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    His debut album is 3x platinum what are you talking about..

    Kai is as much pushed as him and still far popularity wise.

    Like someone said above, album sales its really not the only metrics for popularity. Bigbang never had ridiculously high album sales yet they are considered legends. For instance kai does not have very high album sales, but he literally has more solo endorsement deals than all the idols who out sold in in album sales.He is currently one of the male idols with the most solo endorsement deals. So would you then say he is more popular than beakhyun, jin, jhope all all the other idols who do not have as much cf deals but have more album sales than him?. Album sales is actually a way to measure how many fans you have, but it doesnt really accurately determine how popular you,are. Another example would be suzy, at her peak she was really very popular, but her solos always kinda flopped.

    My point is you can not say someone is unpopular just because they do not have ridiculously high album sales that literally usually means fans are bulk buying

    They seem to be going the sistar route with a little twerk, so I doubt they would get that tittle. National gg was always the group in the public eye, they were most successful gg at any given time music wise and promotion wise. It's hard to acknowledge a group as ngg with just one of those.To solidify your status as ngg, you need to be in the public eye, and that isnt something that you do with hit songs alone. They need to push the group more instead of focus on just 2 members. Snsd was a bigger name than yoona, twice was more known than any member, exo at their peak was bigger than any one member etc. National it girl = girl with most cf deals and other types of love calls. National girl group was also not just about having hits (if it were the case, sistar would have had that tittle at one point),snsd and twice had numerous group brand deals. if the public intrest gotten from having hit songs cant be converted to job opportunities for the group, then its all useless. Couldn't believe it when i found out that ive has just 2 brand deals as a group while wooyoung has about 7, and dont tell me it was because the advertisers wanted just her, when aespa debuted and people were raving about karina's looks, there where numerous love calls for Karina alone, but sm decided aespa would be focusing more on group brand deals first, right now aespa has over 6 brand deals and keep landing more, even new jeans has about 5 already.Not hating on the members themselves as they do not manage themselves, but just that the tittle usually means the girl group with the most cf deals, photo shoots etc out of the other ggs. when kang daniel was the it boy, every one and their mother knew there was a new it boy in town due to him having the most cf deals out of all male idols, same with yoona and suzy. Their agency is already doing great with picking good songs, but they need to find out how others are doing it to channel that into more exposure for ive as agroup. Does it make any sense to say a group that is lagging behind other groups in terms of promos and exposure is the ngg even if they have more hits? With they way Ive keeps dropping hits, If starship plays their cards right, they can even pull off an snsd where the group had tons of brand deals and yoona also had tons of solo brand deals at the same time. My point is in terms of hits Ive is leading, but considering every thing that makes a gg all round successful, aespa and now new jeans seem to be going the right route while wooyoung is going for the it girl tittle, her only rival at the moment is jennie

    Well it is good for them, I always thought it made no sense how members of other boy groups that are not as successful or popular as bts had more individual relevance than them in korea (not talking about social media popularity, or that irrelevant brand rep thing here). But with collaborating with known kpop acts, appearing on varieties, solo shoots etc, they would finally have the individual recognition that befits their group's popularity. I know a lot of armies always claim to love how bts only focused on group activities, but to be honest branching out to individual promos would benefit them more in the long run. So i for one like this improvement because I really hated they whole "pack" promo style hybe was pushing on them. I have a feeling V would make a drama comback back soon, and Jin who always seemed like the type to do well in varieties might probably get a chance to show what he can do..

    Not sure when you started stanning bts, but I was here when bts were being dragged for media play beacuse almost all articles about them always managed to include exo. We got a bts giving exo a run for their money or surpassing exo articles almost on a daily bases too (don't take my word for it, search up old articles of when bts were on the rise). And guess what they did manage to surpass exo in terms of popularity, which just means that one of these new groups would in turn surpass bts in the future, and they too would have such articles written about them and then another group would surpass them and same articles about a rising group surpassing them would be written etc. It's just a normal circle at this point, no need to take it too seriously.

    The Busan Government is a joke. They want this concert with their 2500 dignitaries and win this World Expo bid and all they do is fuck things up. BTS moved the concert to the stadium to keep everyone safe. Busan should be hiring every god damn person who can swing a hammer or work a drill on fixing this stadium. They want this World Expo so badly but refuse to put any hard work or hard dollars towards winning it

    Don't know about other things regarding the expo, but for the concert, they have already made it clear that they have no intentions of sponsoring it( which means hybe has to do sllmthd fixing etc). The said hybe should either bear all the financial responsibilities for the concert or find sponsors to help out. So it's left for hybe to decide to do just that or totally back out,which I doubt they would do.

    Am suprised no one has mentioned exo in this thread or is this thread only filled with post 2015 kpop fans?. Exo sold out over 3 stadium in china in 2015 but these are the only ones with 50k+ capacity ( Shaanxi Province Stadium 50k capacity, Dalian Sports Center stadium with 61k capacity, Chongqing Olympic Sports Center stadium 58k capacity .

    so If your international includes china and Japan, then exo, tvxq have both done stadium in China and tvsq and bigbang did in japan. And if we are counting domes as stadium, then exo, shinee,bigbang, snsd, twice,blackpink, 2pm, super junior,kara nct127 all did in japan. Don't know if these groups can still do it now, but they have in the past. I think tvsq and bigbang can still do it in japan now and exo might still be able to pull it off in China still considering how dedicated their Chinese fan base still is.

