It would be ok if Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo got no promo

  • No, I am not an akgae. Why does everyone who defends Lisa get called that? In what way am I trying to bring Jennie down? It is telling that people only focus on her when I also said Rosé got more promo. Shows who the akgaes are in this situation. Why do you all badly want Jennie to be mistreated anyway? Some fans you are.

    I'm tired of the excuses always flying when it comes to Lisa. No promo? Fine. No dance break? Who cares. Got asked no questions at group fan meetings? No big deal. By trying to accuse me of hating other members you are just deflecting. Also felling Blinks on here can say anything negative about Lisa and not get called out. But simply say YG treats Lisa badly? You hate Jennie. Your minds work in illogical ways.

    the fact you keep on trying to make it seem like only lisa is geting mismanaged, when all of them are. you keep trying to make it seem majority of the fandom is okay with lisa being mismanaged, when its a little narrative in your head that you lilis wanna use to seem like the victims. when in reality, everyone in blackpink are victims of bad management. this isnt even defending lisa at this point. why do you never defend the other members mismanagement? all i said is that you esp bring jennie down out of all of them, i never said you didnt do it for the others. YOU want lisa to be mistreated so badly because she isnt being mistreated, she is being MISMANAGED. yge isnt stupid enough to actually mistreat their artists.

    boo fucking hoo. us blinks have been advocating for this stuff since KTL at the very least. we want lisa to get promo, we want all of bp to get promo, we want a lisa solo dance break, and majority of us dislike and do not claim the fans who single lisa out. but we have tried our best, and are still trying our best to get all that stuff for lisa. but we cant just go up to yge and hold the ceo and teddy at gunpoint because of yge giving lisa no promo and teddy isnt writing in dance breaks. you act like we have been doing nothing this whole time, if you have an affective solution then share it, but you shouldnt complain when OT4 blinks are doing the best we can. we cant kick out OT3 blinks ourselves, theres only so much we can fucking do.

    ¿choose only one of the two, is it yes or yes?

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