for a concert yet since they don't have enough songs but what about fan meets? They can totally do fan meets, why won't they; I hope they hurry up and have a fan meet in Korea or Japan and clear up any suspicions their antis have. If I were a fan and had achieved these stats, I'd be so proud and want their company to hurry up and open a fan meet to prove it's real.

    5. [+154] Finally someone's pointing out that they managed to beat out Im Young Woong on the morning charts when no one even knows who they are..

    6. [+418] IVE is way too popular for how little talent they have

    7. [+196] Melon #1 IVE: performing at suburban colleges

    Melon #2, #3 Black Pink: on a world tour

    8. [+178] I always thought it was so bizarre how they sold 900k copies their first week and yet they couldn't fill seats at their music shows their first week of comeback...

    9. [+154] IVE's sajaegi is just way too obvious ㅋㅋㅋㅋ their first week sales are 930k and everyone knows Chinese sales make up the bulk of K-idol numbers but their receipts only add up to 360k.. so where did they sell the 580k to..? Their digital numbers are also painfully obvious that they're using a factory to stream their songs. How do you get 600k users to stream your song in one day.. Brave Girls' 'Rollin' recorded 500k and that was a song that the entire country was hyped up over, it was a syndrome like 'Tell Me' or 'Ganganm Style';; and yet all the Youtube shorts and dance covers are filled with 'Attention' ㅋㅋ.. I think Starship went too far with the rigging after seeing how big New Jeans became with their debut.. Everyone must know that IVE is doing sajaegi, it must feel ridiculous to watch them winning #1 on music shows without shame

    10. [+138] I'm jealous of IVE fans ㅠㅠ they can sell 920k copies in a week but they're always unable to fill seats for their weekly music shows so they can grab tickets so easily!

    11. [+68] 80% of IVE fans are chodings. There's no way they're achieving 900k in sales.

    12. [+150] I admit that IVE is popular but I've never seen a group achieve their kind of numbers like this. It's not like they have a traditional fanbase like SM does, which means these are all new fans that are joining just now or Starship adding up the numbers on their own... but how can a fanbase grow to the point of selling 1 million copies in just a year?

    13. [+165] Starship had sajaegi controversies since their days with SISTAR. They're infamous for it. Their problem is that they don't care what others think and do it so blatantly.

    14. [+212] I also thought it was so weird how IVE was the only fandom to beat out Im Young Woong's morning chart ㅋㅋ Black Pink and New Jeans were both pushed out by Im Young Woong on the charts but still managed to keep themselves in the top 100, even with BP having a 19+ rating one of their songs, but IVE has just one title song up there.. ㅋㅋ

  • They are not getting PAKS anymore, Bugs be blocking them.

  • 1- one I'm not reading this

    2 - people are trying their hardest to find something to hate on Ive, the members are unproblematic so they can't hate on them, they tried to bully Liz over her "weigh" even going to extinct of creating fake videos of her but it didn't work and now that they can't find anything they're literally making stuff up like wtf can't these girls breath they're a successful group with good songs and trendy girls so of course they're popular these people should get a life seriously

  • This is crazy I mean sajagi can be claimed if they were flopping and suddenly sell 1m... IVE are literally doing well internationally, in japan, and in korea. Their digitals all add up to the physicals... probably the most balanced group currently...

    ★*★*★*★*★ Fearless, say yes, we don't dress to impress ★*★*★*★*★

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