    Wasn't Sistar on that level?

    Sistar were chart monsters, but they never had the physical sales nor tour power to back it up. They were basically a group that always charted well, yet their greatest hits still were never on same level like national hits such as gee by snsd or wonder girls 'tell me' etc. they were never even considered a national gg or something. They had the tittle summer queens, due to their summer bops, but that was about it, they never made as much money as other top girl groups either. And the agency sucked at individual promos too or I believe the members would have made it big

    Fans say they government are pushing for this exception because they need bts, but the government keeps doing thingsat make it seem like they are doing bts a favour with the exemption. Like they said it was to be granted for their contribution to sk economy etc, but now they are asking the public to make the decision? . And all I see is hybe obediently waiting for the final decision like their lives depend on it. If this is something being granted in honour of their contribution like some said, then it is rather insulting to treat this matter this way making them a laughing stock. The reaction from Koreans on this poll is already mostly negative

    Girls for me. Aespa songs always have something surprising and intresting (in terms of vocals and intrusmentals). When I listen to aespa songs , I feel like am going through a road a have never travelled on before, which makes it intresting and exciting which is why i find hype boy a bit too bland, but I guess that is what they were going for.

    Well Bts's butter made it to top of billboard 100 yet aespa beat it with next level on Korean charts, then charted great with their follow-up "savage" both of which are still charting in top 100 on melon even after a year. The fact that people are already calling aespa flops just beacuse girls' didnt hit no.1 even though it peaked at no 10 and is still in top 20 after a month tells you that what new jeans needs to prove that they are the new queens is consistency. So I think their next come back would determine if the are the new queens or not and that has nothing to do with blackpink. Infact between all 4th gen girls fighting for the top spot (aespa, ive,kep1er, new jeans, nmixx, lesserafim, gidle, etc) the tie breaker is going to be consistency. Who ever first proves to be consistent wins. People be worring about blackpink when snsd is slowly creeping their way up the charts, we might be in for a surprise from them, they already are in top ten.

    Group wise, I don't know who is bigger, but i think most nct members are individually more known than seventeen members. But one thing I do know is that people tend to down play nct as a whole a lot. Nct 127 held a two day sold out concert in Tokyo dome (one of the biggest domes in japan), the only kpop boy groups that have done it in history are tvxq,suju,bigbang,shinee,Exo,Bts and 2pm. Now nct dream is using a venue only H.o.t, g.o.d, shinhwa,Jyj, Exo and bts were the only other groups to fill it up . So I say they are definitely doing better than most people think

    Honestly, SM always having their idols back is actually commendable . Imagine how many idols who would have been kicked out last year if sm abandons their idols easily (Irene, Lucas, boa, chanyeol). Once you show netizens you easily abandon your own, they would always demand for you to kick the idol out with every little scandal. If garam debuted under SM,they would have gone to settle with the victim privately and then made a public apology and put garam on a six month hiatus before bringing her back. She was like 12 when it all happened, all her scandal would have taken if handled properly is an apology to the victim, public apology and six month off so people feel like you got some kind of punishment, it was not something to end her career over. I wish more agencies learn to stand by their idols and not drop them easily

    Sm doesn't accept solo gigs too early in their groups careers, they did it with almost all their groups. Accepting Cfs and other solo gigs for one member can easily turn a group to miss A 2.0 where one member is extremely popular but no one knows the other members. With all the hype about karina's CG visuals when aespa debuted, there is no way love calls didn't come for her, but sm doesn't push only one member too early. I actually think this is the reason their groups last longer, when aespa debuted, everyone was all about karina's looks, but now winter and ningning are getting spot light almost as much as karina, if sm focused too much on karina and accepted all love calls, people would have forgotten the other members. But that doesn't mean karina wouldn't have her turn, yoona had the longest it girl career, so give it a year or 2 when aespa have solidified their spot in 4th gen as a group, the members are going to start getting pushed individually. So to answer your question wooyoung is leading the 4th gen girls in terms of solo gigs atm, but I have a feeling karina would be a force to be reckoned with when sm starts pushing aespa individually.

    On melon cureently Attention is currently at 47, hybe boy at 89 (about to falloff of top 100), and I can't find cookie in top 100 on melon. Fans need to learn to wait before bragging, love dive has been in top 5 of melon for over a month, they need to first beat lesserafim who have been holding their spot in melon top 25 for weeks now. At least with lesserafim, itzy and aespa, they debuted lower on melon and rose, but what is the point of debuting high only to fall off after a few hours?. But for a rookie group they still did well, but you guys need to chill.

    Trust me there are many achievements of exo you don't know about both individually and as a group because their fans don't make hundreds of threads about their achievements like most fandoms do, this is actually why newer kpop fans underestimate them. Anyway exo was huge in China before Thaad, sehun was even cast in a movie in China.

    Among kpop community and in korea, kai did better. But jhope did better in the us. Because if I remember clearly, mmmh went viral and a lot of idols were covering it and kpop fans outside of exo fandom liked it, but jhope's song isn't known to non fans but its charting well in us while kai did well on spotify , he didn't chart in billboard top 100 like jhope, so I guess they did well in different areas.