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    i've wanted to be a doctor since i was three. graduating from med school right after i turn 23 in Feb :holding-back-tears::holding-back-tears:

    OMG YAY CONGRATS!!! I'm in STEM and took Honors Bio for med students last school year and I know how hard it is to get where you are.

    When I was younger, I always imagined myself becoming an astronaut. I was fascinated by space and loved reading about the stars and planets.

    That's so cute :holding-back-tears:

    I actually did have something completely different in mind when i was younger.

    i used to want to be a macine learning engineer, but i sadly fell out of love with coding because of disinterest and too much math lol.

    i am wanting to study political science and business to enter law school in the future to become an attorney instead. writing and reading are not only my hobbies, but my strengths as well.


    I believe it without question. Makes sense, case closed. I even believe the drug use allegations because look who we're talking about (wouldn't be surprised if they do weed regularly).

    Idc if SM is denying it, they be lying 24/7 anyways. Them boys did it until I see a solid alibi.

    Although by posting the girls/hotel are violating the NDA they definitely had to sign. Courts are gonna side with SM.

    I'm back again, bitches! Time to drop my hot takes into the void and further tarnish my digital footprint. I haven't been keeping up with Kpop too much, loves, I apologize cause I know you all care so much what I think, but I'll dish the tea I'm hearing through the grapevine.

    Apparently the SHINee members are all flashing fake tattoos (except Onew who just mention the word tattoo). Minho's workout pictures/vids feature forearm tatts, leg tatts and Taemin's hand tatts. Most of them are obviously fake (though the lightning bolt on Minho's forearm has been there for a while and it's always in the same place and it hasn't faded). Kibum was recently seen at the airport (very obviously) showing off a fading cross hand tattoo. some people are saying it could be that their forecasted mini album will have something to do with this. It would be like them to give hints this way.

    r/SHINee - 240510 KEY at Gimpo International Airport, departing for ‘KCON JAPAN 2024’ (With possible temporary tattoo!)

    Sidenote: if I was ever a middle aged lesbian I would dress exactly like Key. His fits always eat (even when he's got some fuckass shorts on).

    I hadn't considered the word to be sexist before, but no that I think about it, it is. I've never heard it used in a non-derogatory or backhanded way. It's not a nice word used with good intentions.

    The reason I didn't consider it to be sexist before is cause women have reclaimed it. Like they did with "bitch" and "slut". Since the fandoms I'm in are mainly tv/movies (like Marvel/Dr Who) it's not that deep to be called a fangirl. It's not like people are gonna judge you at comic con (hell, everyone'd dressed up and looking obsessive as hell). As fangirl is used when referring to fans of musicians, it's a whole different meaning. It's like being called a sasaeng but it's woman specific (which is really unnecessary).

    And the argument could be made that the term "fanboy" exists as well. My counter to this is that the word "fan" exists as well. If the words fanboy and fangirl were supposed to be equivalent, why use a gender specific term at all. The fact that anyone would see a female fan and think "fangirl" but see a male fan and leave it a "fan" proves the sexist connotation of the word "fangirl. You get what I'm saying? Like it's if's not supposed to have the negative connotation of "crazy obsessed fangirl" why use it at all? It's a conscious choice that reveals bias.

    So what actually makes fangirl offensive? I realize I didn't answer this. As I touched on, it's unnecessarily gendered. Why differentiate/specify the type of fan if a fan is a fan? And let's consider the situations in girl fangirl is used:

    • A girl has 1D posters on her wall; she's a fangirl
    • A girl likes a football player (God forbid); she's a fangirl
    • A girl likes some celebrity; she's a fangirl

    It goes without question that if a guy liked any of these things he'd be referred to as a fan. Using "fangirl" is meant to belittle or invalidate the girl for liking what she likes. It's almost like saying "oh that's cute, the woman has interests" or "look at the little girl and her little boy crush".

    All this said, I have always called myself a SHINee fangirl (even though I'm not a girl-- I'm nonbinary but AFAB) because I'm a diehard fan and I'll always support them. There's no better way to be a fan than to be a fangirl; it's just more fun that way :pepe-simp:

    The meaning of sexist is being sexist against the female gender. A specific group of girls who cultivate obsessive behaviour and scream and scream to the point of fainting when the idols take their shirt off at concerts that is a fangirl. Someone there for the show is just a girl. Therefore I don't find it sexist.

    I know plenty of women who don't fangirl who also bash fangirls .. they aren't sexist for that the fan-like behaviour is the thing that's being bashed. Not their gender.

    I feel like you're proving my point here cause what else are you supposed to do when an idol takes off their shirt at a concert? 9.9/10 they're doing it as fanservice and the fans are SUPPOSED to go crazy. Even my asexual, mostly-into-women ass would cheer cause how stupid would I look if my fave is up there working hard to put on a good show and I'm staring at him like :|

    Yes, that is my type. Not just effeminate looking men, but also ones that are effeminate in their mannerisms/personality.

    Also, I think the concepts of femineity and masculinity are just societal boxes meant to make people act/look a certain way.