Why do you think so many KPop fans mistake press-release with media play?

  • But that’s not how it works??? the remaining tickets sold are featured on the boxscore total score. So yeah the concert didn’t sell 100k tickets.

    look if aespa will have US tour, 3 concerts in let's say July 2022

    tickets will go on sale today

    100k people will buy tickets in just 2 days

    SM or US company ticket operator gives press-release on 30th April that they sold 100k tickets for aespa US tour, and it's huge success but there will be no more tickets available.

    it's still months until tour really happens...

    this is also a factor that some people can't understand

    even if just 10% of people return tickets/don't go to concert

    that will give 90k total attendance, but it will be in JULY

    not on 30th April

    this is why saying SM lied wouldn't make any sense :)

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  • I don’t have the equivalent term but I think most of the time these artists are called industry plant their labels create a false narrative that their success is “organic” when they have done some shady things to put them at the top. It’s quite different from mediaplay.

    An industry plant is not the same thing as mediaplay. Mediaplay is a thing in the West, but it's not usually called out because it's considered to be part of the marketing game. Of course PR companies are going to spin anything and everything possible to make things look better because that's what they're paid to do. The closest term we have would be Spin.

    An industry plant is an artist with major label backing, but is sold as an "organic" star who worked their way up through the ranks. It would be like having a kpop idol go through training and then when they debut their story leaves all of that out and they were just a struggling singer who just happened to get famous.

  • It's not a one to one equation, it's a subset. PRs are not all media play, but some PRs can be media play. IMO, media play is when the company exaggerates news to the media knowing that it is at the expense of someone else. It's hard to prove when it is based in fact, but it's like porn - you know it when you see it.

    what kind of media are you watching ves????

  • Mediaplay is simply PR that is exaggerated to the point of dishonesty.

    "XYZ is the next ABC!" <- mediaplay

    "GG1 has now surpassed GG2" <- mediaplay

    "ABC sells out 100k tickets" when box score isn't confirmed <- mediaplay

    "XYZ is first gg to do X" when it's not true lol <- mediaplay

    "A is the new nation's first love" <- mediaplay

    Some of those can be press releases. Press releases when exaggerated to obscure the facts turns into media play.

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