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  • from bank, tryna rob to get money for the concerts
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  • please support my Rolling Quartz badge petition for a mere 10 akorns here:

    Rolling Quartz Petition

    tysm! :finger-heart:

    • bought !! :pepelove2:

    • WOW!! THANK U THANK U THANK U!!! You're so sweet! :cutes::send-love-bunny::cheer-bunny:

  • Hello :lover3:

    I noticed you have Visited My wall :uwu-party-bee:

    So now I visit you :ooo-bee:

  • From one Orbit to Another <3

    Welcome to Orbitverse! <3

    • thank you so much !! im so glad to be apart of the moon guild :pepefrog:

      let's watch queendom tonight, im clearing ALL my schedules for tonight's butterfly :pepe-pray: plsssssss let them win i have already seen the leak and its soooo good :pepe-sad::pepe-puddle::pepe-life-support:

    • It was absolutely amazing <3

      i loved this version more than the Original song tbh :wave-cry-raccoon::music-raccoon:

  • would you like to become a member of our Merryland guild?

    No extra requirement, really. Just guild membership :borahae: lemme know :-)

    • omg i would love to, but i didn't really stan them, i just casually stan them by listening to their title tracks and have memorised all members. count me in !

    • You're Amazing! TYSM :borahae: I'll get your guild designation added to your profile today and that's it really. You can post to your heart's content in the guild, anything you want! :pepelove1:

    • omg tysm, its my first time entering a guild hehe, i hope that i got to see more side of the members because they're so full of talents :ok-bee:

    • As a member, you're now also entitled to get any of our two exclusive guild badges available in the guild shop. They're not expensive, like 100 akorns each or something. Thanks again! Super happy to have you joining us! :borahae:

    • come say hi to us in the guild! <3 don't be shy! :-)

  • Excited for LOONA on Queendom, too!

    • omg yes 😭😭 thanks for replying to my flop ass thread btw 😭 im really excited for loona

    • Don't let that discourage you! Keep making threads as you wish. A bit of anticipation doesn't hurt anyone. I'm very excited to see what songs or concepts that would perform! I've always felt like LOONA had so much hidden potential waiting to be unlocked.