what Kinda of music do you listen to while working or studying?

  • Today I was jamming to this

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  • We are not allowed to listen to music at work in most places in Germany but stores often play a radio station or as like example grocery stores have their own radio stations and a few places may have a radio they can use but maybe not allways are using

    listening to music is also quit hard I would say if you work in a retirement home, a hospital, a construction side, a call center, a garden, on the streets or something like that .... ya know what I mean not only cause how impractical it is to have a radio somewhere or to use your phone but maybe also cause of safety reasons or cause other noises could be louder than the radio and a radio maybe also could distract from work

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  • Well... I work at a place where you have to be quiet.

    But at a different place, where I "work" and draw stuff, I have many kinds of music that I play, sometimes it is kind of calm and not too distracting, other times I play "wild" music like one day I was playing CraXilver music and then also another day I played ATEEZ's cover of "Black Cat Nero".

  • I put a classroom appropriate playlist on so whatever is on that I listen to. I also play some worship playlists at times and those are lovely. Currently, I'm usually leaving a playlist on loop with the songs my students need to learn for the holiday programs.

    Other times, and more rarely, I play Harry Potter soundtracks or Kpop, as a treat to the girls, lol.


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