A question specifically for people who started listening to K-pop before 2018

  • Have you guys lost your interest in the genre & your favorite groups? I started listening around 2017 and 2021 is when I would say I completely lost my interest in K-pop, the new groups weren’t doing it for me & Blackpink was on hiatus so i also didn’t keep up with them until only this year when Pink Venom recently got released. I seriously think the pandemic has made the atmosphere really stagnant, award shows aren’t fun to watch anymore.

  • Nope, still here. Been a fan since 2015. Been here since 2017.

    I don't check out new groups like I used to. There's just too many debuting. I can't keep up. And, I don't really check out boy groups like I used to, but I check any girl groups that start making noise.

  • it is not like i totaly lost my interest on kpop, but i did shifted my preferences from one group to another

    i don`t consider myself a multystan

    i just stan 1 group and like some others idols and groups

    but groups i use to stan are no longer my faves

    did blackpink release a new album today?'s tweet - "#LALISA ACAB, aquí solo  respetamos a la POLISA " - TrendsmapID BI****S


  • If I'm being honest I don't check out a lot of new groups. Too many to keep up.

    I'm literally an example of company privilege. I'm a bit lazy to check out groups that are not known and the GP is probably full of people like me, hence nugus stay nugu

    With that said, please check out my nugu faves


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  • I started getting into kpop in 2016 and the first group I stanned was EXO. Although I still stan EXO and love them just as much, I'm not as excited about them as I was when I first got into them. Obviously because of lack of content (back in 2016 they were still super active and even Lay was part of promotions) and because I've grown to like other groups too.

    Back then kpop was a bit more exciting in the sense that we had more interactions between groups, and it was also very interesting to me to witness EXO at their prime, and also the growth of BTS both in Korea and internationally.

    I also feel like my energy regarding kpop has gone down a bit because of my age (it's been 6 years after all). Back then I was in college so I had a lot more free time to watch a lot of kpop content.


  • I've got into kpop in 2007, several months after SNSD's debut.

    A friend showed me their Into The New World MV

    I fell in love with Yoona. And kpop. And have been here in the kpop world ever since.

    As far as my love of groups and the state of kpop, the first half of my kpop experience coincided with SNSD's early to mid career, and they were my central emotional connection to this world for the first part of my kpop experience.

    When they became less active, I was lucky to find a successor in TWICE that has come to he the emotional rock during the second half of my kpop journey, and my becoming enamoured with Tzuyu, who became my 2nd ultimate bias, and successor to Yoona.

    While I've always found something to enjoy or love in kpop, I'll admit the late 2nd generation is my favorite time as it comes to the industry as a whole.

    In my opinion it was the perfect storm where kpop was global enough that international fans could participate. But still local enough with an engaged Korean public in such a way that the zeitgeist was clearly centered with Korea in the driver's seat.

    It had a much more niche feel and output than today. A quirky and differentiating charm that has largely been stamped out in pursuit of international integration and expansion.

    I miss it.

  • I've become much more of a casual listener rather than an overly invested stan.I'm not really interested in idol culture anymore,it's just the music and the vibes for me now.

  • Sorta but I’m gonna go with a no. 2019-2021 was a bit of a drop for me compared to 2016-2018 but enough older groups were still active and releasing good music for it not to be a real problem and this year has been a new high for me. We’ve gotten so many good comebacks and a bunch promising rookies.

    I’m a bit biased to 3rd gen groups but in hindsight 4th gen girl groups fit my taste better than the average 3rd gen girl group did. (For boy groups it’s the opposite)

  • Like most people are saying in this thread I’ve gotten a bit lazier and overall more calm and casual as a fan.

    But think that’s natural and goes for most hobbies. Both that we’ve gotten older and aren’t teenagers anymore (at least I’m not) and that the initial rush of finding something new and wanting discover everything about it is largely gone. Doesn’t mean you like kpop or your ult any less just that it’s become familiar territory. You’ve seen groups, records, trends etc. come and go and it’s not a big deal

  • I became way less invested in Kpop since 2011-2012 since i started college and work back then. It's still the kind of music i listen to the most but i'm more of a casual fan since then i guess. Like i don't necessarily listen immediately to new music even for groups i really like (well except for 2nd gen groups that are still active - and Blackpink, i'm still very excited about their releases) and can sometimes listen to new albums 3 months after the release

  • Nope been here on and off for over a decade now (2005) and my taste has changed a bit in what I do and do not like but still love the genre.

    Micah Forever

    Benny's Smoll Bean

    PPG 2016 GIF by Jerimin19 on DeviantArt

  • I check out kpop more diversely now than I did in 2016 when I joined lol.

    It’s because when EXO was active I only cared about EXO. I didn’t have time for anyone else lol.

    While I don’t stan other groups, Now I listen to kpop much more causally so a lot more variety.

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