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    this just makes me think mhj probably thinks riize and others are copying newjeans, because how is a fashion event appearance that serious. and sur we could count on parisien journalist being xenophobic and confusing them with newjeans but besides them being 5 with long black hair i don't see any other similarities.

    You can find plenty of articles from korean sources seeing the similiarities between the two if you don't trust a foreign viewpoint in this.

    i don't think hybe needs to be defended in this situation and i have stated many time that I think this whole situation was handled incredibly horribly by them. bsh deserves the lashing ofc. i just think mhj should not be getting the type of support she is getting and as someone who has been a fan nwjns since debut the switch up on her when she's actually in this big of a controversy has been wild. people, including some tokkis, have hated on her since her sm days but suddenly she is someone who can do no wrong simply bc hybe is bigger and "worse".

    also, her whole angle was that she was in a slave contract and literally could not escape hybe when she WANTED to. an now that they are giving her the chance to leave she doesn't want to. i get that she wants to hang on to nwjns. but she is in turn dragging them into this mess and doing more damage to the member's image than hybe ever did before any of this went public. many people praised newjeans' iteration of y2k as fresh and new, myself included. i thought their strategy was genuis. but now people are pulling up so many recipts that mhj ripped off so much from oldschool jpop, which she was even stated in an interview she got no inspiration from. its just all so sour.

    It's not really a chance to leave though. She isn't freed from the non compete obligation until she disposes of her shares, she's not allowed to sell all of her shares until Hybe gives her permission to do so. If she leaves quietly, Hybe doesn't have any particular incentive to let her sell her shares. You seem agree that is Hybe is bigger and worse so you can't really expect her to lay down any leverage she has in this battle to hope that Hybe is graceful in victory.

    Idols keep many of their friendships with other idols outside their groups secret, their relationships, if they have fights with members or don't get along with them, they keep their mouth shut about it. The names of trainees that don't make it we generally don't find out about, regardless of whether we've seen footage of them prior to debut of the final lineup or if the members kept in though. If a member leaves a group, the other members stop mentioning them generally or how this effected them. Footage gets edited around whats not in the group anymore. They do that because it can end up causing damage the idol and the group as a whole in the end if it's something small or even initially positive. This is indeed the life the members have committed their youths too, and it's a really careful path they are expected to thread. Going after another gg for plagiarism as such is a huge deal. Taking a shot at yet another gg while you doing it "just for context" is a bit much. Wastes the efforts the members of NewJeans have made in every video with live comments barraging them with questions about this stuff and will continue to plague them indefinitely. I truly don't think it does them any favors.

    They DID put up and shut up. This didn't happen yesterday! It's 2024, you guys. Both Lesserafim and NewJeans are multiple comebacks into their time with Hybe already. The parents of the latter are not trying to invalidate the legitimacy of their contracts based on that false promise at this point. As MHJ said she isn't trying to pull FiftyFifty as she know perfectly well it would never work.

    Did you really write this feeling no shame at all? :pepe-just-smile: Like you legit believe the latter justifies the former, can we make that clear?

    No? I don't think this justifies it all. To be clear I have no issue describing Hybe and Bang as evil and consistent bad actors in this affair. But they are entities that NewJeans are almost certainly stuck to till 2029 and potentially beyond. Their parents should be mindful of what is worth raising hell about knowing that and what isn't. I don't see a possible positive resolution that can come from going after Hybe for not debuting NewJeans first in 2024. Hybe's other groups aside from BTS are not as popular as NewJeans, but they all each still sold millions of albums in their own right. So too did NewJeans. Comparative to other companies, Hybe's groups enjoy a level of immediate success right away that is not easy to recreate elsewhere. You can't divorce the monetary success that NewJeans enjoyed from their association with Hybe completely, as creative and respected as MHJ is you just can't prove that. So don't sour that relationship on the members behalf over stuff that nothing can be done about at this point.

    Who said they "haven't let go"? Have you ever heard about this prior to this? They are only talking about it now after Hybe started media war against them. Yall have weird definition for words, "talking about smth" = not letting go, "asking for basic respect" = entitlement, like what? How do you guys live like this?

