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    It makes me so mad that I work damn hard to train my dog as best I can only to have my brother and my dad undo it with their medieval “educating” methods. I’m sick of it. She’s made so much progress and these people just come and ruin it. And then they have the gall to complain that she misbehaves.

    Went to H&M today to try and find some cute blouses, but literally...why is everything SO small? Like, extremely small. Tiny crop tops that look like they're for children. Maybe I'm just upset because I'm not thin enough but they're SO SMALL. Maybe they're more targeted for teens and I was just looking in the wrong place.

    I'm trying my luck at Tinder too (or wasting my time, maybe) and I don't know how to flirt, lol. But I've noticed guys compliment a lot, sweet talk, and use a lot of "babe," "baby," "beautiful" when flirting.

    You can choose to let this feeling sink in, move forward, and decide to never let yourself feel this way again. You mentioned "sitting in anticipation of the next exciting or more often, dreadful thing." Contrary to popular belief, life doesn't always have to be eventful or exciting. We can still enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

    I know this probably doesn't help much at the moment, but it's something to think about. Wishing you the best.

    It helps more than you think! I know for a fact it's become increasingly difficult for me to just enjoy the small things. When I do think about it, I feel so blessed to have all that I have, and to get to do all that I do, but most of the time, I'm just waiting for something. Thank you so much for the reminder that the little things are still around to be enjoyed. ♥

    I wish I could go back in time and not allow myself to get to this point, where I don't know how to live in the moment, and am always just sitting in anticipation of the next exciting or more often, dreadful thing. Here I am, desperate to do as much as I can now that I'm on summer break, that I'm not even enjoying it.

    Maybe I'm not the best person to give my opinion, (I've failed at life and haven't had a boyfriend since high school) but anyway...I'd like to believe so. I think it 's up to both parties to make sure that loyalty and passion persist throughout the relationship, even after the "honeymoon phase." The way passion is manifested may change and be modified throughout the years, as the couple gets older, but I think it's important that they make time to always keep it alive. And loyalty, well, that's up to each one as individuals to decide to be loyal, even if that means ending the relationship because things are just not working out anymore.

    Again, this is coming from an inexperienced millenial who probably shouldn't be saying anything, lol.

    Maybe it's because I'm already pretty miserable as it is, (jokes, somewhat), but I prefer having a job/career that I enjoy, at least for the most part. I just can't see myself sacrificing so much of my day to a job where I'm not really enjoying myself. I'm someone who needs motivation, or else I'll give up halfway through. I know life revolves so much around working, because of bills and all other expenses, so I'd like to enjoy what I spend most of my life doing.

    Contrary to many who seemed to absolutely hate them, they really made me fall in love with South Korea and its culture. Through their food videos, travel videos, and indie K-music videos, they really helped me discover so many wonderful things and to this day, I hope I can one day travel to SK and explore many of those foods, and those wonderful places. I know many people found them annoying, cringey and even disliked them because of the way they talked about K-pop and idols, but I never took it that personally. It was all jokes.

    I do find it sad that they separated. They did seem like a couple that would continue together for a very long time, but I can see how Martina's health issues especially took a toll on both of them. I know, at least from what we could see, that Simon really did intend to dedicate his entire life to being Martina's caregiver. But maybe it just didn't work, and neither of them are at fault. I still follow Martina, mostly, and know she is giving it her all to move forward.

    "American" breakfast for me. Scrambled eggs, toast, pancakes, bacon, sausage links and hashbrowns, OR a ham and cheese omelette, refried beans, potatoes with a flour tortilla. And spicy salsa, of course.

    I could listen to Ángela sing all day.

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