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    민희진 '해임' 중대 분수령…가처분 심문 촉각
    주총일인 31일 전에 결정

    A translation engine gives you:

    Regarding the blurred KakaoTalk that Hive plans to submit to the interrogation on this day, "The content of third-party conversations was extracted through forensics from the company's computer, and there is no consent from creditors or third parties," and "They are trying to show it by arbitrarily editing and stitching it together." It was revealed.

    He also raised his voice, saying, "The audit itself was conducted in an inappropriate state, and the fact that it was using content that was not even agreed upon is evidence that the evidence is weak." On this day, Hive's blurred KakaoTalk contents were reviewed privately to prevent third-party viewing due to personal information issues.

    Kim & Chang, who represents Hive, said, “They are disparaging the eyelet, saying it is an imitation and copy of New Jeans, but they are claiming that they are similar using abstract words such as formula and tone and manner.” He also said, “CEO Min said that the order in which New Jeans debuted would not matter. He claimed, “After establishing an independent label, I asked to be brought to the first team.”

    Regarding the slave contract, he pointed out that it was “unprecedented treatment in the industry” and that “they misled the public, presented groundless criticism against the debtor, and spread false information.”

    Also, regarding the audit, he refuted, "It's as if a private laptop was taken separately, but it was analyzed through the company's server."

    Claims related to shaman management were also mentioned. In response to this, the court ordered, “Please talk about the legal issues,” and asked the basis for whether, even if there was a contract between shareholders, it was related to restrictions on the exercise of voting rights. In response to this, Kim & Chang responded, “There is no Supreme Court precedent yet, so we used the literature.”

    The court also asked, "Shouldn't the creditor prove himself that he did nothing wrong?" To which Kim & Chang responded, "We hope that they prove it in good faith. Our argument is that the burden of proof lies with the creditor."

    The court plans to review the written materials submitted by the 24th and make a decision before the general shareholders' meeting on the 31st. If the court makes a decision to cite Hive, the exercise of voting rights will be blocked, making it impossible to dismiss CEO Min. If the citation is dismissed, the dismissal of Representative Min begins.

    People are getting mad about how messy it's getting but messiness is the only thing people care about. Like:

    MHJ possibly went to investors (a very fireable offense) == YAWN/BORING

    It's not boring but Ador is not a publically traded company. These investors can't invest without Hybe's permission. The only person that can make Bang stop being the majority shareholder is Bang himself and MHJ knows that and can prove she knows that fairly easily. It's a dead end conversation.

    They can not understand a red herring if it was farted directly in their face. ^^ "What about the investors that you met to..." MHJ: "look there!! focus on that headline!!"

    "the investors that you met to... " to what though? It is impossible for those investors to acquire any shares in Ador beyond the ones MHJ already has (and not even those currently) without Hybe permission. Nor can they invest in any new company that MHJ can be a part of that can compete with Hybe because she is under a non compete agreement for well into the foreseeable future. It is nigh impossible for those investors to actually do anything that acts counter to Hybe's interest with MHJ. This scheme that Mr A allegedly cooked up to lower Hybe's stock would harm one of those investors current shares in Hybe as well.

    Didn't mhj has the original or real text. Why don't she just release them if they are edited or 'out of context'. Is it illegal to do so?

    Because it was succesfully rejected in court. If she herself made her texts public, it can be used again (and still be able to pick apart which line taken in isolation to home in on). Obviously she's not gonna do that. No one going through legal proceedings would do this. And when you say the original text, she made allegedly made 58,000 texts to her shaman, her other conversations may be similarly long filled with irrelevant stuff. These are also people she talks to in person. Full context for any conversation may not come from texts and emails alone. She's under no obligation to provide proof of the context for a private conversation.

    Hybe stance

    "We have never pieced together any material. I told the court that I had obtained relevant data through due process and submitted the original text. Nevertheless, Representative Min is lying to the media, saying that it is ‘illegally acquired data’ and ‘fabricated data’"

    Looks like the full ver will be dropping either way.

    They would not be allowed to disclose private information that the judge has already redacted. They'll only ever leak it in a way that is deniable as with this journalist.

    • Momo continues to dominate, and her lead is only growing larger. I'm still not sure I understand why.

    Momo: And I took that personally

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    Bad boy got his timeout though! I've probably got a wp on the way.

    Thank you.

    He's getting warned and banned though not like he's not getting in trouble

    I don't think you can say he had his time out when he interrupted the temporary ban by posting with several alts, got caught but didn't suffer negative impact to the duration of original ban. The account got a time out, the user didn't.

    Our previous gen favs are slowly entering their boomer era lol

    I think main problem here is different approach generations have with their jobs. Just because they are doing it differently than you doesn't mean they are lazy.

    She is also mentioning individual fancam and I am not sure how that correlates to idols being more lazy?

    idols aren't dancing for their lives to stand out and be noticed at every stage as they are being tracking by their individual fancam is the observation she seems to be making.

    MHJ is more than capable of investing her time in 2 groups at the same time, in SM she was working with 10 groups and soloists + even if someone else than her was overseeing NJ it would still happen uner her eye and her influence.

    Nevertheless newjeans can continue existing without her but things will be a bit different, denying all of this would be crazy!

    I don't deny it would be a bit different I think it could potentially be very, very different, I don't however feel this is the extent of the claim being made. An actor that worked with Tarantino and is now working with some other director is just an actor that used to work with Tarantino. A Newjeans member is still a NewJeans member if the musical project they are participating in is somehow not overseen by MHJ which I really don't think was ever an absolutely unthinkable scenerio even before this drama got started. The comparison just doesn't hold up. Soyeon's role as their producer is very very important to (G)I-DLE's identity. Their members have done other stuff too. NewJeans is way too popular to expect otherwise from them.

