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    Honestly, there is more than one way a person can be “smart”.

    Here is my break-down:

    • Book-smart: 6-6.5/10

    I can be better if I actually tried, this year I had too much going on so I academically suffered. Though I did graduate with an average above 90s and a scholarship, so I’d like give myself credit for that.

    • Emotional intelligence: 7/10

    I wouldn’t say that I’m the best in this department, but I do acknowledge that it’s one of my strengths. I take in real friends relying on me as an indicator my emotional capabilities.

    • Street-smart: 5/10

    Man, I always need a chaperone when I’m out. I almost got ran over by a train because I zoned out while walking to the station, thankfully my friends were there to hold me back and save me.

    According to my self-assessment, I receive an intelligence score of 60%.

    ISaidISaid already did this thread 1.5 years ago and It was more charismatic and fun


    I genuinely forgot abt this.

    Tbh, looking through this— even though it’s a troll thread, it’s more respectful than I expected. Good days when we had good users that were actually willing to hold proper conversations.

    127 and 17 already sold +2.5m tho

    Seventeen’s FTS album is already at 3.1M+ album sales + their repackaged album sitting near 2M+, and overall career sales are at 17M+, so I don’t understand where the OP is getting the outsold narrative from. They might in the future, but as of right now, that’s not true.

    (excluding BTS for obvious reasons) Seventeen is one of the only few boy groups aside from few 2nd generation groups that are actually charting in Korea, and matching their streams and tour numbers to their sales worldwide.

    (Don’t know much abt NCT, so I didn’t comment— but I know Dream is doing great.)

    Edit: I just wanna add that, no one actually coming close to Bts. Most groups had more than 3-4 versions, Bts did not. We also have to consider the price difference, as BTS’ were typically a lot more expensive than other groups— regardless of that, they still managed to have the best selling album and that’s saying a lot. So, no, realistically 4th generation isn’t outselling anyone at the moment.

    I feel like people like taking advantage of the fact that Carats have abandoned AKP because of individuals like the OP to spread misinformation and unsolicited hate towards Seventeen.

    People often forget that Seventeen has achieved 1.5M sales with three versions Heng:Garae [2020], 1.1M sales with just one version from Semicolon [2020], again 1.3-1.5M sales with 3 versions for Your Choice [2021], recently reached 2.3M with 3 standard versions and 1 carat version for Attacca [2021], and then 3M with 5 standard versions for their 3rd full album after years, Face The Sun [2022]. If anything, Seventeen has been one the few groups with the most consistent sales growth ever since their debut.

    People bash Seventeen for photo-cards as if Seventeen doesn’t have a line up consisting of 13 individuals, and them being one of the biggest groups after NCT in terms of members.

    Also, I don’t understand where people are getting these double-digit versions from when in reality Seventeen only has 5 standard versions, 1 Carat Version, and a Target Version for Face The Sun— the total roughly coming to 7 versions. Regardless, this was their 3rd full album after 2018, that’s 3 whole years of waiting! Of course, Carats were expected to go all out.

    Adding on, I just want to address the concern that someone raised in regards to Seventeen’s streams don’t matching their album sales. That’s a very inaccurate assumption.

    They were literally one of the only 5 k-acts to surpass 1B (1.1B to be precise) Spotify streams last year, especially considering Seventeen aren’t considered digimons. Let’s consider S.Kor, literally no one aside from BTS, BB, SVT, and NCT Dream is actually charting or gaining streams from the boy groups department. Seventeen was also one of the most streamed boy groups in 2022 in South Korea. In one calendar year, they’ve gained roughly a total of 3.13B cumulative streams from major platforms (such as 1.1B Spotify, 600M MelOn, 1.0B YT, & 430M Circle Digital Chart). They are probably one of few groups that actually match their streams and tour numbers.

    They played huge domes and arenas during their tour and fan meetings in 2022, with an estimated attendance of 600k (possibly even more) in-person attendees.

