My kpop unpopular opinions (YOU MIGHT GET OFFENDED)

  • A singer is someone that can be able to have a nice voice with stable vocals, and yall have been defending ur favorites from this. its kinda crazy bc they have been trained to be able to sing, yet they cant unless they have autotune. whats the point of them even being one if they cant do this. talent >>> looks.

    Why you stan Twice then ?

  • In general, I agree with your opinions. Except maybe this:

    4. Ur favorite did not pave the way internationally, womp womp, it was all bts and blackpink

    We all know, it was PSY and HYUNA, then EXO, and after them - BTS and BP

  • To be fair, most of these opinions are valid.

    I don't think Soyeon is overpraised tho, she's doing everything, not just writing.

    The #4 is nonsense, honestly. BTS and Blackpink, especially BTS, made Kpop much bigger worldwide, but they didn't pave the way. As many older Kpop fan says: "Wonder Girls and Bigbang walked so they can run." that's the literal meaning of "paving the way". They just dug the hole deeper and wider, that's all.

    #1 is probably the biggest truth in Kpop. Sadly, the bar is way too low now, new fans expect literal circus not vocal performance, and most of the older fans are probably just accepted the fact vocal groups are not trendy anymore.

  • i hate virtual idols but i lovee miku. im going to the vocaloid concert next month

    i hate them mostly cause kpop is like such a person thing i guess?? lol i dont know and theyre ugly. if they were anime looking then thatd be something but also id be like why is kpop doing anime?? yeah i dont like them

  • no i acc like them but they hae been lacking tbh

    I like easy and smart. I like all of their albums but unforgiven. I didn't like songs on unforgiven with the exception of Eve (whatever the title was). i just got reminded that album existed

    As for their live vocals; i hope they'll be ready. I hate lip syncing. why would i pay watching them not sing, i can play music on music platforms for free. We need to stop normalizing lip syncing. It's fine if you cannot sing the entire time while doing hard choreo but at least give us some live vocals :rolleyes:

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