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    You genuinely sound deranged. I suggest you seek professional medical help. Losing your morals over Kpop is insane.

    He will be. Armies will NEVER forgive him. Never.

    He doesn’t need anyone to forgive him and nobody cares if they don’t. In fact, Yoongi and him deserve the biggest apology from every single person who weaponized their suffering and made ableist comments towards them. Idols are human beings too.

    Also, even if he returns to stage, dances and performs - it still does NOT change the military’s decision on him. He will remain under grade 5 status for as long as he lives according to the Korean law.

    I genuinely don’t understand people who are like “why can’t he just do a desk job”?

    Well, according to their law, people who suffered from ACL injuries and had underwent reconstruction surgery - they will be graded as level 5. They will be exempted from the mandatory 2 years military service, however, if a war was to breakout then they are required to stand for duty.

    It does not matter if they suffered from the injury 7 months ago or 7 years ago, the law will apply to them regardless. He did NOT choose to be exempted, in fact, he mentioned how wanted to join marine corps few years back. The military medical professionals have examined him thoroughly and graded him level 5. End of story.


    Which basically proves that all the uproar about BTS' military service was just envy and jealousy by less successful Korean men who wanted to bring them down.

    That cost BTS at least 1 billion, or more realistically 3 billion , and world domination.

    I expect some of them to give up Korean citizenship, which is not really that valuable anyways, for some other country and never pay a won of tax to Korea ever again.

    They are completely different situations. They are not equitable.

    One was an appeal for them to be exempted due to their significant contributions to their economy and honourable achievements, whereas, this is an exemption made by the military based health issues and risk that they could be liable for if he re-injures himself permanently whilst on duty.

    It’s absolutely absurd you’re making this comparison.

    Damn it's a full exemption. I wouldn't be doing choreo anytime soon if I were him lol, Knetz bout to be maaaaddd.

    Surprisingly, Knetz aren’t mad. They fully agree with the military’s decision on exempting him over this injury. They’ve been quite sympathetic especially since he has been graded level 5.

    It’s mainly the international Kpop fans that are experiencing mass hysteria over this news.

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    Isn't there a deferment for situations like this? Like, maybe defer enlistment for a year or two until fully healed. Meaning, no tour, no practices. No rehearsals. Just rehab and healing.

    Once done, then he can serve a desk duty. Just a thought.

    He’s been hiatus since last year, and its only been 2 months since he started walking without assistance. Even if it did heal, he probably will not be able to go back to strenuous activities as he did before depending on the level of his surgery and grade of the ACL injury.

    Also, from what I know the military assessed him in all sorts of ways before they came to the conclusion he is unfit for service (grade 5). That’s likely due to the high risk of re-injuring himself, and that can likely lead permanent's damage or crippling. The military likely did consider a desk job, but I’m sure there is more to his medical record than we know to assume what he is capable of doing or not.

    Even for Seventeen’s upcoming comeback, we don’t know if he will even be able to perform. All we know is he is healing slowly and making progress.

    I really don't get the fuss. It's just a good song that is doing well. Before it blew up on Melon I saw a member of Oh My Girl (I think Seunghee?) using the song as background for an IG post, and she is not from Pledis/Hybe so there was no "obligation" to do it. So clearly the song is liked and listened to.

    Surely the fact that they are Seventeen's little brothers helps them get some exposure and support, the same way it worked with TXT when they debuted as BTS's little brothers, but imo the "sajaegi proof" is nothing more than empty accusations, the same accusations about Seventeen popularity being faked by Hybe for example.

    People really underestimate how popular Seventeen is in Korea, especially on this forum. They are literally the only boy group SoKor tunes into after BTS. The fandom culture is also very different with Carats as well, and they are actually VERY supportive of TWS.

    Initially what started as immense support from carats for TWS’ debut, slowly turned into the GP tuning in as well.

    These accusations make no sense, it was a given TWS is going to do well. People were actively looking forward to see the new Pledis group, especially since they are first group after Seventeen in 9 years. The expectations were extremely high to begin with.

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    It’s funny how antis were bashing Nana Tour for “flopping” based on cable ratings earlier this week, but turns out it’s been #1 on viewership ratings for 4 CONSECUTIVE weeks.

    The fact only 4 episodes have been released and it already has a cumulative of 120M views - that’s an average of 30M views per episode - which is absolutely insane for a paid content.

    I’m so happy to see Nana Tour doing well, Na PD and Shin PD deserve to be rewarded for putting in so much work and effort. They literally pulled this together to simply let SVT rest, not for the revenues completely which I really respect. I’m happy the show is receiving such a great response from the fans and the public.