    So, yes, considering all their achievements, sales, streams, tours, they are indeed a top group. There is a reason their own South Korean government acknowledges their contributions by awarding them with Prime Minister’s Commendation and Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism for two years straight. And the fact they use their variety content, Going Seventeen for tourism in their embassies shows their wide reach and top status.

    Just go to hospital and get it checked out

    it's been like 9 hours - did you go to the hospital?

    how are you feeling my friend?

    We need an update dontwannacry04 PLEASE BE OK

    Thank you guys so much for your concerns. 🫶

    Yes, I am okay now. I ended up calling since I literally had no means of getting there today. I explained to them my situation, they asked whether there was blood in my stool and few questions along the line. Thank God, there was none. They said it should be okay otherwise. It’s mainly my inflammation issues that just acts up. So nothing too concerning. Right now I am feeling a lot better, I just a very bad fever and flu that’s messing me up. It has gotten very cold here in Canada, so maybe that’s why.

    Once again, thank you guys for giving me the advice and asking. I really appreciate it. 💗

    Even the most microscopic shards could mess you up. Your body is squishy and glass is sharp. Worst that could happen is that you have a clean bill of health and the doctors are relieved

    It’s not the money aspect, Canadian healthcare is “free,” it’s just a problem how to get there now. I was thinking maybe, I should call the health line first to see what they have to say first since I am starting to feel very nauseous.

    Hey everybody,

    I know this probably isn’t how you guys expected to hear from me for the first time in a while.

    But, I am honestly not joking with my title. It’s semi-medium story of how, but I’m too lazy to explain how. Just bunch of stupid events leading up to stupid events.

    Though do not worry, the piece got crushed and chewed until they were extremely tiny pieces. I was zoning out very hard to even realize it wasn’t chips that I’m chewing on.

    I think I swallowed a bit, but I spat the rest out the minute I figured. It’s a little fuzzy, and I can’t entirely remember if I ingested it or not. God knows how I didn’t ruin my teeth.

    Anyways, the point is it didn’t hurt then. But almost 12 hours have past since then, and only now I am feeling a dull pain on my middle-lower left abdomen that comes and goes. I can’t tell if it’s related to the events of yesterday, or just another coincidental problem.

    What do I do? I don’t wanna call the non-emergency number and ask them, since I have anxiety talking to people. I want to text them, but I don’t know if they even offer that service. I also don’t have other social media’s where I can ask anyone for advice, so here I am. Does anyone have any idea what’s going on and what I should do?

    You scared me with this title but I'm glad its just a farewell for now :pepecute:

    I wish you the best and good luck on your studies, I know you will go great. Thank you for being a part of this community and a part of our guild <3

    I will look forward to seeing you again in the future!

    I’m sorry 😢

    Yes, only for a bit.

    Thank you much for the kind words. I’m also so grateful for being part of our guild, it’s my favourite. Just don’t forget about me and remove me while I’m on my break lol. I still wanna occupy that seat in the guild. :zipr:

    Thank you, king!

    True, but tbh it’s easier letting them think whatever about svt then spending time and energy explaining to idiots. It’s not like SVT will become unsuccessful because a bunch of nobodies think they are.

    Same, you are an amazing moot as well! We have each other’s social media info outside of AKP, so it’s all good!

    and dang, I didn’t know that we had a little carat community of engineers here. That’s seriously so cool!

    Much love ❤️

    I'm gonna miss you a lot! <3

    Certainly you'll be a great Engineer (and join me as another EngCarat lol). I wish you the best in your new journey and try to take the best opportunities from your new grad. Your efforts will be worth it!

    I hope I can see you soon here. Love you!

    I’m going to miss you as well! And damnn, I didn’t know you were doing eng too. What type?

    And again, thank you so much! :hug-raccoon:

    Thank you so much, Amma. Definitely will drop by eventually because I love your insights on topics. It’s always interesting to read what you have to say.

    Best of luck to you as well for whatever endeavours you embark on!

    Thank you much once again!

    Ps. I know I asked for you Insta before revamp, but I might DM you again in regards to it because I have horrible memory and my previous insta I had to drop because of few issues.