• Stage Name: CHISA (치사)

    Birth Name: Chisa Kondou (ちさ今度)

    Birthday: January 17, 2002

    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

    Position: Main Vocalist

    II. Career

    She is a member of upcoming global girl group ''XG'' under XGALX.

    They will make their debut in March 18, 2022 with their 1st single “Tippy Toes.”

    III. Chisa Facts

    – She is the second member to be revealed. She was revealed in January 30, 2022.

    – She has amazing vocal skills.

    – She was an actress before.

    – She’s close friends with Girls Planet 999’s Aratake Rinka.

    – She was a model for “Fashion Leaders” before.

    – She was work as a reporter for “College Festa”

    – She was born in Osaka, Japan.

    – Hobbies: Singing, make-up, taking selfies

    – In 2016, she won semi-grand prix at Tokyo Girls Audition.

    – Before joining AVEX, she was a part of KCE (Kansai Collection Entertainment)