Do you assume that autistic people are very smart?

  • Well... feel like a lot of people might assume it.

    Especially because of media that has this autistic person who is super smart.

    Well... in the popular kdrama "Extraordinary Attorney Woo", the main character Woo Youngwoo is supposed to be very smart. (I haven't watched it though)

    But I have also felt as if people think autistic people are very unclever.

    Like when someone uses it as an insult, I feel like they are trying to say that they are unclever. (BTW I hate it when people use that word as an insult.)

  • No, I don't tend to assume a level of intelligence about anyone, especially since it's so topical. You may be quite smart about, idk, brain surgery, but a dumbass about how to take care of plants.

    Since you mentioned a television character, I'm also thinking right now of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. He knew a lot about things he liked -- trains, comics, quantum physics -- but Penny was constantly showing him up in other ways. I'd bet that there are very few people who are wholly dumb or uniquely brilliant on every field in existence.

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  • yeah I was reading an article that how media makes high functioning autism sound alot more common than it is. It has a negative effect that instead of being accommodating now people expect more from people on the spectrum.

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  • Well there's studies that correlate high IQ and Autism

    But IMO they seem like it because they also indulge in certain concepts and activites which makes them more knowledgable in said areas. Tend to have a hard time communicating and their social activity can be limited, and from what I've seen they have very close connections to specific things. Kinda like Attorney Woo with dolphins

    I can't speak for autistic people but this is from what I've observed. Also I went to a neurologist once and he told me I seem like I had Aspergers and it could develop more with age :oop-bee: So take that as you'd like

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  • Sorry for picking up the thread, but it's very interesting to me, but how do people with autism understand that they are people with autism? I mean this could even be one of us... But on the other hand I agree that they are just as smart, even smarter than ordinary people.

  • While some people with autism may be highly intelligent/savants they are not all that way. There's smart and dumb and everything in between, just like everyone else.

  • I find automatically assuming someone who is autistic is also smart tends to stereotype everyone who is autistic into o narrow category, which isn't the case when there is a wide range, with not everyone being in the same place in that range!

    Humans in general tend to have wide ranges of intelligence, do they not? Would say that while assuming autistic people are all smart has better vibes than assuming all autistic people are not smart, it still has some of that uncomfortable vibe of saying "autistic people are Other/non-human" type of thing!

    (This is different from saying an individual is smart/not, as it's not generalizing an entire swath of very varied people!)

  • Either way, I don’t assume this. Knowing that there are multiple intelligences, it’s just a matter of which one a person decides to show.

  • as an autisticated person. I take pride in constantly learning but I have autistic friends who hate it.

    I also despise the idea that we are inept and not able to understand things. We suck at social normality and social queues. We also can't understand people being deceiving or purposely misleading/harming others but we aren't densely inept.

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