    This is my list in order:

    1. BTS

    For obvious reasons.


    They are having a great year overall, and by far their most successful year. They #1 in digitals in Korea from the boy group department this year, internationally they are doing pretty good too. They are also #1 in sales as well. Sales are absolutely phenomenal, 6M for FML and 3M for their back catalogue. Haven’t started tour yet, but they gathered 200k K-fans in Seoul just for FML street promotion without even being there. So, tour looks like it will be going big. Their general public recognition has skyrocketed in Korea since the release of Super.

    3. Stray Kids

    I don’t keep up with them much, but they’re doing pretty good on Spotify this year (pretty sure they are #1 in this compartment), and have had amazing sales and seem to be starting on a good foot for their tour.

    4/5. NCT Dream

    2nd to Seventeen in digitals in Korea (if I recall correctly). ISTJ didn’t seem to do as well as Candy, but the way Candy is performing on charts is noteworthy. Good physicals.

    4/5. TXT

    Would say they are on the same page as NCT Dream over all. Good digitals for a 4th generation boy group, had good sales, and good tour as well.

    What's your opinion on a lot of religions not accepting same sex relationships?

    Edit- answer only if u want to!

    Haha, I guess you’re curious since I’m a Muslim. I get that.

    To simply put it, I’m not that knowledgeable, so I don't really know if I can provide you with an informed opinion on other religious beliefs.

    You sort of need to have faith in the religion to follow it's rules and believe in the consequences in the afterlife (if other faiths even believe in that). I personally believe everything in our lives is a test, so I live MY life in accordance with my beliefs but I do not expect others to share or follow that belief. I worked with and have a few lgbtq+ friends, and we were chill. We didn’t exactly agree with each other's lifestyles, but maintained respectful friendships. As I said, for you is your religion, for me is my religion, so there is no compulsion from religion from my end according to what I have been taught and believe. You live your life, I live mine. Simple as that.

    100% agreed.

    You do not have to agree with or accept something to maintain a mutual respect. There are things and lifestyles that I do not agree with, but I am not going around attacking people for their beliefs and how they choose to live their life.

    There is definitely a way to express your opinion and approach ideas you do not agree with without having to hurt others in the process.

    I’m not the one to be all conspiracy theorist, but with the way the media is so against Islam, so you really think entertainers wouldn’t hesitate to badmouth Islam if they had an opportunity?

    I’m saying this based on media coverage against Islam and Muslims.

    If you look at it, they are obviously spreading an agenda.

    I won’t be a single but surprised if a musician put in one of his songs in slick manner. After all entertainers are also a part of spreading propaganda.

    I mean they can have their opinions. There are entertainers who are openly islampophobic, but in this case there is no way I can know if RM or Ocean were trying to make a statement by this - and again, it would be stretch to say they are. Again, Husn al dhan, I’ll rather just assume the best of individuals then make rash judgments.

    While I am not involved in this, I did read it, however your font is black and I'm using dark mode and I can barely see it, I just wanted to comment to ask if you can try to change the font color so it would be easier for others to read who are using the various styles.

    It’s been a while since I used AKP, so I’m not sure how to anything on here anymore. I changed it to red, hopefully it’s more visible now.

    My two cents on RM’s situation:

    First for foremost, I would like to clarify that I am not telling anyone on how to live their lives. I am not here to debate my religion or tell anyone else how to practice theirs, this is just an insight for non-muslims (and non-practicing muslims) from my perspective as a practicing Muslim woman.

    I am not gonna name users, but I know there are quite a few people who dislike Islam and have been very openly Islamophobic. If you guys are reading this, please read with an open-mind. Hopefully this can be a new perspective than what you’re used to seeing on Twitter and by uninformed people for individuals that are interested in this situation from a Muslim viewpoint.

    This is gonna be a long read, so buckle up.

    As usual, people are disregarding Muslims or using this opportunity to hate on RM. Which is genuinely very disappointing.

    First of all, people need to realize that RM liking that song does not equate to him being an Islamophobe. That does not mean to say that his choice in “promoting” the song by sharing it can not hurt people. Personally, I do not blame RM as I doubt he had any ill intentions when sharing this song. Furthermore, I’m not going to discuss RM much further in this thread, and rather just try to explain why people are upset with this song.

    I’m going to start off by saying that Twitter (or ‘X’) is not a good place to gauge reactions or absorb information from. It’s overall a very toxic place. Real concerns are often used for trolling, or taken and used for cancel culture purposes.