    Maybe I have my timeline wrong but Hybe's full on media war to discredit MHJ came after their parents contacted MHJ to file a complaint about Illlit. You are right that we did not hear about this stuff before. Probably because it wasn't a legally enforceble stipulation of their contracts. Hybe can't fire NewJeans parents from being the members' parents, they can do something about MHJ. NewJeans parents are also not public celebrities, we may not hear from them for years at a time after this drama is settled. The members of NewJeans, Lesserafim and Illit definitely have years of interviews and media coverage ahead of them. I don't think it's that much to ask the parents to stick to the matter at hand and not permanently burden the careers of others with dragging up ancient history. Can't undebut Lesserafim in 2024 after all. Not being able to do that is fine to describe as "entitled", sorry.

    How can you guys keep saying this knowing perfectly well how important age, order, seniority IS in Korea? And even without that context, who likes when someone gets ahead of them in a line? Is it entitled to ask people to not cut the line? If I am promised something, even if it is something you deem insignificant I AM entitled to that because promise is a promise.

    You're not an idol. Your job doesn't inheritely imply having an admirable image beyond just being a singer and dancer. If you were, it would be smarter to let a matter go two years after it's done and over with and it's something that is simply impossible to change it after the fact.

    Evidently yes they can and yes they did. That's why in the months between Lesserafim and NewJeans debut we didn't hear about all this.

    Yeah, they're entitled for not wanting *checks notes* a 1.5 year break and their girls who have worked hard for their career being easily confused with other girls.

    I know it's not all BTS fans who are as amazingly ignorant as yourself, but it's so hard to not just cast all BTS fans into a heap when almost every nonsense statement like yours, with a huge pro-hybe slant, comes from an Army.

    I don't even listen to NJ! But come the f on dude. Just absolute boot-licking behaviour.

    It's perfectly fine to not want to see your child go on haitus and treated well but why they gotta bring up their promises of getting Hybe first gg from years ago. I don't think you need to be a BTS fan to feel this is comparatively entitled. Pretty much every single kpop group you can name has members that were trainees for years, training without any guarantees made of debuting, let alone guarantees that no one is allowed to debut ahead of them. And anyone that does get promised things several years in advance has seen those plans change. That's the business they are in. It's really not as monstrously unique a thing for a girl groups debut to be pushed back. Pretty much every SM group has seen their original debut date pushed back a bit. That MHJ had to parrot this complaint about ancient history having probably seen tons of delays and promising trainees not debut after all in her career did no one any favors.

    I have said this before but chances of Newjeans walking away with their IP intact and court ruling in their favour with regards to IP atleast is higher than most people here realise since Korean laws have tended to favour the artists and in this case MHJ can prove lack of Hybe's involvement in the creative aspects.

    They aren't involved in the creative aspects. They also don't manage NJ and as such it's pretty difficult to prove they mismanaged while things were hunkydory with Ador. How the girls themselves are paid and their schedules with Ador there is no issue with whatsoever.

    This email release timed as it is before the injunction hearing could also be a move to pressurise Hybe to release NewJeans from their contract once MHJ is gone, since the public will see Newjeans in Hybe without MHJ as unwilling prisoners. Does Bang want to keep Newjeans and let his and his company's image slide further in public opinion remains to be seen? Is his ego that big to not realise that the best course of action is to cut his losses and have a fresh start. He has many other groups, he can make many more new groups too and if he genuinely had no fondness for Newjeans or appreciation for their body of work or achievements, might as well let them go. This is not even about money cause he can make the money up, from letting Newjeans go, by launching new groups or whatever, but it is about ego. Will he sacrifice his pride for the sake of the company and the other groups in it and end this drama.

    The decision to just let NewJeans and their IP leave Hybe is still very much about money and image. It would do a lot damage to their shareholder trust and one of their more profitable labels would just all but disappear. And they'd basically be telling the world that yes, Illit is a group 100% based on plagiarism whether they are proven guilty of this in court or not. Doesn't matter one bit what their next comeback looks like either.

    They trained by MHj directly whom at that time was still in bighit. Ador making already informed since 2019 during Bighit presscon. It was business plan to take trainee from source/bighit cause at that time (2019) not even Hybe not Ador CPY was established.

