So, I accidentally ate glass shards… What do I do?

  • Hey everybody,

    I know this probably isn’t how you guys expected to hear from me for the first time in a while.

    But, I am honestly not joking with my title. It’s semi-medium story of how, but I’m too lazy to explain how. Just bunch of stupid events leading up to stupid events.

    Though do not worry, the piece got crushed and chewed until they were extremely tiny pieces. I was zoning out very hard to even realize it wasn’t chips that I’m chewing on.

    I think I swallowed a bit, but I spat the rest out the minute I figured. It’s a little fuzzy, and I can’t entirely remember if I ingested it or not. God knows how I didn’t ruin my teeth.

    Anyways, the point is it didn’t hurt then. But almost 12 hours have past since then, and only now I am feeling a dull pain on my middle-lower left abdomen that comes and goes. I can’t tell if it’s related to the events of yesterday, or just another coincidental problem.

    What do I do? I don’t wanna call the non-emergency number and ask them, since I have anxiety talking to people. I want to text them, but I don’t know if they even offer that service. I also don’t have other social media’s where I can ask anyone for advice, so here I am. Does anyone have any idea what’s going on and what I should do?

  • Yeah definitely hospital asap. Even if it's unrelated it's better to be safe than sorry.

  • Go hospital ER. Glass or any other sharp small could potentially slice up you stomach or intestines and that's going to have serious complications without you knowing. Best get checked out

  • I've never really thought about what to do in such a situation because I've never encountered it but... chemically... I don't think there is anything harmful in glass, at least, not enough that digesting tiny pieces should harm you. If the pieces were small enough that they didn't butcher your throat going down I think you may be okay. I've heard about people swallowing worse things like dimes or quarters only to pass them out when they went to the bathroom. But if you're really worried you could call and ask a doctor or take a quick trip down to the clinic.

    edit: people are saying you should go to the ER, so then maybe ig. It's true it is better to be safe than sorry.

  • call the number and go to the hospital. sorry, but your fear doesnt matter in that situation.

  • Even the most microscopic shards could mess you up. Your body is squishy and glass is sharp. Worst that could happen is that you have a clean bill of health and the doctors are relieved

    It’s not the money aspect, Canadian healthcare is “free,” it’s just a problem how to get there now. I was thinking maybe, I should call the health line first to see what they have to say first since I am starting to feel very nauseous.

  • Given that you're already feeling side effects, and your intestines are a very long tract that glass can slice its way through, I would go to urgent care/ER. Especially since cost isn't a concern, the downside to going is that you waste a few hours of your time. That seems like a con worth risking when the downside to staying home is so risky.

    I get that it's scary to go somewhere that makes yourself anxious, but remind yourself: you can do hard things.

    Virtual hugs. Check back in with us. :hug-raccoon:

    let's be friends


  • It’s not the money aspect, Canadian healthcare is “free,” it’s just a problem how to get there now. I was thinking maybe, I should call the health line first to see what they have to say first since I am starting to feel very nauseous.

    At this point I don't even think anyone would blame you for calling the emergency number. If you're already sick it's not like you can tell what symptoms are from what and just saying "I accidentally ate some glass and I feel really bad" will get them to come

  • Just go to hospital and get it checked out

    it's been like 9 hours - did you go to the hospital?

    how are you feeling my friend?

    We need an update dontwannacry04 PLEASE BE OK

    Thank you guys so much for your concerns. 🫶

    Yes, I am okay now. I ended up calling since I literally had no means of getting there today. I explained to them my situation, they asked whether there was blood in my stool and few questions along the line. Thank God, there was none. They said it should be okay otherwise. It’s mainly my inflammation issues that just acts up. So nothing too concerning. Right now I am feeling a lot better, I just a very bad fever and flu that’s messing me up. It has gotten very cold here in Canada, so maybe that’s why.

    Once again, thank you guys for giving me the advice and asking. I really appreciate it. 💗

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