    Non-muslims say that Muslims have gotten sensitive and, frankly speaking, you’d be correct to assume that. We have gotten sensitive, but I’d say this is an expected response to seeing how our religion, sacred texts, beliefs, and people are always under intense scrutiny, the terrible state of our countries, and tight ropes on Muslims around the globe. I’m sure that Ocean Frank did not mean any harm when speaking of Islam in “Bad religion,” and I can understand that he meant it metaphorically, however, regardless of the context it is still very disrespectful. I am not sitting here to discuss others sins as sinner myself, but in Islam, listening to music is borderline haram [forbidden] (it’s a debated topic because some scholars believe that it distracts you from the purpose of life and God, thus, considered to be haram and some say as long as it does not have a bad language or an inappropriate message - it’s alright), but one thing is for sure and not up for debate is the utilization and integration of Islam and it’s sacred terminologies in music. Regardless of the context, you must not use them for entertainment purposes. We, as muslims can not even wear a necklace with God’s name on it and enter the bathroom for some context in regards to the severity of disrespect. It’s an insult to our way of life and religion. “Allah Akbar” is a very sacred phrase, often repeated multiple times throughout the day by Muslims, especially during the 5 daily prayers. To say that phrase, which I get was meant to be a metaphor, is not going to be viewed positively by most Muslims after them being ostracized and harmed for it.

    While on this topic, Ocean Frank did remove and change the lyrics entirely in the end, showcasing his awareness and respect to the situation. In the end, the song did not lose the meaning he was aiming for, he just found an alternate method to convey it.

    As for the few Muslims who may be reading this and are using this opportunity to unleash their hatred against RM or Ocean Frank, you guys need to do better and pick up the Quran again. I understand being upset, but that in no way allows us as Muslims to insult, degrade, or hurt anyone under any circumstance. We have to practice the concept of Husn Al dhan, to give the benefit of doubt to others and refrain from judgment. Your feelings are valid, but to showcase them in such a vile and hateful manner is in opposition of Islamic teachings.

    All in all, I would like to stress that I am in no way or form telling people how to live their life. This is not me telling guys to follow our way of life, you are not expected to. For you is your religion, for me is my religion. You do not have to agree with the lifestyles of muslims, but I ask that you respect the people who feel upset with this situation and our beliefs. If you can not do this, then the most you can do is refrain from engaging with our religion.

    If you have any questions or want a healthy conversation in regards to Islam, my DM’s are always open. I will try my best to answer if I have time.

    Though, the 4th generation is strong - the top groups at the moment are still from 3rd generation despite the 5th generation having been started (according to Mnet). Even most survival shows still give examples and missions of 3rd generation groups whether they are active or inactive, which says a lot about their industry. The reason 4th has a easier time making records is because of 3rd generation’s service.

    Most of the biggest 4th generation acts debuted at the peak of 3rd generation, where 3rd generation was setting new records (and still is today for both 4th and 5th generation). The impact they had and still have is a LOT greater than what 4th generation has on 5th generation. They are still numerous 5th generation groups debuting with intentions of replicating the 3rd generation, you just don’t see much of that for 4th generation (whom also looks up to 3rd generation).

    Of course, Korean fandom is very important for Kpop.

    They are literally based in Korea, why wouldn’t recognition in their home country be important. We’ve seen many cases over and over again, especially in 4th generation that even a small win on Music Bank means so much to them.

    Most their achievements are also celebrated in Korea. The Korean award shows are also catered specifically towards Kpop groups. Korean success plays a huge part in that success, as they are grouped within Korean pop music.

    (Also, just gonna correct a small statistic mistake - Seventeen is actually the best selling Kpop act this year with 5.5M albums sold on Hanteo and 5.8M on Circle Chart for FML.)

    In terms of Seventeen, they do not cater towards Western fans, but the famous trio of Korea, China, Japan, along with the SEA. Seventeen is very well known amongst the Korean general public and are well liked by them. Going Seventeen literally broke Naver a few times. Super and Fighting have both been very well received by the GP. Just today they had over 100k+ in queue for the only two dates at Gocheok Sky Dome in Korea, they were demanding them to upgrade to a Stadium (but unfortunately it’s under construction). Just a few months ago, Seventeen held a SVT Street for fans on Sebit Island in Seoul and it gathered near 200k fans just from Seoul itself. I think people underestimate the hold Seventeen has in Asia. The only boy group dominating the charts and competing with the GGs this year is Seventeen (and BSS - but still SVT). A lot of household names, such as Lee Jaesuk, Lee Hyori, Boa have praised Seventeen and said they are doing very well