    MHJ is very talented person but she is neither a vocal coach nor dance trainer. They were not trained solely by MHJ directly from 2019 to 2021. They were trained by employees with paychecks that have to identify an entity beyond "MHJ", same as the girls. There is no way that for 2 years they were trainees with contracts that didn't identify any legal entity other then MHJ. They don't have trainee debt but that does not mean you get to train without having to sign anything at all prior to debut. And Hybe's lawyers are bad, the Garam situation proves this but there is no way they are that bad. They wouldn't have been able to hold onto BTS if their contracts written with crayons.

    Hanni, Danielle and Haerin belonged to an agency, not just MHJ before Ador and it might have been Big Hit but based on what MHJ tells us about the whole reason Source was acquired along with Minji in the first place it was probably Source. It's quite silly to believe the alternative.

    Plus global audition was conducted to find candidates for mhj's girl group, kids weren't signing up to become source trainees. Hyein's mother herself said that she would had not let hyein join hybe if she would become source trainee, she only let her join because hyein was promised to be in mhj's girl group. Nobody gave a fk about source.

    Even newjeans' members mother in that chat confirmed that the rumours about min heejin stealing source trainees is a lie, im pretty sure members parents know more about their kids history than you or anyone else.

    Min Heejin stealing Source trainees is certainly a lie, the auditions that found Hanni and Dani were conducted in order to field MHJ's GG. But surely they still existed somewhere prior to Ador in an official capacity beyond "MHJ's future GG". Bang bought Source to not have to debut the gg in Big Hit, Hanni, Dani and Haerin probably did join Minji in Source initially.

    Not sure why the conv is derailing to talk about NJ's lives, and it's perfectly fine if you prefer Aespa, LSFM or other group rather than NJ, but the fact that you mention exactly this, listening to the studio version, pretty much proves you've not seen any live of NJ.

    Not gonna get into the "who makes better lives" conv just wanted to mention this lol.

    The conv was about the type of music, not who performs their music more faithfully live. In (G)I-DLE's latest comeback they changed title tracks from Fate to Super Lady because they wanted a song that is better for opening concerts with power. That doesn't mean the (G)I-DLE that performs Fate are worse live performers then the (G)I-DLE that performs Super Lady. Just means some songs are better for touring then others. NewJeans is a new group that is all about easy going music. It's perfectly valid to identify this issue with them.

    Why is MHJ fighting to stay at Ador? At this point, there's no way this will be a healthy work environment. I've often wondered that in situations where people are fired contentiously and they sue for their jobs back. Why would you want the job back (unless you really are depending on the income and there's no other option). I'd sue for money but certainly not to remain at the job.

    Probably wants to be rid off the 5 year non compete, either through the courts or a deal. It won't happen if she goes quietly.

    Didn't hybe already deny her that power. Now I don't know if this thing goes in her favour how things will turn around

    She (or she and her board of directors) has that power but she's now officially under investigation for breach of trust by the police. She's not gonna make a move that unilaterally proves her guilty of breach of trust as CEO by any reasonable measure. This whole thing started in part because she wanted to get the proper monetary value out of her stock options. She'd be sued to high heaven for damages and be far poorer for it.

    Hybe is not an investor, Ador is a sublabel of Hybe. If they were just an investor then they would have no say how many comebacks they get from year to year respective of LSF. You can't both blame them for mistreatment, demand they have a greater priority in their company strategy and also see them as nothing but a past investor, fully paid off already.

    And again, work you are paid to do as an employee still belongs the company you are employed at. No other member of the casting department or trainee development is under any delusion that they own the IP of the group that eventually debuts as a result of their efforts. Their salary is their compensation. Same as my salary is mine and MHJ is hers.

    Regardless of whether MHJ COULD have secured those investments and resources elsewhere (I vehemently disagree, MHJ is a big name, but BTS made Hybe what it is, and there nothing else like it in KPOP, especially if you logically rule out SM as well, the company MHJ left in order to do this), she chose not to, she chose to fulfill her gg ideas as a part of Hybe.

    If NJ is an ghost group without her, then a ghost group it will have to be. She ain't staying and they ain't leaving.