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  • Using this site on mobile is a whole different experience.

  • Of course I find the perfect pair of cowboy boots (literally the love of my life) and then they're $500 fucking dollars. I saw those shoes a few days ago and I'm still dreaming of them. Maybe I should buy them.

  • Am I in my Key bias era again?

    Look at this one: she's spicy.

    This is why I can choose a bias. I was just in my Minho bias era from May to now.

  • Drinking makes me silly. I'm so silly. Will I regret the traces of my drunkenness that I've left on the internet?

    Edit: I do not regret anything.

  • A bit of a dilemma: do I keep saving up for SHINee in hopes that they come to America in the next couple of years, or do I spend this money on Exo since Exo is definitely coming to Aerica in the next couple of years?

    Hell, by the time SHINee comes I'll have saved enough to buy the damn venue. But when Exo comes I could afford a VIP package.

  • Oh my goodness, it's my birthday!!!

    I'm old now!

  • Kim Jongdae is a married man.

    Kim Jongdae is a married man.

    Kim Jongdae is a married man.

  • I'm going to the peach festival today.

    Ugh, that sounds so country. I might as well find a cowgirl outfit to wear.

  • It's raining. *chants prayers of gratitude in Latin*

    I can finally listen to Blue.

  • I love my little sister so much. I walked up to her out of nowhere and said "SHINee's hard" and she said "like a criminal".

    She loves me.

  • It's a tough life being a SHINee fan in a family full of SHINee haters. At least my family is Key biased so we can all rave about how fucking amazing he is.

  • Fucking Lee Jinki, give me my weave back.

    Since when does he sing like that? It's vile. It's foul. Got me clutching my pearls.

    Who gave him the right?

  • I just announced my break from writing on my AO3. I feel really bad about it, but I hope my readers will stick with me. I've got a lot on my plate with moving and summer school and this learning how to be an adult shit. Hopefully they'll understand.

    These transitional years from teen to adult should come with a manual.

  • Oh my God.

    Oh my God, it happened.

    Taemin was rapping on that Hard beat. It wasn't what I envisioned, but it made me happy nonetheless.

    Regarding the song, I don't like the chorus. The lyrics make me cringe and it's not even hype enough for me to forgive the cringe. And I hate the chanting part. The song is fucking weird, just as I hoped. I'm glad about that.

    I can't believe SHINee fought for Hard to be the title (I'm assuming the other option was Juice). Like, no way y'all are going to be insisting that you're so bad and you're so hard and then drop it on the ground. Hard like a criminal my ass. That was weak shit. I hope SHINee has gotten the tough concept out of their system because I would like them to go back to not frustrating me.

    All the people saying it sounds like NCT are both right and wrong at time. They did it like only SHINee could, but I'm starting to qustion if that's a good thing.

    It's like SHINee is parodying of NCT. In fact, I think even if it was an NCT song, SHINee somehow made it less cringey that 127 would've.

    All in all, I'm still waiting for the studio version before my opinion is finalized. Maybe it'll be better with Onew. Maybe I need to wait until the promo is done. I really want to like this song, so hopefully it'll grow on me.

  • I did a thing. I was trying not to spoil SHINee 8, but I allowed myself to cheat one song and I spoiled Juice. It ate. It slapped. It was in your face, earworm, badassery and I am fighitng the urge to listen again. It was everything. My weave was snatched.

  • I miss Jinki.

    A lot.

    Maybe too much.

    I miss his smile. And his dumb little laugh. I even miss his awkward compliment deflection.

    I'd kill for one of his voice lives rn.

    I want him to come back soon. That would be the best birthday present ever if he comes back before/on my b-day.

  • Okay, so I saw Twice yesterday night. I was awesome. I'm really glad that I learned most of the songs they played. Dahyun was lacking and got demoted from bias wrecker and replaced by Jihyo. I never thought that Jihyo would be my bias wrecker, but she blew me away. Her energy and her talent was through the roof and I can't help but stan. Not to mention, she's absolutely gorgeous. My favorite part of the concert was Momo and Mina's solos. I've never screamed so loudly in my life! I was all the way in the top in the back, but I'm sure they could hear me screaming "yes ma'am" and "eat it up, queen". My weave was snatched. Momo was on 100 the entire time and I loved seeing her performing. Even when they sang the songs I didn't likeI was still happy to hear it because it was so fun to see the members having fun. I'll remeber this concert forever and everytime I listen to Twice in the future I have these good memories associated with the songs.

    Now I'm sure that I need to go to a SHINee concert. I can imagine it would be the highliight of my life.

  • My sister said my outfit for the Twice concert is giving ren faire. I didn't believe her until I looked up "renaissance goth" and she is exactly right.

    It's giving medieval hooker.

  • I need SHINee to come on with this album. I can't wait any longer. Especially not with titles such as:




    You have my attention, SHINee.

  • The more I listen to Twice, the more I find that they make pretty good music. I think I could become a casual fan. We'll see after the concert next week.

  • One of my fav fanfic writers left a comment on my work... I'm choking up.

    Best day of my life.

  • SKZ stays blowing my mind. I listened to 5 Star all the way through, and rap line was amazing (as always). I would stan if they made good music. It's impossible to like their songs because they change it up for vocal line to feel included at the best parts .

  • This recent fanfic series I've been writing seems very not cute nowadays. Things are feeling too fucking real.

  • I got that Odd badge. So this is what it feels like...

    And I got my aroace badges (yes, it's Pride bitches)

  • I've been motivated to work on my fanfiction and I'm so happy because I get anxious that I'll lose my readers when I don't post for too long.

  • I was anti-smoking/vaping before, but now I'm really anti-vaping/smoking. Fuck that shit.

  • Please, SHINee, be so for real right now. Hard? Deadass?

    And you thought I wasn't going to giggle every time I say it.

    So many jokes...

  • 54 more akorns to go! Fuck yeah!

  • I'm so straight for Choi Minho. So utterly heterosexual that it's a sin.

  • I'm so close to that Odd badge. I can almost taste it. It's calling my name.