Goodbye AKP and Kpop [TW] - UPDATE, A HAPPY START!

  • So,

    I wanted to mention my favorite users and appreciate them because directly or indirectly they made my smol amount of AKP journey wonderful. I had already planned a while back to make this goodbye thread due to Bullying Scandals ( I was bullied physically as well as mentally when I was 5 years old and a large number of scandals related to it brought back bitter memories) and was about to make a list of users whom I wanted to mention, I am sorry, I just wanted to appreciate yall but as of now, my mental health is at peak and it's affecting me adversely that I can't control my physical symptoms.

    You see I don't have friends and the one best friend I got hates Kpop. AKP was my only way to learn more about Kpop and grow with everyone here.Thank you AKP for giving me friends or a general community with whom I can share my views, joke, and fight with them trolls together.

  • take care nitya, please try to recover and be happy~

    I hope it all turns out well in the end for you, I'll really miss you :< I hope your situation becomes better, best of luck for the future! <3

    Even on sleepless nights


    Look each other in the eyes

  • I wish you nothing but the best.

    I myself have learned how to separate this life from my normal one -it's not easy and have struggled myself in the past with it.

    Although I didn't know you well, I wish you nothing but happiness.

  • take care and remember that you can always come back

    I don't think you are delusional I only think that you need someone you can rely on emotionally a little. Use this time to meet someone new, whether it is online or irl and remember that you are doing good. There are days when only getting through the day is good enough

  • You can definitely still listen to K-pop and stay updated with the upcoming content without being so involved. I know interacting with other fans online is part of what makes this what it is, but it doesn't have to be the only way.

    I wish you the best.

  • Mental health should always come first and, as they say, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem so you are already on the right track! We might not have interacted much but I wish you all the best. I'll also let myself speak on behalf of the guild here - please know you can always reach out to us if you ever feel lonely or overwhelmed! We'll be there to support you <3

  • So, I just wanted to do a little update here. It's rare that I feel emotions and get to express them. Today I feel extra happy and this is the best time to write about how people can improve.

    I am out of that little bubble. Finally, I can control myself and live for myself. It was a little bit difficult though, I was living that second life because my whole lifestyle was fucked up. Doing nothing, laying on the bed, and not taking care of myself summed up with me having hormonal imbalance lead to losing interest in living. Won't lie I had people whom I could tell my problems but I know after a while I start with my age-old victim complex habit that leads to the other person walking on eggshells while having a conversation with me.

    You see I love my mom a lot. She is one of the reasons that I don't quit, she believes in me no matter how dumb and incapable I am. Watching her going through a lot of trouble due to her health was really painful, she is the strongest woman that I have seen in my whole life, and her saying that she might d*e soon hurts a lot, pains me a lot because it's seriously not the time for her to go. I had to be strong for her. And strong enough to live my own life as well. I started everything from the scratch,

    1) booked appointment with a nutritionist

    2) started working out

    3) changed my timetable

    4) trying to improve my social anxiety

    5) doing something for my career.

    Obviously many things mentioned above are still -a work in progress, working out is something that I kept consistent; thanks to online college lol. The person I was 6 months back is nothing like the present nitroso. Even though it's hard to decrease the self-doubt that I have for myself but I do time to time remind myself that accepting your weaknesses is different from self-doubting about the weaknesses.

    What do I expect next?

    1) Improving myself to be a good and kind person.

    2) Choosing a career path that includes an intersection of my hobby, passion, and money.

    3) Educating people about social anxiety.

    4) Learn new things and explore my age-old hobbies.

    5) Teach my mom about self-love.

    6) Lastly, to never be afraid of what the future holds.

    random tags of people who replied to this thread and close people.





















  • nitroso

    Changed the title of the thread from “Goodbye AKP and Kpop [TW]” to “Goodbye AKP and Kpop [TW] - UPDATE, A HAPPY START!”.
  • I am so happy and proud of you.

  • nitroso

    I am so happy for you my friend...that's fantastic reading that you are doing so well

    kudos to momma nitro as well for always supporting you

    if you are ever feeling down or whatever find me in the KMC guild or at SM headquarters ;-)

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