Do you think kids should be taught about Sexuality & Gender as soon as they are old enough to understand? (Poll)

  • as selfmate said, double digits is a good age.

    i'm a centrist and this is a topic i'm iffy on in certain places. while i don't necessarily believe it should be "taught" (because there are many different ways of construing this stuff, esp at a young age), i think that schools should have better resources and someone professionally equipped to handle questions about gender and sexuality. idk why people haven't come up with this idea yet, both "sides" win.

  • i'm not a kid but im a teenager and im lgbtq so i'll add my input. i think that people who arent straight shouldnt be stigmatized and sexualized when they just want to be with who they love that's all. unfortunately a lot of people are homophobic and teach that to their kids. i think kids should know that people will be with who they want and that's totally fine (it should be normalized).

    so basically just be a good example around kids and treat lgbtq people/relationships like theyre normal bc they are and please dont sexualize lgbtq ppl thats all you have to do.

  • Puberty would be good timing. Any younger kids have other priorities. Like after school Cartoons and make believe stuff. It would be a shame to mess around with their innocence.

  • Sex education is important but I believe it shouldn't taught earlier than age 10 (I was that age and for me personally it was a year or so too early). I personally don't really believe in gender because whenever someone tries to explain it or why they want to be another gender or no gender (especially female born people), they use stereotypical and sexist gender roles.

    Like I don't care if you are a boy and wear a dress or something like that or if you as a girl get more along with boys, but don't stereotype especially girls with it and force them back into the whole gender roles sh*t like liking pink, wearing dresses, cooking etc. You don't need a new gender to explain why you are interested in the stereotypical things the other sex enjoys more. The whole gender debate seems to be based on wanting to be accepted by society for not liking the stereotypical things and trying to fit everyone again into a role, instead of accepting that we are individuals and not just a gender.

    Like I call others their right pronouns etc. and it doesn't bother me, but the reason pronouns exist is to refer to someone's sex and the therefore resulting appearance (like guys are mostly taller and have beards etc.) and making things easier when talking to someone about people and not what gender they feel comfortable with and therefore being called with their preferred pronouns which were intended to be used for the sex of a person.

    Children already screw up enough their grammar and spelling etc. in primary school, so why confuse them at a young age even more with gender and the pronoun debate? The topic sexuality is pretty much there unconsciously the whole time (and children notice it often early), which is why it makes sense to teach it, especially before the girls start to get into puberty and maybe some of them get pushed by older boys (because girls even at age 12 date more older guys than vice versa) to get intimate, so they should at least understand what happens and how they can at least be safe during it

  • Yes but to a degree. Teaching kids from 5 to 10 you need to adjust to their understanding of what sex is as well as relationships, nothing too detailed and age appropriate. It also depends on the curiosity and mental Maturity of the child as some will start to ask questions earlier than others.

    With really young children this is simple done indirectly through conversation or reading books that have same sex couples in stories and talking about their families.

    Gender and in depth sexuality (usually comes under general sex education) talks should become more detailed with the onset of puberty (age 10+) as it would be more revelant to their current experiences and will help guide them through it.

    Parents have the opportunities to opped out of sex education in general aleast in the area I work, so its not like its mandatory.

    Considering the abuse of young children below 5 has gone up (especially sexual abuse), certain things do need to be discussed with young children (once they can understand and converse age 3+) as some dont understand or unaware when something is happening to them but it has to be age appropriate.

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  • Yes. But I also don't think there needs to be a big talk about it. Simply add it into the conversation here and there. Maybe read a book together with a transgender character in it, doesn't even have to be the main character. When you talk about love make sure to not only talk about malexfemale couples. If the kid asks a question where gender or sexuality is relevant don't shy away from a answering it etc.

  • I was taught when I was 11 or 12 and I'm very grateful that my mom and school taught me the basics so I could do research of my own and continue to learn more. I know a lot of people aren't like that and stop learning at the school "Let's Just Talk" videos level. I personally would teach my kids what I was taught around the same age and I learned and encourage them to come to their own conclusions, I'll try to help and answer any questions they may have but it's completely up to them what they choose to do with that information. Plus they'll have a trans father that will have nothing but girl childhood photos I'm sure they'll have some questions for me

  • I said no because I think 6-8 is very young to start teaching about sex and sexuality, trust me kids at that age don't want to learn about adult stuff. But I do think we should pay more attention to sex ed when their 12-16. To both prevent teen pregnancies and to learn about their bodies, about different sexual orientations and built a form of tolerance to the LGBTQIA+ community.

  • Well since everything has it's time, if it were up to me I would teach them the basic stuff at 6-8; treat the opposite gender with basic respect and equally to your own. When they get older is when they should learn more about sexuality because I do think that's more complicated (maybe 12-13). During that time is when you could teach gender from more of a historical or cientific POV ( how women were treated in the middle ages, the problems today with wage gaps, all that).

    Sexuality is more complicated and more specific to each person, and to be honest I would leave it to them to learn about it from interacting with other people

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