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    I understand your position but she is still a public person. She should seek help and not post harmful and triggering content on her instagram. She should treat her mental illness instead of using it as a reason to act like this. I might get hate for the following sentence but mental illness should not be seen as an excuse for such a behavior. Posting self-harm pictures and potentially harmful pictures on her social media account should not be explained by “i guess she is mentally ill“.

    I agree with this.

    I'm way older and i feel protective over some 13 yo users that i met here. They are very nice, polite and also fun, and i also know every person is different, no matter the age.

    But of course i do know some kids act like there is no tomorrow and don't even think about what to say.

    But it's like that with some adults too.

    I'm really late but hey I get that vibe of you being caring a lot (I'm 13 too so ah well)

    I'd like few more members tbh, if it means their versatility grows even more... unique voices like Ningning maybe? or more dance-machines, and maybe some proper rap verses? idk, but it would feel complete to me that way

    but then again, making the group too large would just make me lose interest in their concept, so it is 50-50 for me ig

    now it seems like, their strategy was for all the solos to come out before the group album for all the hype and for fans and the girls to explore their full potential. But then, seems like because of internal stuff, the whole schedule fell out, like how many YG plans do.

    so now after they released the first group album, after starving blinks for so long and after already getting their name out there, pushed their name even more. But now, as they wasted too much hype before the full album, the group's career is for a toss, as they cannot suddenly change pace of releasing content, as it will affect the 'bp novelty' which makes each piece of content special to fans

    even if the group career is for a toss, they still have some time to release at least 4 more full albums, but now that they hype for the first album, for which they have been building up for years, is gonna end up affecting the girls' solo careers as of YG's twisted view of wanting to fully promote them as a group to the maximum so that they reach even higher

    So they will mostly focus on their group activities now I think, basically finish these solos because of fan demands, and then go on group music activities only, mostly their CF stuff only will be individual etc.

    that's my take on it rn, but I think it can change regards to how they promote Rose

    take care nitya, please try to recover and be happy~

    I hope it all turns out well in the end for you, I'll really miss you :< I hope your situation becomes better, best of luck for the future! <3