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  • hi :borahae: would you like to join our merryland guild? do you like momoland? :pleading:

    • unfortunately while i know some of their songs i'm not very really familiar with them, if in the future i become more interested on the group i write you back!

      in any case i hope you get lots of members!

    • np! :borahae: thanks for getting back to me!

  • Akorns plz

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    • ...i don't know what Akorns are

    • It's the forum currency

      You currently have 365 and I want em

    • Hi, are you still going to give me akorns? :shyy:

    • i can give you 40 if you tell me what they do (and how to give them away)

    • Okay, thank you! You can use them to buy badges and you can give them away like this:

      1. find who u wanna transfer akorns to and go to their profile (i'll be using dummi for this tutorial but click my profile)

      60678-screenshot-2021-06-07-at-9-52-54-am-png the person icon


      3. click transfer


      4. put the amount you wanna transfer (and if you want, put a reason)


      then click submit!

      5. the end

  • who is in your sig?

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    • they are BiS (third gen) all their uniforms have a "Bitch / Sex / Fuck / Pretty" tag in the back


      my sig is specifically from their debut MV, they are really good!

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