Your opinion on solo stans?

  • I honestly dont consider myself as a part of any fandom.

    I am a fan of Jisoo, Jeongyeon, Jinsoul and Arin but I dont necessarily support their groups with every comebacks.

    I thought I would support the groups before but realized otherwise when Jeongyeon went on her break and I dont think Ive even listened to the new Twice song so far.

    Am I a solo stan? What are your opinions about this topic?

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  • I don't really mind them as long as they don't spread hate.

    You can't force yourself to like somebody. As long as solo stans don't bring toxicity, I don't really mind. You can't control being attracted.

  • I don’t think you’re a solo stan. I’m pretty sure a solo stan is someone that is involved with the group but secretly (or not so secretly) only cares for one member.

    I think you just like certain idols as individual people.

  • As long as they don't talk shit it doesn't matter. And btw Jeongyeon is pretty much back!

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  • Imo, there's nothing wrong with being a solo stan (it's not like you can control it and force yourself to like the whole group anyway) so long as you don't shit on the other members to make your bias look better, or keep complaining about horrible mistreatment when there is no evidence to support such a claim.

  • Cool with them as long as they respect their favs wishes and not project what they want into them (which happens often, at least in the fandoms i'm in :rolleyes:). But tbh many akgaes (what most of them really are) do hide under the solo stan curtain which is why fandoms in general tend to be negative about them.

  • Honestly, I don't mind it as long as the akgae doesn't attack other members or the fans of those members. That's like the main problem with people who solo stan but not everyone is like so as long as they aren't like that then we're good. Though, I do think that they should give some recognition. I'm like super in love with Jihyo but I also love Twice and it's other members.

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  • i dont mind solo stans cause im literally a jaemin and joy solo stan. i just hate when solo stans hate on the rest of the group unprovoked. also i hate a solo stan that doesn't want to admit they are one its so annoying. seventeen is the only group that i do mind when it comes to solo stans i guess cause they're my ult, but i just don't get it when it comes to them lol.


    " svt + blackpink supremacy


  • Most of us start out as solo stans. Especially for me, I used to like only RM because he was the first member I could recognize and he was the one doing most of their English interviews so I could at least see some of his personality. It was through that I got into the group and now after learning about each of them I’ve grown to like the others too. Most of the time the true solo stans are more like casual fans and rarely interact in the fandom because they don’t know much about the group in the first place. The akgaes are just so toxic. They downplay the other members to hype up their faves and hide under the cloak of having a “bias”. If they are going to do that, then they shouldn’t be considered part of the fandom in the first place

  • There is nothing wrong be a Solo stand if they only like one member then it's their choise but unfortunately there are some Solo stands that are way into the game and start talking down the other member to let their Favorite looks better and even get jealous when the other member get screen time.

    So yeah it's okay to be a solo stand but the most I know are really annoying!

  • i'd like to say that they don't bother me as long as they don't bash the rest of the members, but it honestly annoys me when they don't support the whole group. it just creates imbalance throughout the fandom.

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