    It is a very personal project for her. She was still exploring the terms under which she could leave Hybe and also working towards eventually debuting a boy group in Ador. A comeback or musical prject overseen by someone other then MHJ would have happened sometime before the end of NewJeans career eventually. Saying it wouldn't be the same is fine, saying "you no longer have NewJeans" is just gatekeeping. The NewJeans girls should be allowed to switch things up every once in a while like any other group.

    The clause that Hybe could use to potentially keep her from working in the industry indefinitely is on 4.5% of the shares, 13.5% she can't sell until November after which Hybe alleges she won’t be subject to the noncompete clause starting in November 2026. Hybe would have to lose the cases for all five of the girls contracts to be voided, and the case for the IP rights AND have the courts void MHJ's non compete completely for them to come back next year to even be an option. That's 7 loses in court a korean conglomerate would need to suffer in the span of year.

    Inside the contentious contract dividing HYBE and ADOR
    At the heart of the intensifying feud between HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin is a shareholder contract that the two parties signed in 2021 when ADOR was…

    Option 1 sucks, it does but they can perform Hybe Boy and the like at festivals and concerts to great applause till the end of time, it IS safer for the members.

    Absolutely. A good lawyers is going to throw an entire house at them and see what might stand. Everything is worth a shot until it’s not.

    There is plenty reason not to do this if it has no chance to succeed. The situation right now is obviously beyond the members of any of these groups control. A member themself deciding to take Hybe to court and coming up with empty charges is a different matter, it could damage the way the public views them forever. NewJeans might not want to be go the BlackPink route, to have fashions deals for days but very few comebacks but they're not gonna close that door for no reason. To be confident that they can get all five contracts voided, there'd have to be pretty substantial smoking gun for which the evidence is just as strong for every member. Stuff like the elevator incident only involved one member. The whole promise to be Hybe's first gg doesn't apply to Minji at all, she was a trainee with Source training to be in a girl group before Hybe acquired them, got nothing to do with her. Any incidents from the first years of their training wouldn't involve Hyein.

    You forgot the members in this situation, they're even more loyal to MHJ than their parents. If MHJ gets ousted, I can only see one outcome and that's NewJeans terminating their contract, relinquishing all intellectual property to HYBE, forming a new group or pursuing individual activities since they've already made their money. If they choose the new group route with MHJ they probs gonna get blacklisted but still have the Korean public at least

    I don't think there's a lump sum that can be paid for all five girls to leave together and redebut at another agency in Korea, even blacklisted and without the NJ IP. Hybe would have to agree to let them go or a court ruling for all the girls to stay together in kpop outside of Hybe. That won't happen.

    she's going to win what? it's over if she loses that injunction on Friday. they'll kick her out on 31st

    As I understand it she can still sue for wrongful firing and win. She can challenge the legality of her non compete agreement depending on her selling shares that her old employer decides when she can sell and win. But she loses NJ on the 31st unless the injunction on Friday goes through, for sure.

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    I found this thread, a summary of most things that happened. Obviously before reading it, it's from the point of view of someone that supports MHJ so if you don't want to look it from that point of view don't even bother. It points out several things I agree with regarding ifans interpretation of many topics that seem pretty obvious to me but it looks that a big part of the international community don't agree with (realize or want to realize imo) yet.

    I feel most people already have their opinion and won't change easily though lol, but just gonna leave it here.

    I agree with most of what this guy is laying down but

    "Then Min Heejin released statement about ILLIT saying this is what I cared about, nothing else. They plagiarized our creative direction."

    MHJ's statement wasn't as concise as this guy making out.

    240421 ADOR's Official Statement [Full Translation in comments] : r/NewJeans

    "ADOR does not want NewJeans and ILLIT to be associated in any way. We will not tolerate promotional tactics that label one as a sister group to another simply because they debuted under a HYBE label."

    This is what sparked (or provided ammo for) all the whataboutism. Again the translation barrier here matters, korean netizens are fine with various SM groups being dongsaeng group of each other but don't care for Riize having a sister group on the horizon, the difference in sentiment doesn't really translate to English.

    We wouldn't be getting all this public rebuttals and statements if both parties didn't feel the battle being waged in the court of public opinion happening right now is an important one. Being under investigation by the FSS is not a good look for MHJ. And Hybe will probably fire her before FSS completed their investigation. FSS deciding that there wasn't enough evidence of wrongdoing months after MHJ has been removed from Ador on the 31st doesn't do her as much good as the request for investigation being rejected right away.

    Thanks but I dont think we know why she left. JYP could have been the one wanting her out. It’s the same for the girl that was supposed to be in Illit.

    Honestly, I believe companies would just shelve an idol wanting to leave. The only exception in my opinion would be if the company has a really good relationship with the idol. But I might be honestly wrong that’s why I was trying to think about a precedent.

    True but whatever reason JYP could have wanted her out, UAP/SUBLIME didn't particularly care about, felt she had enough potential to just redebut her. Letting her out of her contract gave her that opportunity. HYBE let Garam out of her contract too. Her potential as a idol was pretty much spent but that wouldn't have stopped SM for instance from keeping a idol till the very end of their contract even if they never return from hiatus no matter what.

    This came out of nowhere from years ago, even Hybe was still BigHit. I'm surprised someone still believes this; several people have debunked the source of this profit share.

    That's why I said allegedly. It's the only chart I could find but if you have several sources with better, more accurate info about what the split is for the artists in different companies, please feel free to share it.